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The Meaning of Aquine 

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After receiving many inquiries about the meaning of the

word Aquine, I am putting our answer on my web sites.

Just like the word Aquai, this is a Pequot/Mohegan word

used time and time again by my Elders, now Ancestors.


While growing up on my reservation, Uncasvillage, there

were never more than 13 families teaching our history.

And we were taught our language correctly.


Aquine is something like the Algonquin word Aquene,

which means Peace, or I am a friend, I come in peace.


When using this word one would have both arms out,

 about heart high with hands palm down,

to show that you have no weapon.


As we have no word for good-by, we use the same word Aquine,

while on our way, this time, with the left hand starting from

the heart, palm up and straight out, heart high.


The Pequot/Mohegan word Aquai means hello, when meeting

someone in passing, a friendly Aquai as you go by.