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August 25, 2013

Buying/Selling Sacred Blessed Herbs
Real Herbs Blessed And Sold By Native American Indians

Mr. Nice Guy has left the building temporarily.   ;-)

Someone looking to buy Blessed Herbs, is almost as hilarious as someone claiming

 to be a Shamanic Native American willing to sell Blessed Herbs?

I recently had a visitor on my tracker looking to buy blessed herbs and as usual I looked

over most of the websites willing to relieve this person of his/her money.

I cannot blame someone without knowledge being confused about our ways,

or even if this person is a little lazy.

However, I do have the right to call attention to those phony people just out to make a buck,

at this person's lack of understanding.

Real herbs blessed and sold by Native American Indians

Welcome to the person from the City of Blairstown, New Jersey looking to buy Blessed Herbs.

I am sorry to inform you, that it is impossible to buy our truly Sacred Blessed Herb?

You see, nothing is ever blessed until Creator, your God,  if you are not native,

and I am guessing that you are not, does the blessing?

You do however, have three choices:

1. You can find a true traditional Native American Spiritual Elder and together,

you can ask for Creators blessing and why you may need it, good luck.

2. You can just take a walk around your home picking up herb plants, then,

go home, get down on your knees and ask Creator to bless your herbs.

3. You can go to any store and buy a hand full of herbs, then go home and then

 get down on your knees and ask Creator to bless your store bought herbs.

The number one and number two ways are always free, and

the third one will cost you the price of the store bought herbs.

If however, you are about to buy herbs from someone, anyone, who tells you that

they are selling you "blessed herbs,"  I must now warn you, "DO NOT DO IT."

Please, just walk away, because you are about to be duped.

For more information about this:

How Everyone Can Have Their Own Sacred Blessed Herbs

What is kinnick-kinnick?



August 18, 2013

Welcome to the visitor from the City of Mattoon, Illinois:

While traveling around the internet looking for your answers, I am sure

that you stopped at many websites and blogs?

This is a good thing and just what the internet was invented for.

At least one of your stops was a visit to me so, I will answer both of your questions, only remember this,

I write from the teaching of my Elders and will never tell other tribes how to do their ceremonies.

I also see that your state borders along the Mississippi River and on the East side?

So the land of Woodland Indians.

First before we get into gifting and/or presenting, we need to understand the herb tobacco,

yes, tobacco is an herb.

My people, east of the Mississippi River along the Atlantic Coast grow and use

this herb tobacco mixed with other herbs for many of our ceremonies.

My people also still use this herb the same way our ancestors used it for centuries,

before any chemicals were added.

Why? Because there were no chemicals and also chemicals are not good for you.

This is extremely important because as you know from other sites, many tribes differ

in their ceremonies, this is also a good thing, but you stopped at this site also.

Please also read my past postings:

Tobacco (Herbs) as a Traditional Native American Gift.

Your questions:

Native American giving tobacco - Native American gift protocol:

How to present tobacco to an Elder:

Tribes in the East have been growing tobacco herb plants for centuries for use in ceremonies.

Tribes in Central and the West have been using sage and sweet grass for centuries for use in their ceremonies.

So which way is the correct way to do ceremonies?

Both ways are correct for their tribal ceremonies, I believe.

I also believe that school teachers should always remember the tribe and/or area that

they are teaching about before making statements about Native American culture

and ceremony wouldn't you agree?



August 11, 2013

You Are Not A Mohegan?

If you are not descended from Sachem Uncas, you are not a Mohegan?

If you travel around the internet, read some of the newest books about my people,

watch television or try to follow someone's genealogy, it ends up that everybody is

related to the first leader of the Mohegan Native people, Uncas, Mohegan Sachem.

Sachem Uncas, (son of Owaneco, a Pequot), Sachem Owaneco (son of Uncas), Attawanhood

(Joshua son of Uncas), John Uncas (son of Uncas), Sachem Cesar Uncas (son of Owaneco),

Sachem Isaiah Uncas. Ben Uncas, Ben Uncas 2nd, Ben Uncas 3rd.

A Question?

Whatever happened to the Pequot's that followed Chief Poquiam (Unkas) away from

Sachem Sassacus, settled on the West side of the Pequot River and

followed Chief Poquiam (Unkas) their new Sachem, now known as Uncas?

Remember that there were well over one hundred warriors and their women and children.

Once these people accepted Uncas as their leader, he became their Sachem,

they became the old long gone original Mohiingan' s and his people,

the tribe that was forced from their old homeland along the Great Lakes.

As usual with non natives doing the recording, the name changed down

 through the years and we became known as the Mohegan's.

Now we must back up a little further into our past and we will find that the Pequot's

were first called the Pequins ( the Dutch name for destroyer), however, we know

that they are really a farming peaceful tribe known as the Mohiingan people,

 forced to leave their homes, north and over to the west of the Great Lakes,

 that through the years learned from their enemy how to fight for their lives.

Someone needs to explain to these “Decendants”  that it is not necessary

 to be of Royal Blood to be a Casino Indian?

While we are on the subject, I would like to know who told our people that there

 were no more Mohegan Sachems after Sachem Ben Uncas the 3rd and

what happened to the rest of the Royal blood line?

I know what happened, but, what I want, is for those who are saying that there

are no more, to please explain?

A quick word about our New England people.

Patriarchy/Matriarch Society?

The original people of this area were all of a Matriarch family, as in filtering, annihilation,

 assimilation and pollution set in, now some are of Patriarchy and no longer our people.



August 4, 2013

Native American Isn't Blood

" Native American isn’t blood. It is what is in the heart.

The love for the land, the respect for it, those who inhabit it,

and the respect and acknowledgement of the spirits and elders.

That is what it is to be Indian."

White Feather, Medicine Man


I know not of White Feather (Medicine Man).

The above statement as written has a little flaw, all is true except,

being Native American is also about the blood (Ancestors)?

Without the ancestors (Blood) what are we?

I will agree that being Native is not necessary to be able to, in the heart, respect,

love the land and those who inhabit it.

Of course also love the elders.

The love of a spirit is Creator?

I write this only because we must be careful while writing our opinions

and/or quotes, many non natives and weak native Americans will not be able

to learn our ancestors teaching if they do not understand our words.

here are fake medicine men and so called “shamans” spreading misinformation

about Native American Spirituality.

There is really no such thing as an American Indian/Native American Medicine Man, or woman.

