The Storey Clan


My grandfather Tall Fox,
Sachem of the Mohegan people


The Mohegan Storey Clan of Connecticut


When I was very young, my grandfather Tall Fox,

who was the Sachem of a tiny group of

Mohegan people in this area for many years,

held his meetings at this small church near our home.

This church and these meetings were where the

Mohegan Elders gave me most of my teachings.

My People also participated in a very special Ceremony called a sweat.

This Ceremony and the events that took place during it, were sacred

and a carefully guarded part of our Traditional Culture.

The Sweat Ceremony

The Mohegan Church

We are the Storey Clan, descendants of the Mohegans,

an Algonquin speaking Nation of Turtle Island

and Uncas, the first Sachem of the Mohegans

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Walkingfox offers you
peace from the Creator.

The Algonquin speaking Nations were the largest group

of Native or Indigenous peoples along the Eastern Coast

of what is today the United States


We are also descendents of Samson Occum,

a Mohegan Preacher who was an ancestor of

both Mary Tracy Fielding Storey and

Sachem Bright Star, Alice Storey.

Sachem Bright Star,
Alice Storey, a Storey Clan
 Mohegan Grandmother.

A grandmother of Walkingfox


We are here to teach the correct story of the Native Peoples of Turtle Island,

especially the true story of Uncas, who was the Sachem of the

Mohegan people when the European settlers arrived here.


Many years ago when I was a child in training, I was told by my

Mohegan Elders of the true name of our first Sachem.

Over the Centuries, his name had been changed repeatedly by outsiders

who had no idea how to pronounce his real name, which was Poquaum,

which then became Unkas and was eventually changed to Uncas.

These changes were made for the convenience of ones who had no right to do so.

The real name of our tribe, our people, when they left the Great Lakes

and the Mohicans, was Mohegins.

After first contact, this was changed to Mouhegans and after the elimination

of the Pequots, Sachem Uncas changed the name back to Mohegins.

The English changed the name again to what is today, Mohegans.


Uncasville, Connecticut, is named for Sachem Uncas,

the first Sachem of the Mohegan people.


We honor and follow our Creator, the Great Spirit,

Father Sky and Mother Earth.





Turtle Island Mohegan Storey Clan:

Great Great Grandmother - Mary Tracy Fielding Storey - Mohegan
(A direct descendant of Sachem Uncas)

Great Great Grandfather - William Thomas Storey - Mohegan

Great Grandmother - Sachem Bright Star - Alice Storey - Mohegan

Great Grandfather - William Storey - Mohegan

Grandfather - Sachem Tall Fox - William James Storey - Mohegan

Grandmother - Laura Brown - Mohegan

Father - Clarence Joseph Storey - Ziek - Mohegan

Mother - Catherine Kelley - Mohegan

Happy Women - Mary Smith - Penobscot/Mohegan

Chief Rolling Thunder - Russell Smith - Penobscot

A Penobscot/Mohegan Leader

Chief Lone Wolf - Tom S. - Penobscot/Mohegan

Sagamore Running Crow - Bill Jr. - Mohegan/Penobscot

Sachem Walkingfox - William Charles Storey, Sr. - Mohegan


(Not a Storey Clan member, but a very dear friend)
E.K. Amadon - Elder - Angel Feather


Two Storey Clan Elders with Penobscot Chief Lone Wolf.


" The symbol of our clan is the "Circle of Life",
a campfire surrounded by stones arranged in a circle."



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