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December 30, 2012

Just One Last Time

I am writing far too much about "non recognized people."

OK, the reason why and why I turned my back on my people, the ones with the

two largest casino's in country, not counting my promise to both of my Sachems.

If you were not brought up in a complete Matriarch system of happy family people,

 you might never completely understand the why?

In the 1940's, 50's and 60's I knew gatherings as Paw-paus, these gatherings were four times

a year and our monthly meetings were by invite or everyone wishing just showed up.

This country is in need of this once again.

I spent my younger years learning from thousands of elders from tribes from Nova Scotia to Delaware,

all over New York state and beyond, all were of this Matriarch Society, all were poor,

so this government had no problem calling them Tribal.

After the late 1980's, this government and their "Indians" were constantly telling us that

those thousands of elders, people I have loved for a life time who are now ancestors,

are not Native Americans, or Original people because they no longer qualify

as what this government and their "Indians" call Native Americans.

Remember, all of those people were united in one main cause.

Getting their land back or getting compensation for other land or fair payment for stolen property.

By collecting a few people who sold out for a casino, this government now owes

nothing to the descendants of these people?

Tribes all over New England were recognized by state governments, where did these tribes go?

It’s a puzzlement?

US Govt. Discriminates Against Native Americans



December 23, 2012

Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas?

Many of my ancestors were Christians because of Sachem Ben Uncas

and Preacher Samson Occum.

Being born into this bloodline and becoming a Spiritual teacher,

I have had the chance to study many different religions.

And, now to the reason for this posting,

Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas?

Which is the correct statement?

If you are not a Christian, one would guess that it really does not matter.

Personally I enjoy reading the Old & New Testament bible because it is a collection of many books,

exactly how many books, depends on which Christian religion books you are reading.

One must admit each book has something in it to appease everyone's appetite for

reading a good story, love, hate, war, good guy, bad guy, just to name a few.

Hey, I had to read books like Les Miserables, in school and do a book report on them.

If you are a Christian and are so upset about saying " Happy Holidays, "

then get back to reading your bible.

Yes, I do believe that Jesus Christ, Father Sky, was born, I believe that Creator, GOD,

did send himself, son, to teach this world, Mother Earth, about how we should be living.

The biggest problem with our thinking is, that " Father Sky " or the son of your God,

was not born on December 25th.

Want to know when he was born?

Go read your bible.

Do what your God has instructed you to do, pray before, during and after you read.

There are so many things wrong in this world, Mother Earth, one would think that all

of the religious people could find other things to fight about.

" There, but for the grace of God, go I. "

So, have yourself a very Merry Christmas and many Happy Holidays.



December 16, 2012

Tobacco Is Sacred To Us

Tobacco is sacred to Native Americans, because it is a gift from their creator.

From an East Coast Native American to a West Coast Native American,

Blessings from the Creator.

It does this old warrior's heart good each time I that see Native First People

using tobacco prayers the way that their creator has taught them to.

Note the comfortable dress, one should always be comfortable talking with their Grandfather.

The ceremony is started outside and tobacco is not lit.

No cigarettes.

One can/should also ask for the blessing everywhere, I am sure that they did.

The youngsters dance in prayer asking for good things to happen

and for the evil to depart from them all.

There is no age limit, young or old, Creator loves us all.

Tobacco Blessing Ceremony Held At The California Center For Native Nations



December 9, 2012

Last Of The Mohicans

A few nights ago, I was trapped into watching " The Last of the Mohicans, " once again.

The first question that I would like for people to be asking is,

why is it that the three heroes in this film are not Mohican or Mohegan?

This film is a fiction based on the book " The Last of the Mohicans," about the Mohican people,

only Cooper, an ancestor of mine and a Mohegan, places Uncas in the middle of this fiction

and one of the heroes, but not the " Last of the Mohegans. "

This all was included in a book report that I wrote while in Junior High School in Connecticut.

Two of the actors are/were said to be Mohegan, one is a Oglala/Lakota Sioux Indian,

Russell Means playing Chingachgook, the Last of the Mohegans,

the other is a Métis from Greenland, Canada, Eric Schweig playing Uncas the son,

the third is an Englishman playing an adopted son.

A man cannot become adopted into a traditional Mohegan tribe,

except through a Head Clan Mother Ceremony.

Over the years, each time this film came or someone finds out that I am a Mohegan,

I get the “you can't be a Mohegan because".......comment.

I did read the book,  Our Old Prayer Rock  and watched this fictional film some

years later and the bad taste has never really left me.

However, my wife had never seen it and wished, to her sorrow and to make up her own mind,

now I am living with her mumbling for a few days!

There are so many derogatory or just plain wrong things with this film,

that it is really hard to write this posting.

Let's start with Uncas.

This Uncas had a minor role in this fiction, which was an insult to my ancestor.

Actor Eric Schweig is of German and Inuit Métis descent, and not a Mohegan.

Russell Means playing Chingachgook, the " Last of the Mohegans " is a Lakota Sioux.

I am writing the word Mohegan here because Sachem Uncas was the first of the Mohegans.

The last person James Fenimore Cooper, who was a Mohegan, would have playing a

Native American Mohegan, would have been an Englishman, adopted or a full blood.

The first people that I would have chosen would have been real Mohegans or Mohicans.

One of many nasty tribes from up north, the Huron's, are what is shown however,

these people are a minority throughout the New England tribes, as most of our people

are from Matriarch societies and were the victims more often than the villains.

Another wrong piece of this film was the war.

The French and the English were fighting for the rights to their forts in " their " land.

This land belongs to Mother Earth however, it was occupied long before either of them

by Natives of the land, My People.

What is now needed, is an updated film with accurate locations,

this movie was filmed in Asheville, North Carolina and

real Natives Mohegan or Mohican playing their ancestors.

Today it could be an even bigger hit, what do you think?



December 2, 2012

Why Not One For All Of The First People?

Recently, a new memorial opened at the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona to honor

those Native Americans who have bravely served their country in all of the service branches.

As far as I know, just about every race of people in this country has a memorial or two

to remind us about their brave warriors that protected our freedom.

And, just in case you are not aware, our people as a Race, have proudly served

in the United Sates Military branches, more than any other race.

So, why not one of these Memorials in every state, instead of just in Arizona,

for all of our Nations and all of the first people?

American Indian Veterans National Memorial



November 25, 2012

Comparing Hamas To Shawnee Leader Tecumseh

Writing on Mondoweiss, New Yorker Nima Shirazi compared Hamas to the "Shawnee leader Tecumseh,

who dared resist the ongoing white settlement, genocide and ethnic cleansing of Native Americans."

How can we ever get it right when it is written by a Euro-American or in this case none of the above?

Tecumseh was the leader of a nation that was being assimilated by a Euro-American Nation.

The Hamas are a group of people that took over a nation of people whose name

was changed by a Roman conquering nation that absorbed Israel.

It seems that even the Egyptian's recognized Israel as a people at least back as far as 1200 BC.

After many wars the Roman Empire captured Jerusalem in 66 BC

and it was absorbed into the Roman Empire.

In 1 BC a series of revolts against the Romans led to the forced dispersal of much of the

Jewish population from Jerusalem and Judea, Jerusalem being renamed Aelia Capitolina

and Judea province renamed Syria Palestina by the Roman Empire, this however,

did not happen from an Arabian war and as stated, "it was done by the Roman Empire."

So Hamas ( Palestine) should be compared the American war machine a conquering nation

and Israeli to Chief Tecumseh?

History Of The Jews In The Land Of Israel

A Special Place in Hell by Bradley Burston

Thanksgiving at the end of a war between natives, Gaza and Israeli.

A Special Place In Hell

At this time I think a little wise sense of humor would be in order.

Tecumseh and the General while sitting on a log discussing the Indians next move out west,

Tecumseh kept sliding over on the log toward the General and saying "move over".

This was repeated until finally the General was at the end of the log and

Tecumseh gave him a shove and said once more "move over".

The General replied " I can't, I am at the end of the log".

Tecumseh then said wisely to him, "now you know how it is for my people."

How many more times should the western countries allow the Arabian countries

to tell Israelis to move over, before the Israelis push back and takes back the log?



November 18, 2012

Native Americans Do Not Own the Land

This land is owned by Mother Earth. How can one own their mother?

That said, a good example of a land claim by a Native family against a non Native Government

happened some years ago, when a group of people, we found out much later that this group of

people who were dressed as Natives (Plains Indian Natives) attacked my family's homestead

in Connecticut and massacred everyone in and around this property, the land then

stayed unoccupied for some years because the rest of the family fearing that

the same thing would happen to them, stayed clear can you blame them?

This Government then took the land by eminent domain and

built a garbage to energy plant over the victims' graves.

What is in this story, only proves to me that non Natives should not write about

things they do not know or clearly understand.

Please leave the historical stories to us, we have lived it and died for it.

You on the other hand, only write about us to appear to be all--knowing on the subject.

The fact that writers are getting paid to do this, is unconscionable to us.

And by the way, the map used in this article, is just as offensive as the thinking in it.

Why Native Americans Really Don't Own United States Of America



November 11, 2012

Eastern Woodland Tobacco Is Still Herbs ( Kinnick-Kinnick )

While trying to get information across country making ready for another

sacred ceremony, it became clear just how hard this is getting to be.

The Traditionalists must be very careful about what they say, do and write

because there are copycat phonies everywhere they go just waiting to pounce

on anything that they believe can make a buck off the unknowing public.

For instance, in the early 1980's when someone said, " O.K. so you cannot take money,

what can you take to thank you for your work in my ceremony ? "

The answer was, " A Spiritual Teacher (Leader) can always use Tobacco because a good teacher

is always busy and at each meeting, gathering or ceremony they use a lot of tobacco. "

So, throughout the 80's and 90's phony native teachers would hand out and

accept a pack of cigarettes as payment for services.

If you wish to give a cigarette or two to a known smoker, this is between you and that.

If you wish to gift a Spiritual Teacher for any reason, please do not hand over a cancer stick.

Traditionalists do teach many ceremonies like naming, weddings, funerals and

adoptions however, as with the cigarettes, copycat phonies jumped on this also.