There are only tribal medicine people.

None with English names.

Native Americans were given surnames after first contact so there are Native Americans

with family names like White Eagle, Bear Runner, Walkingfox,

but these are not Native American names.

Native Americans names are always in the language of the tribe, not in English.

All elders in positions of authority would never use English names while in prayer (Spirituality).

I am having a little trouble with the statement:

" Of course people can never be truly Native Americans, but they can believe in their ways. "

Ancestors of old adopted into a tribe and accepted them as their own.

At least this is what was in the past around my people.

Medicine Man,  the film starring Sean Connery and Lorraine Bracco is a classic.

I have watched it many times and will be glad to do the same in the future,

 however, it is a Hollywood movie. Man (film)

Angelo Barra Moreira (Medicine Man), Lorraine Bracco (Dr. Rae Crane), Sean Connery (Dr. Robert Campbell).

Race And Ethnicity In The United States Census



July 28, 2013

Mohegan (Mohiingans)

Mohegan's came from the Bering strait bridge and Iceland

A vote is coming, look for it?

Yes, I have written about this subject a few times however, as time goes by, this

 seems to get lost in all of the fog from new writers looking to change our past.

Our ancestors would not allow small changes in our culture like our word Squarw,

beautiful one, changed to Squaw, pigs, by Europeans:


We, the true Traditionalists should not allow small changes like our real name and very

 large changes like Sachem, Chief, Head Clan Mother, warrior for European words

like president, counselor, committee, chairman?

Let's not forget, Adoption for blood quotes, Village to reservation (jail)!

The story of Sachem Uncas and the Mohegan people, the native name of (Mohiingans)

the sources for some of this information was handed down by my Grandfather and other

Elders and some was from other sources like while writing that book report in high school.

All of these teachings by my Mohegan Elders, took place at our monthly meetings,

while I was growing up in and around Uncasvillage, New England.

As computers, telephones or libraries did not exist in the time of Sachem Uncas,

it would be nearly impossible to say that there is any source about him that is perfect.

That said, It is very disturbing to me and my family and for that matter all traditionalist,

to read all of the so called true stories about not only Sachem Uncas,

but the Mohegan people as well, written by those who are neither Mohegan,

 most not even Native.

How can one be an expert without living the life?

Uncas the first Sachem of the Mohiingans (Mohegan) People was a descendant

of Royal Pequot Blood, really also from the true name of (Mohiingans).

His mother was Mekunump and his father was Oweneco, they were both Pequot's.

Uncas was born near what is today Norwichtown, the historical Pequot Village

 in Connecticut in 1588-1683/84.

Europeans like the Vikings came from the east over Iceland,

 Greenland, Canada and down into our tribe.

Little is known about those visitors except they seem to have been friendly towards our people.

Most people believe that American Natives ( our people) chased their food source,

mainly the Woolly Mammoth, through the Bering Straits Land Bridge and that our people

then came across and down into what are now the Great Lakes and the Hudson River Valley.

Our English name became known as the Monheags:


One of these groups of people became farmers (called land diggers, my people),

however, most of the tribes in that area were warring tribes which over time,

forced this group of Monheag (Mohiingans) People East.

After some time and many forced movements, this group of Monheags ended up along

the Quinatucquet River, which later became known as the Connecticut River in what is

now Connecticut and on to the Pequot (Thames) river area, just short of the ocean.

The many years of battles and losing their farms, taught this tribe how to fight,

so that when the Mashantuckets, Missituks, Niantic’s came to fight and

to destroy them and take their farms, as the Mohawks, Mohicans and others

had so long ago, the Monheags were ready for them, waging war first on them,

then the Dutch and then the French.

After this, the Dutch called them the Pequins (destroyers), later the French

changed their name to Pequods and the English changed it to Pequot’s.

When the English showed up on the Quinatucquet and Pequot Rivers,

Sachem Wopigwooit was the leader of the tribe.

After his passing, the next in line was Sassacus as leader, instead of Chief Poquiam

(Unkas, Uncas). Sachem Sassacus was hoping that he would force the English

back into the ocean so the people sided with him.

Sassacus, like the Niantic’s and the Narragansett’s, hated the English and

was at war with them constantly.

War chief Poquiam (Unkas), Sassacus son in law, tried to reason with Sassacus

and the people, but they would not listen to him.

So he (Chief Poquiam) took all who wished to go with him, across the Pequot River, to the Cauchegan

Village, gave them back their old name Mohiingans (Monheags) and became their Sachem.

Once again with non natives, the English misspelled the name

and we now have the name Mohegan's.

All of those still proud of your ancestors, I vote to take back our original name once and for all?



July 21, 2013

Western Chiefs/Plains Indian Chiefs/ Eastern Native American Chiefs

Welcome to the City of Methuen Massachusetts

To my Sachem Uncas and chief Homer St. Francis posting


One of my dear friends and a mentor was never a Sachem, no disrespect to a great man.

As you can see from that posting, I must treat the taking of information

to use as your own as dishonest.

I must also point out that they are blatant mistakes or down right lies.

As I tried to explain to the writer and students at this school.

Daniel Hand High School.

A chief throughout the eastern coast of Indian country has a completely different

meaning then our brothers out west of the Mississippi River.

Our people called their leader by a different name.

Down through the years the spelling of the name, as with everything

else since first contact, has changed a little.

My tribal people called him/her Sachem (Sa-Chum).

As for the word chief, it started with elder warriors, he or they,

became known as our War Chiefs after first contact.

This person or persons, was the protector of the village whenever it was

necessary for the young warriors to leave for a time.

This was a loving way to show respect to older warriors that the Clan Mothers

wished to protect from themselves (too old to battle or hunt effectively).

My dear friend chief Homer St. Francis became one of these chiefs through a

ceremony from our Sachem while on one of his many visits.

You also made a visit to a few of our past chiefs.

The Story of Harold Tantaquidgeon By Virginia Frances Voight:




July 14, 2013

Archaeologist Dr. Lucianne Lavin's Follow Up

On May 2, 2013,  I wrote a posting about Connecticut Native Americans:

Today July 6, 2013, I received another article By Randall Beach:

What we don't know about the first residents of our state could fill a book

Published: Saturday, July 06, 2013

As stated earlier, she is selling books, she is not native and before deciding to write a book

she stated that she knew nothing about my people, however, I still say that she

did write a good article and I would guess, a good book.

