The Land of Sachem Uncas
in the 1600's


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After their split from the Pequots, Sachem Uncas
and his followers settled on land close to the areas
that they had used for fishing, hunting and clamming.
The Village was also close to the Uncas Leap Falls.


Elders Village

The Elders Village was used by Sachem Uncas
to protect the southern end of his main village.

Following their departure from the Pequot tribe
and before the Pequots were completely annihilated
by their neighbors, the Villages of Uncas were under
constant attack by his father-in-law, Sachem Sassacus.

After the Pequots were eventually destroyed, the Mohegans
were then attacked by the old enemies of Sassacus.
Uncas took some of his best warriors and trusted elders and
began using the area which is now the Mohegan Church,
as a mini Village over looking the river.

After each battle, Uncas always gave a
captured brave the option of being set free
or becoming a member of this mini Village.


Cauchegan Rock Village

During the time of Sachem Uncas, most Eastern Woodland
Indians built Round and Long houses at choice locations
on Mother Earth. These houses were permanent,
but the people moved according to the seasons.
One of these premium locations was the area
surrounding Cauchegan Rock.


Indian Leap Falls

The location where Sachem Uncas leaped to safety
while being chased by his enemies. Following this event,
these same warriors chose to leap to their deaths
rather than be captured by Uncas and his men.
An alter was later built at this site and it then
became a place of prayer for Native Americans.


Royal Burial Grounds

Reflecting the great importance of Indian Leap Falls,
the Sachems choose an area nearby as a
place of burial for the Royal families.


Turtle Hill Village

This village was a regular stopping place between the
Pequot River and Cauchegan Rock after the Mohegans
had been out berry picking, fishing or swimming.


The Trading Post

Uncas befriended a colonist and gave him some land
to set up a trading post because of the problems with
past enemies and the new problems with the colonists.
After this gift, he had more favorable contact with the
colonists and an even better warning system in place
for the protection of his villages.


The Pequot River

The Pequot River was a vital part of the defensive
strategy for Sachem Uncas and his people.
It was the very life blood of the Tribe, being used for
food, transportation and the defense of their homes.




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