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Wind Turbine on Blackfeet Reservation
Photo credit: DOE


Native Power


Years ago, when I was just beginning to explore Alternative Energy,

although at that time we called it something else,

I traveled to several State Recognized Reservations in

New England, with the idea of showing my Brothers a way

out of the dead end poverty that plagues our people.

Sioux Spirit Lake Wind Turbines
Photo credit: DOE

I was hoping to help these Native Elders understand the benefits

of working with Alternative Energy on their Reservations.

My efforts were pretty much in vain, as their thinking at that time,

was that it was easier to get Federally Recognized and try to

bring in a Casino, than to pursue some unknown, new kind of energy.

Something that has stuck in my mind all of these years is the fact

that not one of these Tribes has yet become Federally Recognized.

Jicarilla Apache Solar Panels
Photo credit: DOE

After this complete and total rejection,

I pretty much gave up on the idea.

If I could not convince my Elders,

there was really no where else to go.


For the better part of the last hundred years, Native People

have had to endure the unspeakable and dangerous

conditions resulting from the Governments impact

on our Tribal lands in their pursuit of

Coal, Uranium and Nuclear Power.

This story has more information:

Coal and Native American Tribal Lands


But now, we as a People are rejecting the past

and demanding a better tomorrow for our children.

Today, Reservations in many parts of the Country,

from California to Maine, are exploring or already

using all kinds of Alternative Energy.

Our Native lands now have the potential to produce an

important amount of power for our people and for

the rest of the Country, this time, hopefully, we

will be making the decisions on how and where.


The Tribes that are now involved in this are all Federally Recognized.

My wish, my hope, is that the State Recognized Tribes

could and would also get on the Alternative Energy Train.

Below are some of those who are now on board

and heading straight into the future.


Places to learn more:


This web site is as close as it gets to "truth in reporting" and

exposes those who continuously fail to protect Mother Earth.

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