In this posting, I have the opportunity to bring out the women in our past ancestry because she did.

My people and other Eastern Native people were of a Matriarch society, not true today,

women had very important positions in a tribe, indeed, a few were Sachem Chiefs.

Dr. Lucianne Lavin stated that:

"They, (most non natives) also were unaware that Native American women

 could initiate a divorce." (More on that later.)

So I jumped to the, "more on that later."

"Native American women were also way, way ahead of our women’s liberation movement."

“Unlike the white women who settled here, Indian women owned property and had control of the children.”

“And they could divorce,” she added. “They owned the wigwam and almost everythi it.

So you just put your husband’s hunting equipment outside the wigwam and you’re divorced!”

I hope that she covered this in a lot more detail in her book because although divorce as with marriage

was easier back then, it was a little harder than just removing his or her property from the round house.

Our ancestors had ceremonies for everything including what she called divorce,

because the people did nothing without the permission through Sachem from Creator,

so, it would take a ceremony with the tribe on hand.

Lavin listed the five key words she uses in her book to describe Native Americans:

longevity, continuity, complexity, sophistication and adaptability.

I list one, Spirituality, because this would include her five things.

I believe that, taking everything that I have included in both of my postings,

I still would like a chance to read her book.



July 7, 2013

Follow Up On Native American Church

If you check back, you will see that I had two questions from the same state,

from two different blogs.

One I liked and wrote about, one that I did not like because as usual,

the site corralled all Native Americans into one category like they would

their cattle and decided that their answer was the only correct one?

This second question that should have been answered first however,

because of the subject matter, I needed a little cooling off period.

This needs to be talked about each time it come up in the media, websites or blogs,

because if not the non knowing public, like this writer, will take this mistake as a fact.

There are still well over three thousand tribes throughout Indian country

and most have their own idea about a church.

Mine is no different.

To me the first thing we need to get out of the way is, we have never used weed,

(drugs) or chemicals, in any of our ceremonies and still do not.

This is one of the main reasons why we do not do religion.

No true traditional Sachem in the East would ever allow this to go on.

Another reason why we tried to hold our monthly meeting in a different area,

besides making it a little easier for our elders.

This makes sure that each meeting stays as close as possible to our ancestors wishes.

We have always and will always get our high in prayer (talks) with the

Creator of all creation and the love of all creation.

We also do not only use a building to speak with Creator,

Yes, for many years we held some of our meetings in a church.

However, we believe that at any time any place one stops to pray, that is our church.

The Alaska Native's have Totem Poles, the Western Natives have Peyote.

the Lakota have Sundance, the Apache have the Ghost dance and we have the Paw-paus.

I am sure that I left out a few tribes, but you get the drift?

This is why information about our people should never be written by a non native of a wannabe Native.

If you want information about a tribe, please ask a member of that tribe.

You want to read something about any tribe?

Read something written by a member of that tribe.

If you wish information about anything in your state, would you read something

written about your state from a Native of another country?



June 30, 2013

How To Gift A Chief?

Welcome to the City of Waynesville, North Carolina

Looking for information about when you visit an Indian Chief, if it is tradition to give tobacco?

Here are some of my postings about this subject:

Native American Gifting Tobacco To An Elder

Tobacco As A Gift

How Is Tobacco Wrapped When Presenting To An Elder

While traveling around and attending Sundance, Ghost, and other Sacred Dances out

west of the Mississippi River, I've noticed that there are times when you may need

permission just to get near their chief's and this is OK, I just have little knowledge

as to when or where because I never had the problem.

Might I suggest that you should play it safe and speak to an elder of that tribe

as to the correct procedure?

Gifting a Chief could be a little tricky at times around Indian Country, so I must once

again speak about tribes in and around New England, or at least for my people.

I do require my chiefs and head clan mothers to pass training on our culture

and ceremonies so they use a lot of tobacco.

People like myself use a lot of tobacco (Kinnick, Kinnick).

However, unless I am tied up with a ceremony or in prayer, please

come speak with me, my chiefs and Head Clan Mother at any time,

Kinnick, Kinnick is optional.:-)



June 23, 2013

Native American Allergies/Chemicals

Welcome to the City of Westerville Ohio:

I have posted about this many times, however it keeps coming back as a question,

so I'll keep answering.

Native American Allergies should also include chemicals.

I knew all of my life that I was allergic to penicillin because as a nosy boy,

I was always in the doctor's office getting stitched for something.

Lately I found out that I am also allergic to Coumadin.

After these recent operations, I have been going through, we can also put the

gas used to put you under for an operation on the list, plus whatever chemical

used to bring you back, if they are in a hurry to get your bed.

I am OK with the gas part to go under, as long as the doctors and nurses know

that it takes a Native a lot longer to come back after using it.

However, if they insist on rushing things, remember who has to clean up the mess after that chemical.

The bottom line is, remember to talk to your doctor about the missing enzyme.

A Native American is a Native American, no matter what part of Indian country you are from.

Pyruvate carboxylase  (type A)


The doctors now know about our missing enzyme, at least many do, so speak up.

UF delivers promise of personalized medicine to heart patients:

Allergies In Indian Country:



June 16, 2013

Native Americans Must Repent For Ancestor's Pagan Beliefs

So says, Cindy Jacobs, Television Prophet.

Christian Prophet Has Message For Native Americans Or Anyone With Indigenous Heritage

"Repent, or risk an ominous-sounding spirit."


Throughout the bible, I do not care which bible you read, your God has selected many servants,

or God's people, to use as a teaching tool.  Job is just another un-willing tool that God is using.

Because Job, although a loving servant of God, is weak, his God is teaching him just who is the protector.

At no time are Jobs ancestors, good or bad, brought into this conversation between God and Job?

So, what is this self proclaimed prophet of her God talking about?

The best way to teach, is to use material around at the time of teaching, that your pupil will recognize.

This is what God is doing.

This said, it must also be said that Job 41 is not saying that our ancestors were worshiping

Animal animates, although we do believe animals, trees, plants and so on are alive,

this is only a conversation between God and some of the creations.


Just as Christianity can be said to be the experience of being part of the living body of Christ,

animism can be said to be the experience of being part of the living biosphere,

or even the whole "animate" universe.

In this sense, something that is "animate" is simply something that is "alive,"

and to be an animist, is to believe things to be alive that others perceive as "inanimate."

I have read about this man in Germany's past that spoke with false tongue and had a similar hand salute.