Now at many gatherings and/or powwows you might hear, " I just got my Indian name "

 or " I was just adopted by so and so ! "

It takes weeks, months and sometimes years for most of these ceremonies, when done correctly!

If money or goods of any kind other than herbs changed hands,

you have been duped by one of these phonies!



November 4, 2012

The Use Of Bald Eagle Feathers

Our beliefs, the true traditional Eastern Woodland American Native People of New England,

believe, as did our Ancestors, that no one should be allowed to kill a Bird of Prey!

If you must have a feather or body part, do as the Elders did, pray to Creator to send it to you!

If you have earned and deserve to have these very sacred parts, Creator will

give permission to the birds to give them to you.

Together, the pesticide DDT and the logging industry  just about totally

eliminated this majestic bird forever from our Country.

Now, after many years of education and careful protection by the many who love this great bird,

in addition to being put on the Endangered Species List and forbidding the use of DDT,

the national symbol of our great Country, the Bald Eagle, has made a remarkable come back.

If You Aren't A Native American, Put Down That Bald Eagle Feather



October 28, 2012

Parents Outraged By Homework That Referred To "Squaw"

OK, once again just hold on.

Please remember that different countries have different meaning for the same word,

like wise different tribal people have different meanings for the same word.

Yes, the first few Europeans invading our land did use this word after they were given a

cold shoulder by our women because they did not get what they wanted from our women.

Yes, every Native American and non Native American should be up in arms

at this “so-called school teacher”

The meaning of the word Squaw, like so many of our words has been bastardized

through the years by Europeans to demean females, or call them "whore."

However, on the other hand, in a Matriarch society,

the word is said as a tremendous praise by their men!

There is a Squarw Sachem in my own family line, who was an outstanding leader,

wise and without sin and of course a member of the Royal Line from Sachem Uncas!

The word Squaw, or as it should be Squarw, has always been a word of praise by a male to a female.

My Blog Explains Native American Culture

Teacher Assigns Math Lesson Referring To Squaw



October 21, 2012

Pride Is The Destroyer Of The Heart

I have written about this subject over and over for about a year now, however,

each time I had to delete the page because as hard as I tried,

I stepped out of the blessings of Creator (God).

To please the Ancestors and the questions from our Traditional people, I try once again.

It is with a heavy heart, tears and many prayers that one must write something about this subject

because we must believe that this young woman would wish for all to remember.

I am pleased that my Mohawk brothers and sisters found a way to bridge the gap between

our beliefs and the beliefs of the Europeans of so many years ago.

I am pleased to see a woman from the Matriarch side of the Mohawk tribe receive her just dues,

by doing what her Elders have been doing for Centuries, however,

one must know by now that Creator (God) is not pleased

that the Europeans and the tribe have turned this into a Circus.

It was just wrong on so many levels that these men in Plains Indian feathered headdresses

were even present at the canonization ceremony in St. Peter's Square.

Pride is the destroyer of the heart.

Lily of the Mohawks walked on Mother Earth from 1656 to 1680.

It is obvious that, like so many of our people before her, Creator chose to use her to help guide

her people and the Europeans, like so many of her people before her to care for and

help treat the poor and sick children of Creator, both tribal and non tribal.

Like so many of our people, the last thing this "blessing" for Creator would have wanted,

was to be looked upon as someone special.

Because in Creators eyes, we that obey the wishes of the Creator of Creation, are all Saints!

Remember while reading about this, that only Creator can clean, bless and cure any of Creation.

Mohawk Woman Ascends To Sainthood At Vatican



October 7, 2012

Do Not Judge By What Is On The Outside

Although I am pleased to see people going to schools to teach our traditions,

I feel that this must be painstakingly researched before they take on this adventure.

The following may seem at times to be a picky complaint however, this is why there is

so much misunderstanding about our people, the indigenous people's of this country.

Yes, I was blessed with many visits to schools back when I was healthy enough to travel.

This person is not an Eastern Woodland Native American, and it is very important to let

the people he contacts know this, yes it was mentioned later on in the article,

but the caption under the picture tends to make him an expert?

My ancestors told me that if you go back far enough in time, you will find that we also

followed buffalo (gufiku) and used movable homes (otepku) like the tepee's.

That said, if you are dressing for an intertribal, most types of dress up will do, but

Traditional Eastern Woodland American Native People use very different material

for our Regalia than those Native People from the Plains.

People who do not know any better, tend to mix and match their clothing.

If you are from the Traditional Eastern Woodland American Native areas, from Delaware,

North up to Canada, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi River,

your ancestors made their Regalia from things that they found around

Mother Earth like Deer, Moose, Wolf, Fox and so on, nothing fancy.

We did not tattoo our bodies, nor did we carry weapons into our ceremonies,

there were guards at the four corners for protection.

A Re-enactor Dispels Native American Myths



September 30, 2012

Indigenous People Need To Read More!

Especially those of us with certain types of heart conditions,

like Congestive Heart Failure or Cardiomyopathy.

Regardless, all indigenous people need to read up and keep tabs on this kind of information,

so that they are fully prepared for their next trip to the Doctor.

 Remember your missing enzyme gene.

For the patient, this new screening is similar to a normal blood draw.

But the difference is, that a sample of the blood will then be sent to the UF Pathology Lab,

who will be looking for one of seven genetic variations to determine how

their body will respond or react to the anti-clotting drug Clopidogrel or Plavix.

The results of the test are then added to the patients electronic medical records,

which notifies Doctors of the findings and if necessary, make suggestions for other drugs.

If after the test, it is found that Clopidogrel would not be the best drug choice,

the Doctor can then choose another drug.

UF Delivers On Promise Of Personalized Medicine To Heart Patients



September 23, 2012

Consumption, Cardiomyopathy and Confusion

I have a selfish reason for writing this today.

After hearing reports on the news about various diseases that have caused the deaths of people,

both Native and Non Native, I often find myself wondering if they, like my family, could be the victims

of a wrong diagnosis, in the reported deaths of their loved ones.

Could this be just another attack on the Native American immune system that has been

misdiagnosed because of the lack of correct, or even incomplete information?

Many people in this country do not know that they have Native Ancestors, so of course,

their Doctors would not know either.

And it has been suggested that we, Native Americans, have a pretty high percentage of heart disease,

mainly Congestive Heart Failure and Cardiomyopathy, in particular.

How many of my ancestors picked up the new, since first contact virus that attacked the heart muscle?

I spent hours with my father and grandfather, on my Native side, they did not have Tuberculosis.

On my grandfather's death certificate, it stated that he died of consumption.

On my fathers and brothers certificates it said Tuberculosis.

I have Cardiomyopathy, Congestive Heart Failure an it was not confirmed,

until I was sent to the teaching school at the Yale University Hospital.

For my information, I used Wikipedia, only because I wanted my information to all come from the same source.

Consumption, now called Tuberculosis, is a very different disease, however the most common

symptom is a chronic cough and it typically attacks the lungs, causing shortness of breath.

In Tuberculosis, the common symptom is chronic cough, it typically attacks the lungs,

causing shortness of breath.

Congestive heart failure symptoms include shortness of breath.

In Cardiomyopathy, a common symptom is breathlessness.

They all sound much the same don't they?

So, for the past hundred years or so, what did my Native Ancestors really die of,

my guess, Congestive Heart Failure and or Cardiomyopathy.



September 17, 2012

Sacred Fires

My heart and prayers go out to California and the San Francisco Peaks 13 Area

Native American Nations, including the Navajos, Havasupai, Hualapai, Hopi and Pueblos

because of their culture ceremonies and problems between them, Arizona

and the U.S. Forest Service officials.

We in the East also speak on behalf of Mother Earth, the four leggeds, those that swim,

crawl, fly and burrow and the plant and tree Nations, with the permission of the Creator.

As one of the East Coast Spiritual People, I can only speak from our ceremonies and culture.

Creator gave us tobacco, herbs and kinnick kinnick, for times just like this,

when droughts make for uncontrollable fires.

I offer prayers when teaching in jails, prisons and any place where fire is impossible,

yet prayer is needed and also in-between Sacred Fires with Sacred Ceremonies.

We also have many closed minded Federal Agents not concerned with facts, Federal Agencies

using terms like federally recognized and federally unrecognized, just what does that mean?

No one really knows, it is just words.

This has always been their way of dividing the Indigenous Peoples.

We are also United under the Creators laws with you as United Indigenous Nations,

to protect and extend life for all future generations, no matter the color of the skin.

Armed Agents Desecrate Sacred Fire On San Francisco Peaks



August 26, 2012

Looking For A Racist, We Think We've Got Your Man!

A racist email RNC leader Pat Rogers sent to a staff member of New Mexico

Governor Susana Martinez's staff on June 8, saying that she "dishonored Custer by

meeting with Native Americans," started a fire, not likely to be put out soon.

Now, we all remember that General George Armstrong Custer was known primarily

for his part in the bloody 18th Century Indian Wars.

As a leader looking over at the enormous size of your "so called enemy, " would

you grab your sword and order your much smaller group to follow you, into a battle

where everyone already knew the outcome from the beginning?

Or would you wait for your oncoming reinforcements?

Custer did not become a cruel, vicious, opinionated, stupid, foolish General during the

Indian Wars of the 1860's-70's, he was a cruel, vicious, opinionated, stupid and

foolish General during the Civil War, so get over it.

So, after learning of this email sent in June to a staff member of Governor Martinez,

a state Activist group is screaming for the head Pat Rogers, leader of the RNC,

for making these racist remarks about American Natives.

GOP Leader In Trouble



August 19, 2012

Native Americans, Please Vote

Here is a small part of a letter written by Ruth M. Wapato in Spokane, Washington.

"We did not get to vote or become US citizens until 1924

and in Arizona and New Mexico, not until 1948.

Utah was the last in 1956. Why you might ask ?

Because our people don't pay taxes!"

Now, here is my theory or opinion on this, if you want changes in this country,

you cannot complain about how bad things are here, no, you do not have that right,

I believe, unless you get out there and vote.

Like the saying goes, "Be the change you want to see in the world."

