Mohegan History


Walkingfox carries the Sacred fire from the Creator

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Mohegan History

From Uncas to Walkingfox


Beginning with the first Sachem
of the Mohegan People, Uncas and
continuing through the present leader
of the Storey Clan, Walkingfox,
the Mohegans have always lived
on Turtle Island in Native Country.

The name Mohegan means Wolf.

We wish to continue to live in peace and harmony with Mother Earth and Father Sky, enjoying the land of our ancestors,
without outside interference.
Tawbutni - Thank You
Aquine - Peace


Mohegans are the Wolf People

Mohegans are one of the Algonquin speaking Nations.
The Wolf people did not come from India.
The word Indian, is just one of the many words our Conquerors,
the Dutch and the English used to complete our genocide.
We the Mohegan Nation are proud American Natives.

Indian Leap Falls in Norwich,
the City of Kings,


The signature of Sachem Uncas


From the Arizona State University Archives:

Signatures of Connecticut Sachems

For reasons unknown, the University of Connecticut
has removed their web page about the
signatures of Connecticut Sachems.

Embarrassingly, but thankfully,
the University of Arizona remains
as the single source for this valuable
information about my Mohegan Ancestors.

*Just in case this last source also disappears,*
as so many have concerning Native people,
we have backed up the page here:

Sachem Signatures



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