There is an Ominous Evil Spirit in the world, only the wrong finger is pointing

in the wrong direction, the finger needs to make a 180° turn.



June 9, 2013

Mohegan’s Oldest Sweat Lodge

Welcome to the visitor from the city of Altmar, New York

to my posting on: What is an Eastern Woodland Sweat?

While looking for information about Mohegan oldest sweat lodge.

According to my elders while growing up in Uncasvillage, our first Sweat lodge is

the oldest one built around the New England area, because sweats were not used

in the area until after my grandfather's first trip out to a visit with the Plains Indians.

Please go here to learn more about our Uncasvillage:

One would think that every Pequot and/or Mohegan person around

this area would know and be using it?



June 2, 2013

Native American Occult (again)

Welcome to the visitor from the City of Brisbane Queensland Australia

To some of my multiple websites and posting on this extremely important issue.

Native American Occult.

I have been writing about this for many years and am willing to keep on

writing for as long as it remains a question.

I know that if you were to leave your great city and head into bush country (Australia),

you could still see your natives practicing their occult.

Nothing wrong with that as far as I am concerned.

However, I can tell you what I have been saying for over 25 years now.

I know why you are so confused.

The words Native American in this country has significantly changed since

my elders crossed (became ancestors).

Wannabe natives from our area want so bad to become natives that they study, steal, and cut and

paste information from around Indian country that makes their case to be Indian look credible ?

Because they do not know our culture, their writings give them away.

Central and West Coast Indians come to our Native American area and

push these wannabe's into believing that their ways are the only ways.

West Coast and Plains Indians do have an occult following.

Not knowing the fact that our people were in our land long before many

of their people were in their land, they push their occult.

The wannabe's buy into this faulty thinking.

So whose way is the correct way?

The answer is, why not BOTH?

You go your way, I'll go mine?

Up until the early 1980's, there was no such thing as an occult in my parts of Indian country.

What changed?

Our people started pushing hard to get our land back or reasonable pay for the land stolen by these invaders.

So, the government, not wanting to do either, bought wannabe's that signed away our land?

Because the non native invaders of first contact and their lack of understanding about our culture

and ceremonies (not in line with their religion, we call that an occult)

our culture and ceremonies, to them were deemed an Occult.

The biggest difference and there are many, are the prayers.

We spend all of our time in the culture, ceremonies and life itself, speaking to the Creator of all creation,

the occult in this country spend their life time worshiping a creation of Creator?



May 26, 2013

Effective Protest

First, If you wish to succeed with getting your point across with any protest,

 hit them where it hurts, In the pocketbook.

Second, we must learn how to go about becoming united in one cause at a time.

Third, remember cause number one and two.

Someday you may need their help in your protest?

Every company in Indian Country that delivers to these People Killers must be

protested against throughout Indian Country.

Find out who is selling to Whiteclay and never, ever, buy their products,

no matter where in Indian Country you live.

Budweiser and Coors are just two of them.

This is not asking too much because there are only a few buildings in Whiteclay.

Pictures of Whiteclay

Protesters File Complaint Over Beer Sales To Native Americans In Whiteclay

Pine Ridge, like the Keystone Pipeline, is a problem for all of Indian Country.

We as a people have allowed this situation to go on for far too long.

No, we cannot shut down Whiteclay, Nebraska however, we can refuse to buy anything

from companies that cater to those PEOPLE in Whiteclay.

A recent comment on my WordPress Blog:

"If I lived there, I would be in jail because I have witnessed first hand the destruction of lives that these places have caused so many from Pine Ridge and would never stop until they were all gone. It is already hard enough to try to defeat an alcohol addiction, without having it staring you in the face every day of your life. These evil people care nothing for the harm that they do, only for how much money they will make off of those who live on the Reservation. Maybe AIM should come back and help solve this problem?"

A great comment from someone who has been there done that, thank you.

If AIM or anyone, would speak for unity in Pine Ridge, maybe we can get millions

to protest by not buying the beer until Whiteclay becomes just another Ghost town?



May 19, 2013

Connecticut Native Americans

Yes, I know that they are just trying to sell a book.

However, this time there are a good number of eye opening statements for the rest

of Indian Country and the rest of Mother Earth.

Yes, I did do a lot of cutting and pasting on this posting, why not?

If we can remember to set aside the fact that not one person on the cover of her book

is an Eastern Woodland American Native from the New England area

and that nothing was mentioned, as to if she has any of the blood,

I do like some of the things that she was able to dig up about our past?

Connecticut Scholar's Book On Native Americans Paints Fuller Portrait

Archaeology Dr. Lavin Recently Published Connecticut’s Indigenous Peoples

That said, I am so pleased to see that it was written by a teacher of both Archaeology and Anthropology,

so many times it is just one or the other?

For most modern Connecticut residents, the history of the state began in 1614 with the Dutch,

or the 1630's with the English, this ignores the more than 10 thousand years of Native American

occupation before Block’s cruise up the Quinnetukut or Connecticut River.

“When people think of Indians, they tend to think of Western Indians,” she, Dr. Lavin, said

“They have been so much less acculturated in the West—a lot of those Indians never even saw

a white man before 1900 and didn’t speak English.”

In the East, 400 years of genocide, prejudice, cultural indoctrination, intermarriage

and dispersal of homelands, most Easterners do not recognize the Indians in their midst.

“Misconceptions about ‘historical’ Native Americans abound. Specifically, they include the

erroneous notions that all indigenous people moved west to get away from the Europeans

or died out from the effects of warfare and disease.”

"She finds the strictures imposed by the U.S. government on Indian tribes trying to receive federal

recognition of their historic status to be ludicrous.

Proving genealogical descent can be difficult when dealing with societies that did not keep written records.

In addition, there was much movement among the tribes, especially after they began to be

dispersed by warfare with the whites. "



May 13, 2013

O.K., This Got My Attention

Unrecognized Native American Tribe Lays Claim To Millions Of Acres In Utah

The first thing is, that it looks to me that Dora Van does not have the blood?

If she and her people do, they have a case, I do not care what the other tribes,

the state or the federal government say.

No one, not the other tribes or the government can write a paper and state,

"because of this paper I just wrote, you no longer exist."

The members of Van's group were among whose relationship with the United States

ended in 1954 under the Ute Partition Act, according to Patterson.

"As a result, they are no longer recognized as Indians by the federal government," he said.