If you don't like the world we live in, in America, then change it. Go Vote.

As a Native American with African American Ancestors, who was born into

a Matriarch society, might I also add Women and African Americans.

And while you are voting, remember not to go backwards,

into Republican propaganda living once again.

Slaves never did get the right to vote, but at the close of the Civil War,

they were all formally freed under the 13th Amendment of the Constitution,

by the Bill of Rights, which abolished slavery in 1865.

Former slaves were then granted the right to vote in 1870, under the 15th Amendment,

which decreed that the right to vote could not be denied

because of race, color or previous condition or servitude.

After the salves, the 15th Amendment of the Constitution ratified in 1870,

gave citizens the right to vote regardless of their race or previous servitude.

Women did not get the right to vote until 1920, when the 19th Amendment guaranteed

the right to vote to anyone, regardless of their gender.

Native Americans Please Vote



August 11, 2012

A Native American Gate Keeper

Recently and sadly for me, the subject has come up again about the Gate Keeper.

The words Gate Keeper, are an Occult Religious term used in Shamanism Ceremonies.

These religious organizations worship another God and most have more than one God.

If this is what you are interested in, there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of web sites

and Blogs, dedicated to this subject, who will help you in your quest.

This web site, is not one of them!

If, however, you are interested in learning about true Traditional Eastern Woodland

American Native Ceremonies, like our gatherings, paw-paus and Sacred Pow wows,

where our people would never use the word or term, Gate Keepers

because this would be a insult to Creator, this web site is one of them.

The person at the East, the only place to enter and exit our gatherings, is a spiritual leader,

or one of his or her students, who is there only to help you better understand our ceremonies.

You may have noticed while traveling around the internet, that there are many people teaching

about our ceremonies, who do not correctly match up with what the Elders taught as the truth.

Many times, this teaching is by non native people or someone not from our area.

Occult (Shamanism Occult Religion) was allowed to make its way into our culture,

after the first contact and some of their teachings came along with them!

In our Sacred Ceremony, known today as a Circle, entering was always from the East,

the sun rises from the East, making it easy to see what was going on within this circle.

Before first contact, all Sacred Ceremonies were at this East, so this became sacred also.

You may have noticed, that sometimes, even I use this satanic explanation

because it seemed to be an easy way to explain, I was wrong.

This must stop.



August 8, 2012

About Matt Lauer Being Criticized

Even a well respected person such as Matt Lauer still doesn't get it,

or could care less about the disrespect?

I did respect him.

Native American custom is, when a gift is given, a gift of similar value was to be given.

If it could not be given, the original gift was expected to be returned.

One truth around Indian Country about the words, "Indian Giver," refers to someone who,

gives a present and then wants it back, it is a reference to Native Americans historical past,

and it is very offensive to the Native American culture.

My Ancestors spoke about a lost European traveler who was fed, clothed and cleaned up

and was allowed to borrow a horse from the tribe to complete the trip home, once home,

the traveler was to give the horse back to his escort, who was one of our people, only this

traveler had the escort arrested for stealing his horse and was hung for horse stealing.

Matt Lauer Criticized After Remark



August 5, 2012

I Like This Idea And Would Like To See It Go One Step Further

An Arizona business woman has looked at the past and found a way

for couples to have it both ways at their wedding ceremonies.

For more than 20 years now, I have enjoyed the knowledge that couples

from different cultural backgrounds about to be married,

can have their cake and eat it too.

So to speak!

Spiritual leaders, those who are qualified to do so, have performed weddings

along side of Pastors, Rabbis and Priests for years to mixed couples wishing

to show their respects to both of the couples cultures.

So, why not dress for the past as well, with Native and non Native clothing.

Now, here is the best part and no Government Card is necessary,

if your Government controlled Casino Reservation Indians will not perform

this kind of wedding for you, there are thousands of True,

Traditional Spiritual Elders who most gladly will!

My Smudging Blog - Traditional Native Wedding Ceremonies

Flagstaff Entrepreneur Incorporates Native American Traditions In Wedding Ceremonies



August 2, 2012

Why Do We Get Diabetes?

The answer to this question may just be in our Genes.

This new study by the University of Nebraska, shows how and why our People are so

vulnerable to this terrible disease that seems to affect us much more than others.

What we ate and when we ate it, may be the reason for our current Diabetes link,

the fact that we ate mostly high fiber, low fat foods with often long periods

of no food at all, caused our bodies to create a so-called thrifty gene.

Our diets back then it seems, are the connection to our genes now.

More studies will, I am sure follow, but in  the mean time, this is a clue and

it may help my brothers an sisters consider much more carefully what they eat.

They always say "you are what you eat," so,  it seems for native Americans,

this started a long time ago.

Feces Fossils And The Connection Between Natives And Diabetes



July 30, 2012

Wear War Paint Into The Halls Of Congress!

Would you walk into the White House preaching Native Spirituality wearing War Paint?

Well, it looks like this group of people called "On Eagles Wings,"

might finally be getting the hint, or at least getting onto the right track.

The problem is, that even after 400 years, they still cannot claim any great success

with converting, or is the correct word brainwashing,

 our people over to their kind of thinking.

Maybe that's because we already have our own Spirituality and it is not yours.

We have always had it and we do not need nor appreciate, being told,

 like we are children, that we need a better way.

This group goes from one place to another, preaching their thinking to these

places called Indian Reservations and that I call Prisons.

A Supreme Being with more power than the human mind could ever imagine,

one that could turn the Universe into a black hole without even the blink of an eye,

came to Earth a while back to teach the people.

No, I am not referring to this phony "boson particles" thing.

Did this Supreme Being use force or words like war, warfare and battle?


This Supreme Being walked the land, showing and teaching the way with

 love, kindness, patience and understanding.

When we were hungry and poor and showed a lack of understanding as to why this

 being had come, we were fed with Manna, bread and fish and then taught by

 doing and showing, again always with kindness and love.

If you wish to preach to us, and we really wish that you would not,

 you need to get words like spiritual warfare, intense life or death,

and battles out of your minds, and replace them with love,

 kindness and understanding.

However, before, not after, you start preaching to us, maybe you should begin by helping these

young people to find jobs, bringing food for the hungry Elders and children,

warm clothes and blankets for those who need them and then explaining

 ways to get off of drugs and booze and reasons why we must respect our

women and children, but always showing through love and kindness.

I feel the need to write or share this with you because even after 500 years of so-called

"Christian Ministry," drugs, alcoholism and sexual abuse are still rampant

 in many of this country's Reservations, or Prisons for our people.

The need is so great, but what we don't want or need is to have outsiders coming in and

 telling us how our culture is wrong and that we need to be just like them.

We do not!

We are a unique people, we are different from you and we like it that way.

Get over it!

Spiritual Warfare



July 27, 2012

Taking This Advice Just Might Save Your Life!

If you have Native American Ancestors, this new procedure may help you

to avoid a dangerous drug reaction.

The University of Florida had started a new program that will check your DNA

before allowing you to take a certain drug.

Sounds like a movie script, nope its true!

Plavix, or Clopidogrel, which is often given to heart patients for clotting,

can cause a dangerous, even life threatening, reaction in certain patients,

so now any one who is about to have a cardiac catheterization procedure,

will automatically also have this genetic test, to be sure that

they do not carry the gene that could cause the reaction.

Results can usually be returned in about 24 hours.

A grant given to Stanford and UF allows them to work together in this cutting edge

technology that will in the future, hopefully prevent fatalities from drug reactions.

All of this began with a 2010 warning by the FDA about complications

with the drug for patients of a particular genetic type.

They are calling this program personalized medicine, I call it saving lives!

UF Delivers Promise Of Personalized Medicine to Heart Patients



July 24, 2012

So What Is A Traditional Native American Elder?

Native American Mohegan Elders

A Traditional American Native Elder, in the New England area at least,

is someone who has reached the young age of 70.

That would be me, now!

However, this person must be well versed in the ways of the people,

be an understanding leader at every ceremony and cultural event,

and as an American Native, have been involved most of their life,

with keeping the tribe together and on the path to the Creator.

This Elder is then shown respect by being called Grandfather,

or Grandmother by the members of the people.

Just because a person is now old, this does not make that person an Elder.

If one has not completed the ceremony, then they are not an American Native Elder.

We take all of our culture and our ceremonies very seriously.


July 21, 2012

The Pow Wow Is A Dying Ceremony

If you are an Elder and are, or have been following the pow wow circuit,

you know what I am talking about.

Gatherings, pow wows and Paw-paus have been used as the Circle of Life,

since before we were even able to record them.

Gatherings were are and will always be, held often to help people keep in touch.

Pow wows are relatively a new comers to Indigenous people, many are still

working out the kinks and doing a terrible job at this.

The last few years, or so, pow wows have dwindled down drastically, walk around some,

or better yet, just check them out on the Internet, U-Tube or do both.

If you have a lot of money to pay dancers, and/or hold paid competitions,

of course if you do this, then they are no longer pow wows, they are a Circus,

you will get a lot of people coming, but they are looking for their share of the money.

Just in my lifetime, I have noticed the lack of people and energy.

My first pow wow was a Paw-paus at the age of six and I was overwhelmed with everything.

Every Traditional first person from around New England, knows about, has been to,

and will continue to enjoy Paw-paus and know why it is as with a Sacred Ceremony

guarded as well, if not better, than the Plains Indians Ghost Dance and Sundance.

Paw-paus is for at least a week, and always has something going on,

with many dancers that start in the circle and end all around the grounds.

It is free to get in, free to dance and free to vendors.

Everyone brings something to share.

Remember the old saying, "everything is a free gift from Creator?"

It is because of this, that Indigenous People are always gifting.

However, before even starting any gathering, pow wow or Paw-paus,

we had to invite one guest, this is and was a must

and always looked forward to by everyone.

This is now almost an after thought at pow wows today.

We must invite Creator first.

Do not make another move about your gathering or pow wow until every member

knows that Creator has accepted your invitation.

Once you get this, everything else will fall into place,

if you just keep remembering your first guest.



July 18, 2012

Native American Life In Real Time

This question and the various answers that come with it,

have been addressed by me many times on this web site.

