Eastern Woodland People

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My people, the Eastern Woodland People,

were the first to be assimilated by the Invaders from Europe.

We lost everything but our dignity to those who came and

took all that we offered and then demanded more.


This web page has historical information about

Eastern Woodland Nations,

maps at the time of first contact,

and a few Eastern Nations web sites.



Eastern Woodland Native History

The Woodland Period: 2000 BC - 1000 AD

The Constitution of the Iroquois Nations


New England Native History

Long Island History:

Meet the Mohegan Preacher Samson Occum

The Natives on Long Island

The Colonial Period

Manners and Customs of the Natives of New England - 1637

The Significance of Wampum to Seventeenth Century Natives in New England


Historical Eastern Woodland Native Maps

New England Colonies Early 1600's

Location of Early Tribes of New England


A Special Eastern Woodland Native History

The following links are from the

World History Archives Web Site

It is an excellent source for articles and stories concerning

issues of importance to Eastern Woodland people:

History of Eastern Woodland Natives

Retrospective History of Eastern Woodland Natives

Contemporary Political History of Eastern Woodland Natives


Eastern Woodland Native Tribes

Natives of the Lower Hudson Valley


Penn and the Indians


The Lenapes:
A Study of the Hudson Valley Natives


The Lenni-Lenape:
Original People of the Schuylkill Watershed


Mahican, Mohecan, Mohican,

Mohegan, Stockbridge-Munsee


Native Tribes of the Hudson River


The Oneida Native Nation


Passamaquoddy Tribe at Pleasant Point


People of the waters that are never still:

The Mohican Nation - Stockbridge - Munsee Band


The Powhatan Renape Nation


The Seneca Nation of New York


The New Native Economy: Gambling

Are Pequots Really Pequots?


Native Gaming and Native Poverty


Mashantucket Pequots Win Again


Montauks and Recognition


National Native Gaming Association Raps
"60 Minutes" Report of Mashantucket Pequots


Impact Study on Native American Gaming



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