AnotherTea Pot Dome PDF


Just because you call someone a half-breed, does not make them disappear.

Members of tribes all across Indian country are selling their brothers and sisters,

the land and culture to the government for a casino reservation, this cannot and

will not mean that the rest of the tribe has gone someplace off this planet?

Dora Van, Chairwoman Of The Uinta Valley Shoshone Tribe of Utah Indians



May 5, 2013

Columbus Did Not "Discover" This Country

If, you talk to most Native Americans, you will find out that we do not want this Holiday on our Calendars.

Christopher Columbus in 1494, two years after coming to that island, told Pope Alexander VI

and the Vatican through his paintings, that he lied, he did not discover this land,

the Island of Bermuda, because it was already occupied.

He did however, do everything in his power to remove the people from that island,

most of the time through slavery and/or violence.

This story is for those of you who still believe that this country should have a Christopher Columbus Day:

Long Hidden Vatican Painting Linked To Native Americans

The painting was commissioned by Pope Alexander VI, Rodrigo Borgia, a Spaniard

who fathered several children and became a symbol of church corruption.

According to this article this was a common practice in those days.

This recently restored painting in the Vatican, created in 1494 by the Renaissance master Pinturicchio,

has a small depiction of naked men wearing feathered headdresses.

This may be the first European depiction of Native Americans.

The scene, just above the tomb of Jesus, is too small to be seen in this view of the

entire painting, but is shown in the photo below.



April 28, 2013

Native American Memorial Service

Welcome to Potomac Maryland,

Asking your question about this Native American memorial service.

This may come as a shock to some people, native or not?

The Native Americans, Catholics, Protestants, Jewish people or the non believers,

 do not have a monopoly on their Supreme Being!

Now this I am an expert, one of billions of experts.

Your Supreme Being is the only expert.

I wrote about this article a very long time ago, however, when asked I will re-comment.

I do not know this person, Dr. Carlos Gonzales, an associate professor at the

University of Arizona College of Medicine, I would however, be the first to say that he has

as much as, and maybe ever more right, to speak with his Supreme Being as I have.

The president of the University of Arizona, President Robert Shelton, asked for a Native American Prayer?

This doctor of medicine, a Native American Catholic, made it plain that he was not blessing

anything, he was asking Creator or God, for many blessing after a horrible episode,

 like the one in my state at the school in Connecticut.

Although a little on the winded side for a tragedy, he did feel the need to explain,

so believed that he was directed by his Supreme Being and to please pray on it?

No, the word GOD, a Euro-American word, was not used, because this person

knows that God and Creator are one and the same.

He also did not specify any blessing, knowing the wisdom of Creator,

 there was no right or need to tell Creator how to bless.


Catholic Doctor Explains Native American Prayer He Delivered At Arizona Memorial



April 21, 2013

What To Do With Silver Springs Florida?

" A dozen years ago, alarm over the decline of Florida's springs drew

the attention of political leaders in Tallahassee.

Then Gov. Jeb Bush launched an initiative to save the

1,000-plus springs throughout the state.

That program was defunded last year by Florida's current governor, Rick Scott. "

Now Endangered, Florida's Silver Springs Once Lured Tourists

I ask you WHY, what is his plan now?

We must give Silver Springs back to the original owners.

But, you say, all of the original people of Florida, like many of the rest of Indian Country,

have been decimated by European Americans and/or their plagues.

I say wrong, many of the true traditional peoples of Indian country and Florida are still in Florida.

Before you go jumping to any fast conclusions, hear me out please?

My assignment for over 50 years now from my Sachem's was to seek our displaced

indigenous peoples and counsel with them over a sacred fire of truth and understanding.

To my admiration, while in Florida, I find that most of the true traditionalists now living

here do not want to join society today as we now know it.

Yes, the first people of this area have long since been assimilated.

The Ocali Indians, Ocali is a sub province of the Timucuan,  a mixture of Timucuan

and Yamasee, a tribe from Carolina, that was forced out by the Spaniards.

Timucuan Indians settled around Silver Springs in the early 1500s.

They were soon invaded by the Spaniards and eventually succeeded by Seminole Indians.

After many battles the Ocali Indians were able to retain their claimed territory.

In time, the Timucuan were succeeded by other Indian tribes including the Seminole Indians.

The Seminole people are a mixture of defeated Indian tribes from the north, forced

down into the area and on through into the Everglades, so they are also gone!

After a brief period of British occupation, Florida reverted to Spain and land grants

were sold to those Spanish citizens to settle in Florida.

When the United States acquired Florida in 1821, the population of Marion County consisted

 largely of Native Americans and African Americans, where did these people go?

European Americans did not occur until after an 1823 treaty was passed that

restricted Native Americans to the southern portion of Florida.

Give Silver Springs back to these the original people, not the casino Indians,

the real true traditional people now living in and around Florida,

with a government grant and walk away, then watch what happens. Springs



April 14, 2013

Costume Or Regalia, Part Two of Two

4 Reasons A Redskins Name Change Should Not Bother You

First, a little more clean up on his article, "Redskin" is another oxymoron.

We natives have always, are now and will always, come in many different colors,

just like every other group of people.

Even Africans in America and still in Africa, come in different colors.

Indians in India, come in different colors.

The reason for the Washington football franchise mascot, was because the owner made

a non traditional native employee dress in feathers for show and tell, thus the name stuck.


If you are a follower of my annoying rantings or postings, you may remember that

I touched on this subject in my posting of the Religious Roundtable.

True traditionalists do not wear their regalia out in public, we wear our street clothing.

Many times, I have been asked to run, M/C or be the Head Veteran at a gathering.

The first thing I would ask would be,

" Will you invite teachers, school children, boy scouts, girl scouts, brownies, cub scouts and parents? "


Where do you suppose is the best way to teach our culture and ceremonies?

I am pleased that this seems to be something picked up on my other gatherings.

I also push really hard for meetings, as many before the gatherings as possible.

At many of these meetings, there is usually someone saying, " you do not look like an Indian."

No, I come in comfortable street clothing and carry regalia to pass around

while explaining about our culture and beliefs.

At many meetings, there is always a smarty someone that insists that we wear our "costume. "

Once, I even had a clown dressed in his " costume, " walking around the room, tripping over chairs

and children, a little tipsy, at a Masonic temple, the only place to get a "central meeting,"

demanding that I change into a costume?

I do not ever want to look like him.