What are we, the Native Americans in this Country, really like?

Who are we?

Yet here it is all over again, this time, the subject of a story written once again,

by a non Native writer who interviewed the descendent of a Comanche.

A question that I have?

When are the Native writers in this Country going to start getting the press visibility

of the non Native ones?

Anyway, I personally found this Comanche's answers about Casinos were,

in my opinion, spot on and exactly what I have been saying for over 30 years.

As for guns, this latest edition of this interview, reads like an actual quote by

my grandfather, the last, true Sachem of the Mohegan people who always said,

"I do not carry a weapon, the white people still tend to frown on us carrying them."

And then there is the ridiculous mascot subject, which deserves only this answer from me;

the problem with them is, that when they were first used, it was the attitude of the

non Natives using the word Mascot because to them, it meant, "less than a slave."

Guns, Mascots And Casinos: Native American Life In Real Time



July 15, 2012

We Were Immigrants To An Empty Land

When my people came to this land, the so called "New World,"

it was totally empty of people.

So, we American Natives, were immigrants to an empty land and

Europeans were the invaders, just as we have been saying for many, many, years.

Let me repeat that, this land was totally empty of people in North and South America.

Now there is a new study that claims, that Native Americans came here in three waves

and that North and South America were totally empty of people until those first arrivals

crossed a land bridge into what is now Alaska, spreading out over a few thousand years

all the way down to the tip of South America.

Genetic studies may eventually prove incorrect, the long debated thinking that our

people coming here happened in only one wave.

So, now can we all finally agree, wait for it........

Our people came here in three waves beginning more than 15,000 years ago.

We already knew all of this, you people need to catch up~

Study: Native Americans Came To The New World In Three Waves



July 12, 2012

Is This Ignorance Or Malice, You Decide

Recently there have been two places of Native American Cultural significance,

or to us, Sacred Places, that have been abused by Non Native people,

representing the U.S. Forest Service.

One was in the Deep South, in Georgia, the other in the Far West, in California.

The thing that these two events have in common, is a seemingly complete lack of respect

or awareness, of just how important these places were and are to Native People.

I have personally seen this kind of shameful lack of respect for our Sacred Places,

while attending a Celebration Event at the Natchez Sacred Mounds in Louisiana.

For longer that I care to remember, I watched in total shock while people,

who did not appear to be Natives, both adults and children, played a game

of football on the top of the Sacred Mounds.

No one in the area who saw this happen, seemed to find anything wrong with this

and this is a memory that I can not ever forget.

Standing together has never been one of our strengths, but if we as a People, as a race,

do not join hands across this country, these Sacred Places, as well as our very being,

may soon become like the dust blowing in the wind.

If you are able, please write, call, blog, do something, do anything, just get involved,

but please, please, do not ignore these things.

It is never going to stop unless and until, we as a People stop it.

My ancestors, your ancestors, are watching and waiting for us to unite and

once again become the strong, proud, First People of this Country.

We cannot remain silent anymore.

US Forest Service Employees Vandalize Native American Town

Armed Agent Desecrate Sacred Fires



July 9, 2012

What Do Native Americans Really Want, You Ask?

What a strange title for a story about us.

Do you think anyone really cares what we want?

This is the usual outsider writer interviewing an "expert" on us type story,

with the expected results.

It could be an interesting story, however and there is always a however,

when it comes to us and writers and experts it seems,

you will need to read between the lines.

The writer interviews a person who is said to be a decedent of a Comanche "dignitary."

What does that mean exactly?

Not sure, but I'll bet it means that he is supposed to be an expert of some kind on all things Native.

I am an East Coast Native and would not even pretend to know the inside details of other Nations,

so why do these kind of stories keep getting written?

Not one of us can speak for other Native people or know how they really feel, can we?

I believe that we, all races on Mother Earth, must open our eyes.

I could spend hours disputing the wild myths about what Native people

should all look like, but I think just a few words will do.

There is one very annoying subject that comes up repeatedly whenever

Native People are talked about, and it is the wide range of colors of our skin.

Please keep in mind that these are my own personal opinions

and I do not speak for anyone other than myself here.

Darker skinned Natives usually come from the very hot parts of this country,

they were out in the sun most of their lives, so they had darker skin.

Lighter skinned Natives, like my people, from the Woodland areas of the North and

East Coast, were most likely that way because we often lived in very thick, dark forests

and were rarely exposed to long hours of sunlight.

The story goes on to talk about Treaties and we all know how that turned out for Native people.

We got the short end of the stick every time, no exceptions.

This writer and his source at this point, then gets themselves into some trouble,

when they try to speak of our culture and our spirituality.

One person cannot truly know the spirituality of another.

I am a Mohegan, do I know what West Coast Natives do in their Sacred Ceremonies,

that outsiders never get to witness?

No, of course, not.

So, then please, both of you, do not try to speak for all of our People.

Please, spend some time with many different Elders and then re-write your story.

No offense, but if you want to write about us in other parts of this country,

at least be willing to go to the source.



July 6, 2012

Native Americans Are Canaries

If you need proof that the fumes coming out of power plant smoke stacks are

deadly, just check the cemetery records of the Native people living next door.

The Moapa Paiutes are just one group of many Native Americans who are

dying young because there is a power plant just down the road.

"The coal powered plant is blamed for polluting the Southern Nevada Reservation's

air and water, and is visible from nearly every home."

But the Paiutes are not the only ones who are being poisoned, it is happening to

Native People all over the country and Tribal Leaders are now starting to speak out.

The great salaries our people are earning for this dangerous work, are not worth dying for.

Many Native Americans Live Next To Power Plants



July 3, 2012

This Is A Joke, Right?

Sadly after reading these two ridiculous stories, I have to tell you that the joke, or shame

and insult here, is on my Ancestors and what is left of our true Mohegan people.

My Grandfather, Sachem Tallfox, would be sickened by these stories.

The truth is that Sachem Mahomet Weyonomon, we called him Sachem, not Chief,

had the copy of a petition to King George ll.

Our tribe never had a peace pipe and we never had a war with the English.

We called it elimination by assimilation and because we were never at war,

we did not have or wear feather war bonnets, like those of the Western Tribes did,

or what you see this so-called Mohegan wearing in these pictures.

The person in these pictures reminds me of the people often chosen to portray Native Americans

in the Early Hollywood movies, many were Europeans, few, if any were ever Native People.

Our people never had smallpox blankets, our Sachem had to go to England to get smallpox.

Sachem Mahomet went to England to ask for help in protecting his hunting grounds,

but he instead died there from smallpox.

Our Connecticut Sachem was buried on the grounds of a Cathedral in London,

where he was to stay, ignored and disgraced for 270 years.

Queen Buries Hatchet With Mohegans

Queen Given Peace Pipe



June 30, 2012

It's About Time

A group of College students have walked from Kansas to the White House to

help promote understanding of Native American Sacred Places and

also bring attention to the Native American Sacred Spaces Act.

This walk, which began in Shawnee, Kansas on May 13, and is known as

the Trail of Broken Promises, went through nine  states and fifty towns on its way.

The students carried the paper, which if approved, would amend the

American Indian Religious Freedom Act of 1978.

This work has already been approved by the National Congress of American Indians.

Trail Of Broken Promises Ends At White House



June 27, 2012

Left Handed Ceremonies Are Sacred To Native Americans

It should not be a surprise as to how our Ancestors knew that the heart is closer to

our left side than to the right, after all they needed to feed the family.

So through the years, our ceremonies reflected this knowledge by having sacred

parts of the ceremony go from the left to the right.

Left handed Native Americans were not necessarily left handed,

our ceremonies were, by the use of the left hand.

Indigenous people are taught from birth to use their left hand

out of love and respect to Creator.

The correct way to gift an American Native, is from your left hand to their left hand.

If the gift is words, then from your mouth with your left hand, to your heart,

then to the left shoulder of that person.

If the gift is too big, then from your left hand to you heart,

straight out pointing at the gift or gifts.

We believe that everything on Mother Earth is a free gift from Creator to all creatures,

so if it is a free gift from Creator to all creatures, then it was predestined to be given away.

If Creator wishes you to have it, it will be coming back.



June 24, 2012

The Wild, Wild East

As we all know by now, at our first contact with Europeans, the Eastern part of Indian Country

 was well settled with towns, cities and states, of law abiding religious citizens.


Most Hollywood films from about 1902 up until the 1960's were about drunken Indians,

dancing around, whooping and banging their mouths with their hands

and killing Europeans, African Americans and sometimes themselves.

Then from the 1960's until now, many films have been about bad Europeans

 mistreating African Americans and Native Americans.

From the beginning until now, has Hollywood made even one really honest film about the good,

the bad and the ugly treatment of our people at first contact, by these same Europeans?

Why not?

The Hollywood westerns made a lot of money for their film industry in the 1940-50's.

People like Gary Cooper and John Wayne were always shown protecting the poor,

mistreated settlers from the murdering savages who killed for no reason.

And our people were almost always the villains.

Now, times have changed and because of some good films showing the other side

of our story, like Dances With Wolves and The Outlaw Josey Wales,

everybody has seen that in the past, films about us were dead wrong.

Why were there no films about the Villages on the East Coast of this Country?

Or how we took in these strangers?

And how people like Christopher Columbus, the Vikings, Spanish Conquistadors,

Dutch Colonists, France, England and so on, abused, enslaved

and killed, no slaughtered, the original inhabitants of this Country?

Western Re-union...



June 21, 2012

When And Where To Use Wind Power

I agree with Gator Woman's assessment of Wind Farms in

some parts of Florida and any other state for that matter.

However, I agree for all of the reasons that she has stated

and a few more on her Blog:

Wind Farms In Florida, The Good, The Bad And The Extinct!

Wind is not always strong enough as you head inwards,

but wind is always plenty strong enough out

in our waters for wind and wave generators.

We have wind enough to care for the whole state and more.

Florida Wind farm's Antagonists: Environmentalists



June 18, 2012

It's All In The Spelling Of A Name

I had an eye doctors appointment the other day, always an interesting experience

after a corneal transplant.

