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Solar Power

Hubble Floating Free

The Ultimate Solar Power
Hubble Floating Free

Photo credit: NASA

Solar Power

Why should we all be thinking about using Solar Power?

One look at the picture of the Hubble should answer that question.

It has been sending exciting pictures back to us since it left the Planet.

And the breathtaking photography we have been enjoying for years

is thanks to Hubble's onboard Solar panels.


Robert Redford, a lifelong leader in conservation and green energy,

has some very definite opinions about Solar Energy:

Robert Redford on Solar Power


So, where to begin?

What are we currently paying for gasoline,

natural gas, propane gas and electricity?

What can we do to change the way that we use and buy Energy?

What are nuclear power and coal power doing to our planet?

We already now know about the risks and how dangerous they are,

or can be, but are they any cheaper than gas or electric?


Most importantly, what are we doing with all of the hundreds

of thousands of spent fuel rods and what will it

cost to make this phantom so called clean coal?


How long can we keep growing corn, wheat and rice to be used for fuel,

and how does this affect the price of the food that we eat?


Americans are finally just beginning to think about turning

in their dinosaurs for more fuel efficient vehicles.

We are still thinking small, but we are thinking!


O.K., I got that off my chest, now let's get started.

I am retired now, but I have noticed that things have changed

and science has made great improvements with solar panels,

solar water tanks and the Energy equipment to connect them,

since I first started installing them back in the early 70's.


Now one person can install this equipment just about anywhere,

and the costs have come way down.

You can also take power from this equipment

to run its circulator pump!


There will be no need for power companies or worries about

power outages or where you want to use this equipment.

Thanks to the newer sensors, if you live where it goes below freezing,

the pump will automatically shut off and uses water instead of anti-freeze.


You can go one step further, by adding a Low loss energy

reservoir to insure that you will have enough hot water

until the sun heats the panels up again.


Photo credit: NASA

Then you could add more panels, some Radiant floor heating

or baseboards and the sun can also heat your house.

If you have a forced warm air system and want to keep it,

you can just install a coil into your system and you are all set!


The next step Americans must take, if we still

think that we cannot afford to update our equipment,

is to be sure that we elect only those people into office

who really are interested in getting America onboard

the Alternative Energy Train.


Right now, our deserts, the roofs of our malls,

old mill towns and the space under our existing power

Tracks (land below the power lines) is being completely ignored.

Hope you got a chance to see the story on HBO?

HBO's too hot not to handle:


Please read the interview with Laurie David:


Huge Solar Plants Bloom in Desert

The deserts of Southern California are known for

never-ending sunshine and miles of open space,

making it the perfect combination for the world's

most ambitious solar energy projects.

We have many areas like these deserts where we can

and should put solar energy to good use.


Recreation Vehicles and Homes

Solar can be installed on motor homes, cottages, campers and boats.

The kits provide all of the equipment required to fit a solar panel to the

roof of your caravan or motor home to charge your existing 12V battery.

The kits can be adapted for use onboard boats also.


Shopping Malls Skylights

The percentage of ceiling area is about right

for the type of illumination needed and

light distribution is good.

The diffusing skylights are installed at the tops of

tapered recesses, minimizing glare.



Places to learn more:


This web site is as close as it gets to "truth in reporting" and

exposes those who continuously fail to protect Mother Earth.

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of these and other energy saving ideas,

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