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are invited, with chaperons, for the length of the gathering and

are encouraged to learn our ways, with a chance to show off in the circle on Saturday and Sunday.

They get to come to, join in on and eat for free and earn badges, with a catch.

They must help with caring for the elderly, the vendors, with only one attendant for things

like getting their food and so on and must attend each teaching about our culture

with questions and badges at the end of the gathering.


April 7, 2013

Costume Or Regalia,  Part One of Two

4 Reasons A Redskins Name Change Should Not Bother You - By Kevin Ewoldt

Have you ever been reading a good story and something happens,

so that your mind starts to drift away from the story?

You want to keep reading the story to its conclusion, but your mind has other ideas.

So, what do you do?

This article did this to me, it was well planned out, it was saying what I wanted to hear.

However, I just could not get past the reason why I started reading it in the first place.

This is the reason why writing about Native Americans, should be written by a Native American,

or at the very least, only after a proof reading by one of us.

The name Red Skin, is in fact offensive and the way that the name came about,

is even more offensive.

However the author, Kevin Ewlodt, shot himself in the foot, before even he started to write,

with something even more insulting to me than everything else that he wrote

and I am betting that he does not even know of this insult.

What we Natives wear when we are not in our street clothes or at our gatherings,

is not a costume, it is called a Regalia.

I know that to a non traditionalist that this sounds trivial and after going to powwows

these past few years, I can see the why there is so much confusion.

A costume is worn by a clown in a carnival, or a circus and in the last few years at our gatherings

and powwows, that is what they have become, to many of us Traditionals,

a joke, a carnival and a circus, however wrong is wrong.

4 Reasons A Redskins Name Change Should Not Bother You



March 31, 2013

Answering A Question About A Native American Memorial Service

This may come as a shock to some people, native or not?

The Native Americans, Catholics, Protestants, Jewish people or the non believers,

do not have a monopoly on their Supreme Being.

Now on this I am an expert, one of billions of experts.

Your Supreme Being, however, is the only true expert.

I wrote about this article a very long time ago however, when asked I will re-comment.

I do not know this person Dr. Carlos Gonzales, an Associate Professor at the

University of Arizona College of Medicine.

I would however, be the first to say that he has as much as and maybe ever more,

right to speak with his Supreme Being, as I have.

The President of the University of Arizona, President Robert Shelton, asked for a Native American Prayer.

This Doctor of Medicine, a Native American Catholic, made it plain, that he was not blessing

anything, he was asking Creator (God) for many blessings after a horrible episode,

like the one in my state at the school in Connecticut.

Although a little on the winded side for a tragedy, he did feel the need to explain,

so believe that he was directed my his Supreme Being and please pray on it?

No, the word GOD an Euro-American word, was not used because this person knows

that God and Creator are one and the same.

He also did not specify any blessing, knowing the wisdom of Creator,

there was no right or need to tell Creator how to bless.


Catholic Doctor Explains Native American Prayer He Delivered at Arizona Memorial

Catholic Doctor Explains Native American Prayer



March 24, 2013

Religious Roundtable?

A True Traditional Native American never has to brag of show off in public,

if you are in fact a true Native American?

Allow the blessings t o come down to you from your Grandfather, Creator, never from Trickster.

I may be writing so much about this round table that, like politics, you get sick of reading about it?

One major difference, there are many, but the big one is, that I am not trying to get into your wallet,

I am trying to get into your native heart.

Blame this end John

I like it when people write to me with questions/statements, it tends to shake off some dust from my memory.

While writing my last reply, I was reminded of my first school visit invited by Uncas Elementary

 in Norwich Connecticut. No, I will never forget that day.

"Teach yourself first, if you do not like the teaching, why should anyone else?"

My grandfather gave me one of his old regalia's a short time before and of course the clan mothers,

had to do massive amounts of cutting and stitching to make it fit.

I did not like the first visit to a school and could tell that I was losing the children,

you see I was dressed to the 9's, with everything native I could get my hands on,

I guess to show, " I am a Native American."

Well the first thing, everyone in the school knew me, I made many visits with my father

andfather, so I'm guessing I must have looked a little foolish?

Second thing, it was July.

Every time I walked around the stage, I felt that I might pass out from the heat,

Skin Regalia is meant for the winter.

I have never allowed myself to be stuck on a stage again, I want to talk eye to eye.

It is import ant to mention at this time, that no one in my tribe in modern time, ever killed.

This regalia came as a donation from a foolish driver in the middle of the night.

I stopped the visit, begged for a few moments and left to change into July street clothes.

Point being, I quickly found that dressing to fit in while at a round table and having your native things

around for teaching, was the correct way to go, follow the lead of your elders.

Every time I see a "Medicine man" or "Medicine woman" or "Spiritual teacher" in the limelight,

dressed to the 9's, I am reminded of that first day.

A True Traditional Native American never has to brag, or show off in public,

if you are in fact, a true Native American?

Allow the blessings to come down to you from your Grandfather, Creator, never from Trickster.

So many times, when I watch a "Professional Reporter" interviewing a " Professional Native American"

dressed in what they must believe the public wants to see, a Hollywood costume, I must giggle.

I wonder if this costume is also worn at work, at play and at each meal also, or is it just for show and tell time?



March 17, 2013

This May Sound Cold Hearted At First?

Wounded Knee Has Made A Difference For Native Americans

I have spent most of my life traveling around hundreds of so called non Indian tribes.

So, it needs to be said and said often.

Wounded Knee was not the only massacre of Native Americans by the Euro American invaders

and by no means the worst in our history with the Euro Americans.

It is, by design, the one that keeps attention away from so many other suffering

Native Americans by the cruel lack of attention from our ruling government!

It is also an extremely easy fix.

First this government, the one that opened up a town called Whiteclay,

a town of about 14 people and the only town around Pine Ridge allowed to

sell booze and sells only booze, must be shut down by this government

and returned to the Native American owners!

This country is giving billions of our tax dollars to our military to build better ways

to use alternative energy, why not build at least one plant in Pine Ridge?

Whiteclay, Nebraska/ Wounded Knee Nebraska?

The Battle for Whiteclay

Then stop giving money and material and give a way to make jobs for the people,

also very easy to do by building alternative energy plants?

This country and her people keep throwing money and material at a problem only

in hopes that it will go away, it will not go away until it no longer is a problem.