That day however, was extra tough because the Orlando VA is now in a holding pattern,

waiting for the new VA Hospital in Medical City to be finished.

So, I had to go to an outside Doctor and this meant starting from scratch,

not a fun day for me, my puppy, or my driver.

Any how, my doctor and I, (Great Doctor) started talking about Native Americans,

right after he spotted my pouch.

"Last of the Mohegan's" he said, with a grin.

"Well, I was for a while," I said.

He then told me that he had another person/patient for an appointment

who said that there are thousands of Mohegan's around.

I felt obligated to give him a short history lesson about my Mohegan people,

explaining that from the time of my birth in the 1940's, until the late 1970's,

there were never more than 13 families at any of the monthly meetings

held by my Grandfather, Sachem Tall Fox,

the last true Sachem of the Mohegan people.

But, right after Congress passed some funny, not ha ha funny,

but strange funny laws and people starting building casinos,

Mohegan's and Pequot's came out of the woodwork.

Strange thing, wouldn't you say?

Next, we went into the life of Uncas, his father and friend.

The Last of the Mohican's, by James Fennimore Cooper,

is a story about a great friendship between Hawkeye, the white Man,

and Chingachook, the Chief of the Mohicans.

The name is not spelled the same, but no one seems to care,

just like where did all of these long dead Indians come from?

Also from fiction?



June 15, 2012

Diabetes And Native People

This is a great story about one of the worst diseases that our people have to face.

Although non natives do also get diabetes, because of our often poor diets,

obesity and lack of exercise, it hits our people especially hard.

For Reservation Natives, who many times have neither the money, nor the availability

of healthy food choices, avoiding both obesity and diabetes is a life long struggle.

Their story is not unique, I personally know of many others just like them.

If you are Native, understand that this is a demon to be faced and dealt with.

You can't pretend like it doesn't exist or ignore it.

Too many have done this and failed and died from the complications of the disease.

Native Americans Work To Escape The Clutches Of Diabetes Epidemic



June 11, 2012

American Natives and the Four Corners

Once in a while, I get a question about a Sacred Ceremony like our Four Corners Ceremony.

The Navajo have their four mountains and the Plains Indians have their four directions,

but not many people have ever heard about the Four Corners of a Circle Ceremony

for a very good reason, it is a Sacred Ceremony.

The number four is Sacred to many Native People.

After first contact, our Sacred Circle (paw-paus) went underground

and we changed things and called it a pow wow, this was done mainly

because the Europeans and their occult ceremonies wanted into our ceremonies.


All that I will say about this ceremony is, before the 1970's up and down the East Coast

and from what Elders of their Traditional Tribes tell me, also the Creek Nation,

which includes tribes like the Shawnee, the Sacred Four Corners of the

East, North, West and South are four clan mothers trained on a particular ceremony.

More information can be found at:

The Four Sacred Corners



June 8, 2012

Is Any Native Surprised That We Are Barely Mentioned?

This story was meant to describe or explain about Ethnicity and Race in America,

but what it really says, speaks volumes to me as a Native Elder:

my people, Native Americans, are barely even mentioned.

Just one time in the first sentence, of a two page story and then nothing else.

No wonder so many Natives in this country are having such a hard time trying to

survive in the "White American" world that they are forced to live in.

If even the U.S. Census Bureau hardly knows that we are here,

what can we expect from the rest of America?

Whites or any other color of people in this country, are only faintly aware of our existence,

so, how on Earth can we expect them to understand us or care what happens to us?

Maybe it is time for the Leaders and Elders of our many Tribal Nations to repay a

visit to the "White House and reacquaint them with the fact that "YES" we are all

still here and "NO" we are "not going to go quietly into the night,"

to quote that great line from the movie, Independence Day.

Are you Native leaders listening?

This is the silent sound of a our people being dismissed as a Race.

Closing The Racial And Generational Gaps In America



June 5, 2012

No Wonder Non Natives Get Confused

Let's begin with the story itself.

Was it written by someone in England?

Not sure, but it sounds like an English newspaper and writer, I think?

See there is already confusion.

Anyway, the point of her story is about how Native inspired fashion is done

by non Native's who sell their work or designs all over the world,

but Native people are rarely, if ever, involved in any part of the entire process.

They don't profit from the sales or the designs or the products at all.

The non Native world just uses us and our culture to make money.

And then says, "Oops, was that your work I just copied?"

What all of this means is, it would be nice, not to mention ethical, legal, etc.,

if the people who design and sell imitations or copies of our culture for profit,

would at least remember where their ideas came from?

In other words, please, at least give us credit for what you are stealing from us.

Native Americans Know That Cultural Misappropriation Is A Land Of Darkness



June 2, 2012

The Native American Sacred Circle

Questions have been asked of me about the Medicine Wheel in our Native American Spirituality.

My response to this is, that as far as I know, at least for the people I have met on

the East Coast, the Medicine Wheel is part of the Culture of the Plains People.

From the early 1940's through the 1990's, the Lakota Medicine Wheel

was not known to us.

We had a Paw-paus Sacred Circle.

It is true that my Grandfather Sachem Tallfox did visit many Plains Tribes

and was invited to a few Sacred Ceremonies, but he taught the Paw-paus.

There is nothing wrong with their Medicine Wheel, I just never saw it within a Sacred Circle

in my travels up and down the East Coast.

Now, the easy travel, Internet and Casino Indians have brought other forms of Culture over to the East.



May 30, 2012

If They Can Do This In One Prison, Why Not All?

Why are they all not holding pow wows and gatherings in jails and prisons through out this country?

Joyous sounds at a traditional powwow, the drumming, singing, dancing, the bells on the dancers,

are all perfectly normal sounds for a pow wow with one huge difference,

the sounds on this day were made, in the visitors room in a prison in Walla Walla, Washington.

Although they were not able to have fires or burn sage, as is usually done at a pow wow,

because no fires are allowed inside the prison, it all still felt good.

It may not have been a traditional pow wow like on the outside, but the chance to

experience it at all, for many made it a really happy event.

The inmates served traditional pow wow type foods, then passed out gifts

they had made, like hand drums and moccasins.

Children Bring Joy To Prison Pow Wows



May 27, 2012

Ok, One More Time!

Elizabeth Warren, who is currently a Senate Candidate, had a great, great, great

Grandmother who was Cherokee, which would make her 1/32 Indian?

What is this 1/32 blood quota and who invented it?

I for one, have never heard a Traditional American Native person quote blood line!

This all comes from a group of Non Native, Indian Country invaders, who are just

looking for yet another way of eliminating our people!

The main reason that this irritates me, is that in my own Mohegan family history,

I may have a 1/64 English blood quota or blood line.

On no, say it isn't so.

What is a real American Indian or Indigenous Person?

Please, read on.

Who's An American Indian?

Then read the truth:

American Native Health Issues

There are 566 Federally Recognized Native American Tribes, each with their own rules for

membership, according to the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs, or the BIA.

Who made up the BIA?

But, what about the 566 Non Federally Recognized, real Traditional Tribes?



May 24, 2012

Native People Have Always Been Good Stewards of Mother Earth

I wish the same could be said for the non Natives who run this state and this county.

The most important element for human life is air and the second is water.

Without clean, safe, drinking water, all life on earth will cease.

It is really that simple.

Which brings me to the subject of water here in Florida and in our county, Lake.

The joke, it would seem, is about to be on our county because Lake County

has become a virtual desert.

Our lakes and springs and wells have dried up and those who control our water,

are allowing water grabs by private individuals all over the state.

Right now, it would seem that if enough money is exchanged, permits to withdraw will be issued.

Free water......just bottle it and resell it and you too can be rich.

"A rich Canadian has a ranch near here called Adena Springs and he has an

application in to pump 13 million gallons of water, per day or about the

same amount as the city of Ocala."

The reason that I bring all of this up, is that there is now a petition

which will be sent to the Florida House that says,

"No individual or corporation can withdraw more than 1,000 gallons

of water per day from underground sources."

Will you please join with me and sign this petition?

Without water, we will have no life.

The Petition is here:

Water Resource Limitation Petition



May 21, 2012

The Beauty Of A Matriarch Society

In a Matriarch Society, women are equal to men and many times,

hold even higher offices in their form of government.

So, a Reservation, the Southern Ute Reservation is just what my Mohegan Elders

have been calling it all along, a concentration camp for Indigenous people.

This Native woman's white, or non Indian, husband had to shoot her, to finally be arrested

in New Mexico and then, he was treated as a first time offender.

Why? Because all of the domestic violence against this woman took place

on the Southern Ute Reservation.

"Under a 1978 Supreme Court decision, non Indians cannot be prosecuted

by Tribal courts for crimes committed on Tribal lands."

So, what good is this "camp," except for providing a place for white people,

or non Indians, to go lose their money in Casinos?

Native American Women Seek Protections From Abuse



May 18, 2012

The Dark Side of Blood Quantum

So, what is a Native American, you may ask, well, it is very, very complicated.

Julia Good Fox, a member of the Pawnee Nation and an

American Indian Studies professor at Haskell Indian Nations University says,

"Fundamentally, it's the tribe's right to determine who its citizens are and are not.

If we don't know (whether someone is America Indian), we can ask the Tribe."

But I say, which Tribe and how did this come into existence?

For example, is it a Traditional Tribe or a Casino Tribe put together by the Government?

Good Fox says that using blood quantum as a condition for Tribal Membership is a pretty new idea.

"Blood Quantum was imposed upon the Tribes by the United States.

We never had blood quantum a thousand years ago."

This plan of the Government was their way of cutting the numbers of "actual"

Native Americans counted that they would have to give land and money to.

The Cherokee people are splintered into a half dozen or more "mini" tribes,

so which one is the true tribe of the Ancestors?

It is/ was the same with my people, the Mohegans, before the 1970's,

there was only one tribe, the Mohegans.

But after the casinos and the Government took over, making them Casino Indians,

now there are a half dozen Pequot and the same number of Mohegan tribes.

Who Is A Native American



May 15, 2012

The Correct Way To Smudge, Once Again

It would seem, that there has already been so much written about this subject,

that it already is or should already be, understood.

But I guess not!

