Alternative Energy


Off shore wind facility near Sweden
The Ultimate Alternative Energy
Off shore wind facility near Sweden
Photo credit: USDOI/GE Energy


Alternative Energy


This section was created to help everyone find ways

to save Energy and Money, while moving America

towards freedom from our dangerous addiction to Oil.

Keeping Mother Earth healthy will be our reward.


I am retired now, but for years I have looked for ways

to help others understand the benefits of a

better kind of Energy, Alternative Energy.

Working together, we can bring Alternative Energy

to the whole World, one home at a time.


Al Gore and a few thousand of his closest friends would like

to move America away from Fossil Fuel dependency.

We Can Solve It


And Robert Redford wants us to vote those into office who

will lead us out of the dark ages of Energy and into the future.

We Can't Drill Our Way Out of This Mess


Many Energy ideas will be explained on these pages about:

saving on gasoline, natural gas, propane, electricity, nuclear and

coal power plants, radiant heat, fuels for vehicles, science, the sun,

hooking up motor homes, boats and campers with battery power.

PEC Electrolysis-hydrogen generation
The Future of Alternative Energy
Offshore electrolysis-hydrogen generation unit.
Cell using light energy to produce Hydrogen from water.

Photo credit: USDOI

We all need to rethink Energy and Power and how to find better more

energy efficient ways to bring them into our homes and into our lives.

Going Green is not free, it will require an investment to begin with,

but the return will be future generations released from

the bondage of Fossil Fuels, or non-renewable energy.


Eventually these fuels will all run out, so we need to wean ourselves

from this Energy dead end before that happens.


As your new Energy Saving Systems begin to do their job,

your Energy savings will also begin to grow.

In time, this new kind of Energy will pay for itself and

you will help make the Planet a little greener while you do it.


You won't need to do everything all at once,

so let's take baby steps.

The fastest and least expensive system to begin

with would be one that heats water.

Parabolic trough system
Photo credit: USDOE

In the hot summer, have you ever left your garden hose

out on the ground until the next day,

thinking you'll finish the watering tomorrow?

If you go back in a couple of hours, the water

now coming out of that hose is really hot.


This is something like what happens in a solar panel,

only the sun hits the pipe holding the water,

then hits the sand, bounces back and hits

the pipe again, producing lots of hot water.


Pipes in the sand work great and today there are

products that work even better and are lighter.


But for now, let's go with the old sand box Idea.

This box with the intense sun rays on it is the reason

you can and will get hot water even in the

colder weather and from the moon most nights.


Earth and Moon


You can run a hose from this panel down to a tank

and another hose from the tank back up to the panel.


Then, you will start getting free hot water,

not much and not fast or efficient, but soon,

you will get hot water because heat rises and

will push until the colder water also gets hot.

During this planning stage, you can build

the box called a solar panel.


Adding a valve to force the water in one direction,

a low voltage pump and some piping will make this

last a lot longer than your garden hose.

And, it will give you a lot more hot water without the use of the

power company and for a much longer period of time.


This is a very crude application just to show you a basic

system that does not cost a lot of money.

Before going through the expense of installing this system,

you will want to learn about other ideas for producing

hot water much faster, for not much more money.


An example would be, a solar panel that would heat water

and produce electricity and also have a circulating pump

that would run off of this electricity.

For free!

Another example, a holding tank that does not lose heat,

to store this hot water in until it is needed.



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For further information about any

of these and other energy saving ideas,

please contact me at the email listed below.


In Memory

My brother Joe, who died soon after retiring from Electric Boat,
a Nuclear Submarine Builder, was the motivation for these web pages.
He was exposed to these conditions for 39 years.




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