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Alternative Energy Vehicles

The 2010 Chevy Volt
The Ultimate Alternative Vehicle
2011 Motor Trend Car of the Year,
Green Car of the Year and
North American Car of the Year
A car of many Alternatives:
E-85, Biodiesel, Electricity or Gasoline


Alternative Energy Vehicles


Solar Electric Vehicles

Now that we have a better understanding of Alternative Energy systems

like Wind and Solar, it makes sense that we should keep these new

electric vehicle batteries charged by using new Energy sources.


The Wind Generator and/or Solar Panels make the power,

the wiring harness sends the power to a box--S.O.A.P.

the box sends the power to lights appliances and batteries.


Tahfox -- S.O.A.P--Solar Opportunity Array Panel

S.O.A.P is a convenient place to tie in your

Alternative Energy devices like Solar and Wind Power.

It can be on a wall at a building while at work, home or at play,

so that you can also charge your car while not in use.


As mentioned on the Solar Power Page about our dinosaur vehicles,

Americans are finally beginning to think about turning in their

dinosaurs for more fuel efficient vehicles.


We are still thinking small, very small,

but at least we are now thinking.


Florida car dealers are still pushing fuel thirsty trucks and cars!

Why, because they need to get rid of them and no one is buying them.

The world is making great strides with batteries and other types of fuel for vehicles.

A good next step would be having a Solar/Wind Generator Panel at each

building so that we could be charging our transportation vehicles for free?


Now here's another idea in Alternative Vehicles.

This is a completely different kind of design for an Electric Car

and this Company is using Hemp in the body.

An Electric Car Made Out of  Hemp

Electromagnetic Cars and Trucks


My first long liberty while in the Navy as a teenager was in 1962

when my ship docked at the Jacksonville yards in Florida for her overhaul.

My brother and his wife were in Miami and offered to drive me home to Connecticut.

That trip to a young sailor seemed to take as long as it did to cross the ocean.


From that time on I dreamed of finding a way to run cars like

Electric trains, but as fast as a passenger plane, only safely.

Electric trains run on a third reel which provides the electricity,

but it is not so safe.


Why not use Electromagnetic in cars and trucks?

Placing two magnet's on a table north pole to south pole

while holding one magnet and pushing it towards the other

will cause the second magnet to move.

This is a basic idea of how a Electromagnetic Motor works.


Right now, companies are using paved roads to make electricity:

Just add a computer, take the human out of the equation and cars can

run much faster and if they all run on computers, they will be extremely safe.


Every time we repair, replace, rebuild or build new highways,

would be a good time to also install electromagnetic lines in the road,

or in the dividers between the highways, so that in the future when we are

finely off diesel fuel and gasoline we can put the roads to use.


Just think about driving your electric car from your house

to the highway and then going hundreds of miles per hour

and doing so in comfort and safety.

At this time, I do not believe that there is an electromagnetic

car on the market, but scientists are working on them.

Below are a few links to learn more about all of this.


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This web site is as close as it gets to "truth in reporting" and

exposes those who continuously fail to protect Mother Earth.

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of these and other energy saving ideas,

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