In a recent question, someone once again asked for the correct way to smudge.

The answers out there on recent Google hunts, really concerned me, so........

The most important thing to remember when dealing with our Tribal Culture

and ceremonies is, that every ceremony in our culture must be as a prayer.

Please keep this in mind when either teaching and/or doing ceremonies,

you can do nothing without the spirit of the Creator working through you.

Smudging, as with everything in life, is only a way to get yourself into a prayer mood.

Praying is for Creator to come bless the reason for your smudging.

If anyone is smudging, so that they can clean or clear anything,

or anyone, run from that smoke as fast as you can,

it is not about Tribal Culture, it is from the Occult.

If you are studying the Occult, smudge as they do and pray to their God.

If however, you are smudging as a Native American, you would be praying to your Creator.

Allow time for Creator's Blessings.




May 12, 2012

Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

That old saying is so true in this case.

Elizabeth Warren, a Democratic candidate running against Republican Senator Scott Brown in

Massachusetts, has been criticized for her unproven and unsupported claims of Native Heritage.

Her rejection and absence at the recent Harvard Pow Wow left many Natives in the area angry

and accusing her of using her Native Ancestry claims as a political ploy.

It is because of such people and politicians with so little understanding or knowledge of our history,

that many people are often afraid to admit to their ancestry.

Countless years of horror were inflicted on Indigenous people like the Cherokee, Delaware

and others, with Tribes like the Shawnee many times calling themselves Cherokee,

(The "Civilized Tribe"), to keep from being eliminated by these same people and politicians.

Warren's refusal to attend the Harvard Pow Wow and instead spend a day with powerful political

supporters, showed where her true loyalties are and it isn't with Native Americans.

Elizabeth Warren Claims Native American Roots, Skips Harvard Pow Wow



May 9, 2012

It Is Easy For An Elder To Spot A Native

Point in case, Noah Wyle.

His actions recently, tell me loud and clear that somewhere in his family,

he must have at least some small amount of Native Blood.

What has he done, you may ask?

Mr. Wyle, the former "ER" star, was arrested in D.C. recently for protesting with the group ADAPT,

for the people who are facing deep cuts to Medicaid, which for some may be a matter of life or death.

Wyle, who as an actor is a very public figure, like many before him, was arrested

and went to jail to stand up for what he believed needed to be done and said,

for the "little" people most politicians have forgotten about.

He stood up for what is right in America.

Will Congress listen to the voices of these most in need?

Only time will tell, but history does not speak well for their chances.

Times are pretty hard right now for many of those who are not one of the 1%;

the weak, the sick, the poor, the elderly, the people of color

and there are many colors in this country.

Native people know all about this, because we have endured hard times for a very long time.

The U.S. Government does not exactly have a good record when it comes to my people.

But for now, I will long remember a man who stood with those with so little, except for need

and paid for it with his freedom, even if it was only for a short time.

I will remember a man named Noah Wyle.

Former "ER" Star Noah Wyle Arrested In Protest In DC



May 6, 2012

Karma Is Not A Word I Ever Use

But in the past few weeks, it seems to be the best explanation for the ugly

things happening to what was the last remaining Traditional Tribe in Florida.

Since going down the dark and lonely road of casinos and gambling and

all the evil that comes with it, this Tribe has been in the news a lot lately,

and none of it has been good.

At one time after first coming here, they seemed to be the last of the true Traditional Tribes,

holding onto the old ways of the Elders and refusing to become like the others

all across this country who have, for lack of better words,

"sold out for the white man's dollar."

Now, the Miccosukee's are looking evil in the eye and seeing that there was a

terrible price to pay for their big money and that price is self respect.

I wonder how many of the Tribal Elders can look at themselves in the mirror today

and be proud of the choice that they have made.

I can understand your pain, it didn't work for my people either.

Our Ancestors are watching all of us and they do not like what they are seeing.



May 3, 2012

What We Do To Mother Earth Is Affecting All Of Us

As Gandhi, one of the greatest peacemakers of all time once said,

"A Nation is judged by the way it treats its animals."

If this is true, we are in serious trouble here in America.

Our ancestors lived for thousands of years, in nearly perfect harmony

with our brothers and sisters of both the plant and animal world.

Not so today.

We are more and more disrespectful to each other, to the animals,

in fact, to all living things on Mother Earth,

and in the end she will have the last say.

Mother Earth will not tolerate this behavior forever.

She will make her own balance on this planet, in her own way.

Be warned those of you who think that what you do to those all around you,

has no consequences.

It does.


Noise Pollution Alters Ecological Services

Human Racket Affects Plants, Too

Ship Noise Drowns Out Whale Talk

Scientists Find Noise Pollution Affects Both Animal and Plant Life



April 30, 2012

Can You Barter For A Life?

We have a tiny skink in our county called the sand skink.

It is very rare and only lives in a few places in Florida and

one of those places is here in Lake County.

This small lizard has caused big trouble for contractors in the area by its very presence.

When they are found, work stops and does not begin again until the FWS says so.

Sounds fair right?

It is Endangered after all.

There is just one problem though, construction work can begin again, when and if,

the contractor pays a fee to the FWS for the right to continue.

Of course this means immediate death for the skink.

My question is this, if the work continues once money is paid,

isn't this a type of bartering for the life of an Endangered animal?

Just asking?

4 Inch Lizard Interferes With Construction Project

Sand Skinks Have Turned Up In Eight Lake County Projects

Why Would You Want to Save a Tiny Lizard



April 27, 2012

Our Old Prayer Rock

Recently a visitor to this web site asked about Cauchegan Rock.

The question made me remember about all of the many times that my

ancestors had used the rock for teaching.

My Elders would often tell the story about how the rock got its name.

You see, back about the time when the Europeans were traveling around

what is now called Montville, they came across a family living

within and around the bottom of the rock.

From what the Mohegan's told them, which was quite difficult,

with each barely able to speak or understand the others language,

they recorded the family's name as Cochegan.

However, this spelling is, as often happens with any translation

from Native to English, incorrectly spelled.

As was his custom, Sachem Uncas put his family, the Cauchegan family,

in their round house to help clean and care for it while his people were travelling.

When I was in Junior High School, I did a report on this subject and found all

of the information in a local library that confirmed our Mohegan teachings.

That information has all, very strangely, completely disappeared.

Curious isn't it?



April 24, 2012

Hospice for Pets

Pet Peace of Mind is a national program that helps non profit Hospices

offer this important service to their patients and their pets.

Arrangements are made for patients and animals

with a program that keeps patients and their pets together.

Volunteers are trained and help do many kinds of things that the

patient used to do for their pet, like grooming, walking and vet trips.

Cornerstone and Treasure Coast Hospices are offering this care to patients

and their companions and they are the only ones in Florida doing this.

The idea is to have the pets stay with their owners for as long as possible and when

they pass, the pets are cared for and new adoptive homes are found for them.

The patient can be assured in their time of need that

their pets will be taken care of after they are gone.

Everybody benefits from this wonderful program and hopefully

it will quickly grow all across Florida and the rest of the country.

Program Keeps Hospice Patients and Their Pets Together



April 21, 2012

No Traditional Native American Would Take Any Life

Well, one good thing about this story is, that they use the word Indian, because

no one who respects the Elders, Ancestors and the messenger to and from the Creator,

calling themselves Native Americans would ever take the life of a brother or sister Eagle

needlessly, just to pray to Creator, through Creators communication.

Or would they?

For over 50 years, very strict laws of protection, including the banning of DDT,

have brought the Eagle back from the brink of extinction in the United States.

The only people who would or could take pride in the killing of an Eagle,

would have to be White /European hunters calling themselves Indians.

No Traditional American First People Native, would under any circumstances, take any life!

Clash of Cultures: Indians Gain OK to Kill Bald Eagles For Religious Rite



April 17, 2012

We Believe That Bears are Sacred

Blessings from Creator to my brothers and sisters of the Paiute, Washoe and Shoshone tribes

that are standing up for the beautiful and harmless black bears around your area.

Thank you my brothers and sisters from the states of Nevada and Florida,

as you may now see, both states have something in common,

inconsiderate politicians and out of touch wildlife management.

A group of Native Americans is joining the fight against Nevada's black bear hunt,

and criticizing what they call a wildlife official's racist remark about it,

when he said that he didn't want to "hear of bows and arrows."

"We believe bears are sacred, " said Raquel Arthur representing a

northern Nevada AIM group, adding that her group thinks that the

state's black bear population is insufficient to sustain a bear hunt.

Fourteen bears were killed during Nevada's first bear hunt that ended Dec 31.

Here in Florida we have our own Black Bear tragedy

and a response to it is here: She Is Dead

Tensions Rise Over Nevada's Black Bear Hunt

Native Americans Join Fight vs. Nevada Bear Hunt



April 14, 2012

A Republican Wants to Help Native American Women?

In a season of wrongs against women by many Republicans, this comes as a good sign.

US Senator Scott (R-MA) has started a firestorm with his stand on this subject,

which according to him is very personal.

The Violence Against Women Act is up for renewal and it as usual, has everybody taking sides.

For Native American and many other minority women, this isn't some kind of luxury act,

it is a life or death act.

Women are being killed in violent acts every day in this country at the hands of trusted

family members or perfect strangers.

It is time to end all of this and make protecting our mothers, wives,

daughters and sisters, a number one priority in Washington.

It doesn't matter if you are a Republican or a Democrat, when you have to bury a women.

Violence Against Women Act Renewal Splits Senate



April 11, 2012

Karma is Not a Word in My Grandfather's Language, but......

Over the years, I have heard people say, "What goes around comes around,"

or "Your Karma will catch up to you."

Both of these sayings are from non Natives, but in this case, they are so correct.

The Miccosukee people of Florida are involved in a nasty court case right now with

the very same lawyers that they hired to clean up their legal messes.

So, it may be true, "What goes around comes around."

When you act like the enemy, you become the enemy.

Miccosukee people, can you hear them?

The ancestors are rolling around in the next level of life, laughing at these former

very Traditional people who left their culture and became white.