It is now time to start the repairing of those hundreds of thousands of Native Americans

in the rest of Indian Country that we are shunning rather than helping, let alone throwing

money and material at, you remember them, the ones that we just took their land and or lives?



March 10, 2013

Native American Or Indian

I like every name that helpful readers have posted to this website as a Reply:

Each has its place in history, however, to end all of this confusion,

 might I suggest one of my own?

What does one do if they happen to be a half breed?

I happen to be Pequot/Mohegan.

My mother was Pequot, my father was Mohegan.

In a Matriarch society, one uses the mother to trace their ancestors,

my mother was the Matriarch, so I must be a Pequot?

On the other hand, my father and his father's before him,

 were the Chief Sachems of the people.

What do I do, disown my Royal side of the family?

You see, this is just another way of assimilation by our government

and the many wannabe Indian people (natives) in this country.

Remembering why we were first stuck with the name and by whom,

would be a way to start finding a way out of this name or names?

Christopher Columbus was, first heading the wrong way, he took the ships

180 degrees backwards to find India and he was a brutal, murdering bully,

who destroyed everyone and everything, on his way to riches.

Why should the decedents of his wrath be stuck with a name from him that no one asked for?

We need to stay with our own names, not a non native name?

I am Ohjieshan Walkingfox



March 3, 2013

Another Treaty Broken By The Wašíču

After you read this story, you may agree that this one, although technically a broken treaty,

is also a two edge sword?

As a Spiritual teacher who has spent years helping native and non natives re-enter

back into society, I know firsthand about our culture and ceremonies in prisons.

8th Circuit Affirms Dismissal Of Suit On Native American Inmates' Religious Rights

Yes, we all agree that they are inmates, yes we all agree that they did something wrong,

why else would they be in jail?

Leonard Peltier's frame up come to mind for all natives? :-)

However, other religious inmates get to go to church, eat no meat on Friday, pray and so on?

First Mr. Sims, there is a big difference between a State Penitentiary and

a Community Corrections Centers, not only in the state of Nebraska,

but throughout this country.

Part of my posting is the inmate writing the complaint.

You are serving a life sentence for first-degree murder?

You are in prison where things used in many ceremonies like stones

and fire can be used as weapons?

Sweat lodge requires a lot of heat (fire) to heat stones.

A bird of prey feather like an Eagle Feather for ceremonies, are Sacred

and only a few are even allowed to handle them.

Where would this sacred feather be kept?

A prison cell is no place for a sacred feather and non natives have no right touching them?

Tobacco is another thing altogether.

No, I believe pipes, cigarettes and cigars cannot be controlled while you are in prison,

tobacco (Kinnick, Kinnick) is used as a ceremony tool, so to speak, in prison ceremonies

because it will never be used as a drug, for trading of favors, or smoked

and most of all, it does not need to be lit for a ceremony.

If it was agreed on, then the American Native in prison should get to worship our Creator,

maybe some do not know Creator and that helped land them in prison?

Getting back to their culture through our ceremonies, is just another way of re-training

and re-entry back into civilization and for a better human?


I need more input to speak about this 2005 settlement, prison officials agree to allow

traditional ceremonial foods such as fry bread, buffalo, corn and “berry dish”.



February 24, 2013

Fort Shantock State Park At Uncasvillage

Part One

This was a small village under the first Sachem of the Mohegan/Pequot people

after the removal of the warring Pequot tribe.

Uncas first used this village (now called a fort) as a place where some of his

younger warriors and family could live and keep an eye open for their

troubling neighbor Sachem Tatobem then Sassacus and their tribe.

With each battle came many prisoners refusing to return home so

Uncas added them to his little lookout village.

Many years later, this government used eminent domain to take a large portion of this village

for a company called United Nuclear Corporation Naval Products Division.

After the end of the cold war, this plant shut down and this polluted land became non useable for many reasons.

The government traded this land to a group of people who signed a piece of paper stating that they,

whoever they are, would not pursue Native American Land Claims,

so they then became the Mohegan Indian Casino Tribe.

The rest of this information is because after this posting becomes active, their website

may disappear just like the hundreds of other Native Documents did not so long ago.

Fort Shantock State Park



February 17, 2013

Caught Between A Rock And A Hard Place, As My Brother Use To Say

Michigan Native Americans back 'historical' prosecution in illegal sale of Eagle Feathers:

Michigan Native Americans Back Prosecution In Sale Of Eagle Feathers

Selling anything you are calling Sacred, is wrong.

No traditional Native American would ever sell or buy anything called Sacred.

Timothy Clinton-Paul Oleniczak, 21, was sentenced Wednesday, Oct. 31,

by U.S. District Judge Robert Jonker in Grand Rapids.

Yes, Timothy sold Eagle feathers and No, he is not a member of the

Little River Band of Ottawa Indians,

haven't met many of them, but one cannot hold that against him.

However, Yes, he is an Indian (Native American).

Did he get the feathers correctly?

Did he sell to a Native American?

Was the selling them only to members of the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians?

All of that said, the law, even though this law is wrong, is the law!

Despite the reverence given Eagle Feathers, they are not protected because

of spiritual or religious significance, Jonker said.

They are protected to deter those trying to sell them on the black market.



February 10, 2013

When Is A Nation Not A Nation?

If you ask most American Natives why they carry a Tribal ID Card, the answer goes something like this:

“Because our Tribal Reservation is recognized by this government, as Nation to Nation. ”

I say, Bull!

If you do live on a Nation, why can’t your Nation do something about non Indians committing crimes like this?

Prosecutors Ignore 2/3s Of All Sex Abuse Against Native Americans — Eric Cantor Is Keeping It That Way

While running the B-Independent party in Montville Connecticut, I was one of the committee members

that presided over many meetings on subjects similar to this one.

It turns out that Indian Casinos are on Reservations (Nation) however, the State Police run all crime scenes.

Also, if the Casino Reservation (Nation) crosses the Federal or State government, the State Police

can block all entrances into and out of this reservation (Nation) until they comply or fold.

Think back to the days in the 1970's of AIM and Pine Ridge.

So, what happens if a card carrying Indian commits a crime off his/her reservation (Nation)?

If you live on your Nation, demand the right to prosecute these Rapists to the same laws as any other Nation.

If you are a Nation, why can’t you sell cigarettes and liquor like any other Nation?

As for me, think I'll  just keep carrying my certificate of occupation in my heart,

until my Creator brings me back to my Reservation (Nation) to hear

“Welcome Home” from our Native American Ancestors.