Lawyers Lewis and Tein Face Ethics Probe

Miccosukee Indian Tribe Alleges "Fraud"



April 8, 2012

It Is Now Officially A Tie

General Motors is now tied with Ford for having dumped the most toxic waste

on Native American Reservations in this country.

The Mohawk Akwesasne Reservation which straddles the St. Lawrence River in

the US and Canada, now has a toxic landfill about 30 feet away from it.

And guess who is up stream, yep, you guessed it, a General Motors factory

that is now a Superfund site.

Tons of toxic waste have been removed and tons more are left.

These same people also have to deal with the toxic waste from the Alcoa

and Reynolds Aluminum factories.

In case you don't remember, similar toxic horror was inflicted on Native People in the West,

causing deformities and death from uranium mining and nuclear waste storage.

This all gives a whole new meaning to "Made In America."

But, as you might guess, it doesn't mean quite the same thing to the Native people

whose lives has been destroyed by it.

It is not very likely that they will ever make a movie like Erin Brockovich about

the atrocities that have been done to our people?

Admitting to these inhumane acts would cost millions of dollars

and would never be allowed by the lawyers defending the guilty parties.

NY Mohawk: Move Toxic GM Dump from Tribal Lands

GM's Toxic Legacy for America

Environmental Racism

Native Americans Bear the Nuclear Burden



April 5, 2012

Fossil Fuel and Dirt

All fossil fuel is now a form of dirt.

My idea of an example of dirt goes something like this.

When you put waste food into a compost bin, it mixes with dirt, sits for a time

while worms and such eat and replace it with their fertilizer, then it also becomes dirt.

Same for all fossil fuels.

Plants and animals were trapped under many layers of dirt for many thousands to billions

of years and now they are dirt.

When you burn this fossil fuel, you are burning dirt.

The byproduct going up into the air, is leftover dirt.

You are now breathing some of this dirt each time that you take a breath.

Eating, drinking and breathing dirt will cause cancer.

Cancer is a disease that your body cannot get rid of by itself.

If you do not get help, Cancer will kill you.

Oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, natural gas, propane gas and nuclear fuel are all a form of dirt.



April 2, 2012

Non Natives Dressed As Native Americans,

The Chaco Festival has long been a source of irritation for some Native people

in Florida and this year was no exception.

Sal White Horse Serbin of the Florida Chapter of AIM says,

"AIM wants it clear that the complaint is with the Chaco Fiesta Krewe Float, not with the parade."

We have lived here since 2004 and have heard many negative comments from

Native people here who have been to or taken part in this "Festival."

If they wish to promote Native culture, perhaps they should have them represented accurately,

although I do not know how many Traditional people would really want to take part in or

ride on a Float in such a Carnival atmosphere.

They know that our ancestors are watching.

Chaco Fiesta Opens Today



March 30, 2012

Obama Is Not Doing What is Right For Native Americans

In January the President rejected the Keystone Pipeline, but now,

he has reversed this by allowing the southern end of it to be built.

And, he is actually putting it on a "fast track."

This is a slap in the face to all Native people in the states that will have to deal

with the dirty affects of this pipeline and there will be affects you can count on it.

There are Reservations and people all over the West who have suffered hideous affects

from Government mining, drilling and other, for over one hundred years now.

Obama was adopted by the Crow Nation, who probably would like to disown him right about now!

Every place that this Canadian Oil company has gone with its dirty Tar Sands Oil,

it has left a trail of destruction.

The beautiful Yellowstone River in Wyoming was one of its latest victims.

This dirty tar sands oil is never going to help anyone in this country except the big oil companies

and all of the candidates that they support financially.

Unlike what they are all saying, this pipeline will not make our gas prices go down and

our environment and our people will pay the price for their huge profits for many years to come.

Native Americans Protest Obama's Approval of Pipeline

Native Americans Protest From A Cage



March 27, 2012

One Giant Step for Native American Medicine

This is just one of many things we learned long before Europeans ever stepped off of their boats.

At first contact, our ancestors tried to educate Europeans about the many ways that we had

found to make our lives easier and healthier on Mother Earth and we were called the savages.

More than two hundred years ago, the Micmac people of Nova Scotia were using

a plant to fight off the deadly pox virus that had wiped out millions of people.

Now, it seems that science knows who the advanced race was all along!

There are many, many treatments and medicines today that can trace their roots

right back to our people and their everyday lives and culture.

So, who is/was the savage?

Now you see!

Rediscovered Native American Remedy Kills Pox Virus



March 24, 2012

Native Americans Need To Be Very Afraid

At least all of the ones who live within 100 miles of these old trains and train tracks.

How many freight cars can one of these trains pull you ask?

Well, today a diesel-driven locomotive can pull literally 100's of freight cars

and can generate 64,000 pounds of thrust, in fact, some US trains

right now are over a half mile in length.

So, knowing all of this, can you imagine the "hell on earth" situation that will take place, when,

not if, but when, just one of these trains traveling down through the middle of this country

as fast as it can go, carrying 100's of freight cars and over loaded with this dirty

Canadian Tar sands crude oil, gets involved in an accident and starts a fire?

Now, how long do think it will be before these trains get longer and stronger?

I am glad that I do not live within hundreds of miles of these old train tracks.

Still, Americans will not see any of this oil being refined, that is until it comes back into this

country at triple the price, it would have been, if it was refined and sold here.

Trains Roll From North to Fill Void

Trains From Canada to Gulf Fill Void



March 21, 2012

What Is A Traditionalist, You ask?

Someone wrote recently to ask, " what is this Traditional person

and/or why should that even matter in today's fast paced world?"

Well, a Traditionalist is anyone who through love, teaching and understanding

of our ancestors, their cultures and ceremonies, can also keep their

promise to their elders, who are now our ancestors.

They have learned how to keep applying this knowledge in today's world.

It is possible to remember the culture and why it was so important in the old days,

while enjoying the progress of this new age, in prayer and ceremonies

and enjoy the culture of your ancestors.

You can keep your I-pads, your loud music, cars and internet, while still

remembering how to invite Creator ( God ) into your dance, drum and prayer.

It is not only possible, but enjoyable to be married in a church, while

also being married by a Traditional Spiritual leader.

It is a dear, loving moment to bury your loved one with religion and also

with your Tribal family with a Traditional Spiritual Leader and so on.



March 18, 2012

A Gentle Reminder For a Passionate Young Native

After reading the letter written by the young person in this story, I would like to add some thoughts.

Long before you were born, non natives were killing your people and mine in the East as well,

and helping themselves to our lands all across this country.

All this while they were saying, " your ancestors are only savages who want to destroy non native people."

What you may, or may not, have learned in school is that your/my ancestors

were the peace lovers and the non natives invaders were the real savages.

Please think on this dear young, passionate one, our ancestors are hurt and upset

with your way of thinking and they died for your right to ignore (condemn)

their life style of peace, love and happiness.

Go in peace, little one.

Sachem Walkingfox

Keep Our Team Name



March 15, 2012

Creator's Silent Saints

Not sure if they are Native Americans, not even sure if they are Catholic,

however to the world and Creator, they are Saints.

You may not find their name in any religious book, but they are now found in our hearts.

As with the Lakeland Officer Arnulfo Crispin and far too many others,

Brevard deputy Barbara Pill is another Silent Saint to receive the flag of honor

and going to her castle in the sky to be with Creator and charged with

welcoming us to be with them forever and ever in the end days.

Now this is what I would call real Saints worthy of being written in the good book.

Every day, these brave members of our police, fire and military play Russian Roulette

with their lives in the line of duty, while protecting the public,

so please remember them today while you are in prayer?

Veteran Deputy Killed in Melbourne

YouTube Video for Officer Crispin



March 12, 2012

So You Ask, What is A Traditional Native American Going Away Gift?

A true Traditional Woodland American Native has no information

about leaving because they are always welcome back.

It would be like just going for a walk around the corner

and then coming back again.

The one exception to this would be if one was leaving for war,

the tribe would walk with the person for a while and then give

him many hugs and watch until he went out of sight.



March 9, 2012

Wrong is Wrong

It seems that history is trying to repeat itself on our lands.

The U.S. Government successfully stole nearly all of our lands.

Then they forced most of our people onto worthless Reservation lands.

Now, they want to put a dangerous pipeline right through the heart of, not only our lands,

but the lands of millions of other Americans as well.

What is at stake here, is only the most important element on Mother Earth, our precious water supply.

The Governments, the politicians of these two countries, America and Canada, do not think

or care about, the potential destruction and devastating effect this pipeline

could have on millions of innocent people, all that they see is money.

This week, like in the days of old, Native people said, no!

And in post script, it would seem that the U.S. Senate just agreed with us.

Keystone Pipeline Opponents Block Trucks on Pine Ridge

Native Americans Disrupt Keystone Pipeline



March 6, 2012

The Loss of a Place in Time or

What Eminent Domain Did in My Hometown

Eminent Domain can be a very dangerous weapon in the hands of the wrong people and

this new/old bill H.R. 1433, is one of the most critical bills to be voted on

to protect people and their homes in over ten years.

My first encounter with Eminent Domain came in the late 1990's, while trying to help

some of my Native friends in Fort Trumbull in New London, Connecticut.

This fight put homeowners against the town government of New London,

who wanted land for a chemical company by the name of Pfizer.

Yes, that Pfizer!

The town thought that it could get Pfizer to build a new large addition in New London,

instead of across the river in Groton.

After all, the only people living in Trumbull was a new person, all the rest were

just some old, poor Indians, their words, not mine!

In the bitter end, my friends lost their land and the town lost the company,

who later downsized and relocated the facility across the river to Groton, after all.

The town lost over $160 million and the people lost their homes and their way of life.

So, just who was the bigger bully here, the desperate town or the greedy company?

It doesn't really matter so much anymore, lives were ruined and forever changed

and the place where it all happened, is like a ghost town now,

except for that big ugly, empty Pfizer building.

Eminent Domain Outrage in Connecticut

The Stop Eminent Domain Abuse Bill and the Susette Kelo Story



March 3, 2012

Who Were The True First People Of This Country?

As it turns out, Europeans may have been the first people to come to America,

more than ten thousand years before anyone else was believed to be here.