February 3, 2013

It Is Time To Draw The Line

For me, it is way past the time for the many, to draw a line in the sand for the few,

and say, " no more, if you cross this line, it means war."

Those of you who know me, know that I am now and always will be a

Traditional Native American, the only religion that I preach is " obey your Creator."

However, this also includes calling out the Trickster for what he is, a small, sneaky,

coward that must do his dirty work behind your back, by misusing the law.

Church Cancels ‘Charlie Brown’ Over Atheist Outrage

Creator (your God) was around long before Santa Clause, this government and its laws.

Creator was also around long before any slimy atheist ever walked on two legs.

I joined the Navy, to fight for your freedom and this freedom also includes your right

to worship your Supreme Being when and where you wish to in this your country.

If the Atheists do not wish to see you using your freedom, they need to pack their bags,

and I will be happy to protect their right to get out of this, our country.

So what’s next? No more Sweat lodge, Sundance, Ghost dance or Paw paus?



January 27, 2013

Can One Have Cake And Eat It Too?

An answer to the question of the eradication of the Pequot tribe.

The land of Sachem Uncas in the 1600′s

First you err in your bible thinking, Christ (GOD) who can never become extinct,

assumed a Jewish body for the purpose of teaching

and never a Christian body according to the bible?

Second, you are correct with being both a Sassacus and Uncas descendent.

Your matriarchal/Mohegan and patriarchal/Pequot ancestors are still intact genetically.

Then you must know that in a time soon after first contact, the Pequot tribe split

into separate Moheganeak tribes?

My information comes from our elders and a lot of footwork done while writing a paper about

our people during high school, traveling to every library, museum and town hall around the area.

Before we can go forward to an answer to your question, we must go backwards and

before we do this, I have a must read book, which could by the way, make a great movie:

Without Reservation: The Making of America's Most Powerful Indian Tribe

and Foxwoods the World's Largest Casino.

Jeff Benedict, the Author and his family have lived in the area as long as my family has.

Mr. Benedict did his homework however, because so many people made so many mistakes

and would now lose a lot of money and end up in many lawsuits, nothing will ever be done.

That said, as long as they ( Foxwoods) have a Casino, you are a member.

As long as there is a Mohegan Reservation, you are a member.

If not for a death bed prayer, promise, guess who would be running them both?

Now to your statement, to correctly answer it, we must go back to the beginning

of this confusion, or at least back to the time when we were all one tribe.

While living in the area of the Great Lakes, we were all Moheganeak's.

The people living on the Moheganeak/Pequot/Mohegan land on that side of the river,

were placed there by our Mohegan ancestors in order to stop land grabbers from settling

on the then vacant grounds, stealing the village land, so the last three women living,

were in fact your Moheganeak/Pequot/Mohegan ancestors?

My mother always called herself a Pequot, I think just to take my father down a few pegs,

each time he came back from a bar room brawl.

I long ago gave up on talks about our people with my mother, that old "respect your elders" thing.



January 20, 2013

No Self Respecting Native American Should Ever Leave This Story Alone

If you have ever been to Pine Ridge, you know about the four disgusting European drunk bars

just off of the Reservation and what they are doing to our brothers and sisters just for money.

You must not walk away from this posting.

This government is not willing to stop these four murdering, greedy whites from destroying

so many families, or at the very least, allowing the Natives the right to open their own bars.

That Nation thing again.

Before my answer to this, would be my question,

" Do you know about our missing enzyme and how this affects us with chemicals? "

The drink to us is a chemical, one that we, the Natives to this country did not need,

so did not have any protection from, until after first contact.

As the Europeans go, the pilgrims did not party or drink that is just one of the reasons they left Europe.

As for the Indians?, one must assume that this photo is speaking about India,

who also do not drink or party as the picture shows.

Native Americans did not know what drink was until long after the pilgrims arrival to our shores.

When we the Native Americans do take of the drink, one drink will make us drunk.

Again this is because of that missing enzyme, not because we are drunks.

Only that foolish wannabe cowboy and wannabe Native person

on display in this picture, drink in such a foolish manner.

The Battle For White Clay

Pyruvate Carboxylase



January 13, 2013

Care For Another Way To Assimilate Our People?

Right, like we need another way.

O.K., this may sound political, sorry but,

it is a critical Native American posting if you will read on.

If you were not brought up in a traditional home and/or on a Reservation and you try

to trace your ancestors, you are going to hit a wall and that wall is your ancestor.

Elizabeth Warren is, as are 50 to 60 thousand others, is a Native American, only with weak heritage.

Because she ran a good campaign against a bad incumbent, she sparked a major disagreement

among the other party, native’s and non native people in Massachusetts and around the world.

I am sad to say that many or our brothers and sisters, while forgetting their past history

with the euro Americans, joined in on this witch hurt during the Senate campaign last year.

Sen. Warren is not listed among Native Americans now?

By us allowing this to happen, we also built a larger bridge for the rest of the

thousands of true native people tracing their ancestors, great job guys.

What is the saying, " If you can't beat them join them? "

Or is it, " Well, I am a Native American, let the rest fight for themselves. "

I am going with my new friend on Word Press, he said,

“divide and conquer, ” you are right John.

Senator Warren Not Listed Among Native Americans



January 6, 2013

Time To Thank My V.A.

Today was my day to give some of my blood plus other fluids to the V.A.

I walked in the door about 20 minutes early, as usual and waited my turn at the window.

This guy walked out of the lab room, cane in tow and right up to my face?

I am used to most of the people in the building being friendly however,

this had never happened before.

He said, " Good Morning, Happy New Year. "

I said, " Good Morning and a Happy New Year to you. "

At the door he turned and said, " So what part of the country are you from? "

I am guessing it was my shirt with the big red fox on it (a Paw~ paus gift)

and my Prayer pouch and long hair that got up his curiosity?

I said I was originally from Connecticut.

He said, " Anywhere around all of that shooting? "

I said, "Just around the corner, it is a beautiful town".

Have you ever been in a real loud room that went stone quiet in a second?

As I turned around to once again face the window, everyone in the room was standing,

 heads bowed in prayer for the children, not a dry eye in the room, including mine.

Now that is togetherness.

Thank you to my Veteran Brothers and Sisters.

While in the Lab giving blood, someone poked his head into the room and said

that the prayers were for both the Virginia Tech and Newtown school children.

 I agree,  AHO.




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