This newest theory came from evidence found of their tools all along

the East Coast dating from between 19,000 to 26,000 years ago.

Archeologists used to believe that this country was first started by people

from Siberia, who then went on u Alaska and finally spread

slowly south and east over the remainder of North America,

but these Asian people were doing this about 15,000 years ago,

or long after the visitors were already said to be on the east coast.

This new evidence shows that the first people on this continent may have

come here from Europe over a solid ice sheet covering the Atlantic.

Personally, as an East Coast Native American, I have always believed that my

ancestors were probably descended from and/or mixed with Vikings because

so many Woodland Natives in New England have green eyes and light skin.

A European connection makes sense.

Stone Age Europeans Were First Native Americans



February 29, 2012

What Is A Gate Keeper?

For those of you who have been to a Native American gathering or pow wow,

the gate keeper is the person standing at the opening of the circle,

that leads into the dance area.

This person stays at the east entrance of our sacred circles, is available for teaching

and controls passage into and out of the circle or church.

There are only just a few restrictions for going into the circle,

you must be dressed respectfully and have no cameras,

or other type of recording devices, you must pass only through the east

and have love in your heart.

Although it is not mandatory that you have the love,

we would like for you to enjoy yourself if you do go into the circle and dance.

If a Native American event ever does come to a town near you,

we hope that you will try to go and learn more about our People and our culture.

There should be many people there who would be happy to answer the questions you might have.

Personally, I think you should try to find an Elder, they usually have the most knowledge

and be more likely to have some spare time to answer your questions.



February 26, 2012

Has the Republican Party Declared War on Women's Rights?

Republicans for the first time since Clinton, are refusing to approve the VAWA,

Violence Against Women Act, saying that it helps too many people,

including Gays, Immigrants and Native Americans.


First the Republicans tried their very best to illegalize abortion and then they

declared that they are opposed to birth control, but this latest declaration of war

against women has become very personal for me because now they have

included an entire race in their exclusions, my people, the Native Americans.

Reauthorization of Violence Against Women Act  Becomes a Partisan Issue

Republican Play Politics On Domestic Violence

GOP War on Women



February 23, 2012

Why Native Americans Do Not Embrace Organized Religions

In a recent story from Mother Jones, it seems that Catholic religious leaders are at war,

 or at least battle, with the President and his administration for

"allegedly infringing on their religious liberties."

Now, Republican Congress members have followed suit and are accusing Obama

of stepping all over their religious freedoms as well.

But what about the liberties and freedoms of women?

The only thing that this President ever wanted to do was to protect women,

women working for a company and anything that is not a church, is a company.


If a man working for a business controlled by religious organizations rapes a woman,

that woman at the very least, should be protected by a pill,

or are the men in these religious organizations the only people to be protected?

It is for these and other reasons, that many Native people do not

embrace organized religions or their leaders.

What War On Religion?



February 20, 2012

Since When is Teaching a Crime?

A young Native American girl in Wisconsin has been badly treated over the use of a four letter word.

What was this offensive word?


The girl was trying to teach another student how to say the word in her language.

The problem for her, as it was for me, was the place where the offense took place, a Catholic school.

This story is not so surprising.

What is surprising to me is learning that after so many years of abuse,

this is still going on in Catholic schools, in this country or any country for that matter.

Back in the 1950's in Connecticut when I was a youngster as well, I felt the sting of a yardstick

on my left hand by a Nun on my first day of school at St. Mary's.

What was my crime?

It was for using my left hand to write.

Later, in high school, the coaches found that the best way to teach me how to play

football was to refer to me as the "Indian Savage."

Now it is 2012 and a young Native girl was not allowed to play basketball

because she spoke her Native tongue?

There is a petition at the end of the story that you might care to sign on her behalf.

Support Pours In For Suspended Menominee Student



February 17, 2012

Thank You GE for Bringin' It Back to the USA

Welcome back home GE Appliances.

GE recently moved their operations from China to their

newly revitalized facility in Louisville's Appliance Park.

Government incentives encouraged this move to the revamped plant

that will produce GE's new GeoSpring Hybrid water Heaters,

 the first completely new product in over 50 years.

As long as you are back in America, why not also use alternative energy in your products?

There is a lot of money to be made for companies that can run their products

from alternative means other than the power grid.

For instance a water heater running on wind or solar with the

power grid used as a back up, or not needed at all.

Think of all of the small appliances like toasters, microwaves and so on,

never using the power grid, oil, gas, nuclear or coal?

What a clean planet we would have without all of the dirty non-renewable power hogs.

Please check out my Alternative Energy Pages

GE Opens First New Manufacturing Operation In Over 50 Years

GE Plans to Add 830 Jobs in Louisville



February 14, 2012

Please Consider Signing This Petition

The Native or First People of Indian Country believe that they are charged by

Creator to care for and protect our wildlife, actually all living things, therefore,

if a person or a company is buying, selling or trading Endangered wildlife and

claiming to be Native, something must be wrong with their claim.

Crazy Crow Traders is a fairly big company, so people may not

wish to criticize their practices.

However, we are not most people, we are True Natives.

If you are wrong in the eyes of the Creator, you are wrong.

So, Crazy Crow, please reconsider what you are doing and

the harm that you may be causing to an Endangered Species.

Aquine, peace.


The Crazy Crow Petition



February 11, 2012

The Movie, "The Grey"

Everything that has been said and written about this new movie, The Grey,

as far as I know has been done from the perspective of non native people.

Now I would like to tell you about how this film affects a Native person.

My Mohegan people, as you may or may not know, are called the "wolf people"

so as you can imagine, the wolf has always been a very important part of our culture.

Most Native people have wolves, mostly grey, in our culture and our hearts

and what has been presented in this film is both insulting and very hurtful to us.

The movie should be shunned as being made by the Trickster, Coyote or Devil,

whatever word you use, according to your own culture and spiritual beliefs

This film, The Grey, should be put back on the shelf, until it can be re-written or remade.

And one last thought about my brothers the wolves, what Canada is doing to them

is unspeakable and should be condemned by all who learn of it.

Canada's Tar Sands and the Wolves

Someone just sent me this information if you wish to send your comments directly to the film company:

Open Road Films
12301 Wislhire Blvd.
Suite 600
Los Angeles, Ca.
310 696-7575



February 8, 2012

When Is Racism Not Racism?

Is a joke about racism funnier if the person telling it is a minority?

When comedian Chris Rock, an African American, tells a joke, everyone laughs.

The problem is that if it is a racist joke, one would think that he would know better.

Growing up in New England in the late 1940's and 50's, my Elders frequently

told stories of how Native Americans were treated.

One of the stories that is impossible to forget, is the one about how

 and when those who were kept captive, were fed by their owners.

First the white males were fed, then the children and white females,

then the slaves were fed, then the dogs and then,

if there was anything left over, the Native Americans.

So you see, the joke by Chris Rock is not especially funny to us.

We were just one step below the animals when it came time to eat.

And we have never forgotten this!

Commentary: Blacks and Native Americans Share Common Ground



February 5, 2012

Teaching Native American Respect of Elders

When you hear or read about an Elder saying that we must get back to the old ways,

they are not asking you to do away with anything, they just want you to learn about how it was

before the world began moving so fast, before we got away from the Traditional ways.

Many years ago in Uncasvillage, every person, man, woman or child was the

Elder of anyone in the Tribe who was younger than they were.

Even a five or six year old child seeing a younger one about to get into trouble,

or get hurt, would come to their rescue by teaching, why would this be wrong?

One should always teach with a loving heart.

Why not start today?

Take a few minutes to sit and listen to an Elder talk about life as they were growing up around their Elders.

Please remember all of our Elders, Native or non native because if not for them we would not be here.

If not for the teachings of our Elders, we might still be living in the trees.

Native Americans, do honor your Elders at Celebrations.

What a great idea, respecting our Elders.




February 2, 2012

What Do Native American Spiritual Leaders Bless?

There is much written about Native Spiritual leaders, however,

there should be nothing written about their blessing anything.


Because no one person can bless anything, that's why.

If they do, they are not Native Americans and definitely not Spiritual Leaders of any kind.

We, the Traditionals, believe that we can only clean and

clear things and pray for Creator's blessing.

We mere mortals cannot give Native American names, bless weddings,

funerals, gatherings, pow wows or anything else,

our one and only job is to obey Creators wishes, period.

If you are told by some person claiming to be a Spiritual Leader that they can bless anything, run!

A true leader leads with a servants heart and a servants spirit.

While it is very important that the teachings of the Traditional Ancestors is continued,

this truth or information must and this is the important part, must be accurate.

The truth must come from Traditional Elders.



January 30, 2012

NCAI President Keel May Need A Little Political Refresher Course

Is it wise, or better yet, fair, to criticize the President on the one hand

and then ask for help with the other?

As you have said, in your 2012 State of the Indian Nations speech,

the President is "doing good things for our people,"

but it is not enough and you want much more.

What you must remember is that this President has had his hands tied since

there are now more Republicans than Democrats after the last election.

This new Congress has voted against everything that the President has tried to do.

Still, I believe that he has the country moving in the right direction.

So, President Keel, please ask yourself this question,

"What did Obama's predecessor, President Bush do for us in his term of eight years?"

I believe that this President is, has and will in the future, work for our People,

so let's all give him some credit and show him the respect that he deserves,

while we all continue to work together.


Obama Holds Fundraiser With Tribal Supporters

American Indian Congress National Address

You can see the event live stream here:

National Congress of American Indians



January 27, 2012

The Naive American Church

This Religion or Peyotism is just the latest method for assimilating us into the European church.

The American Indians we called Native Americans have distrusted the words

Religion and Church for centuries and very rightfully so.

But now, many Native people west of the Mississippi River have embraced them both?

This hallucinogenic drug, Mescal or Peyote has been around for centuries and during my

travels through Indian Country, I have seen the affects that it has had on Native people.

My problem with this Peyote Religion is that it is now crossing the Mississippi River

and is affecting my own people with this false belief in Creator.

It is one thing that you have tried to pollute our sacred circles with your interfering ways,

but with this, now I must draw the line.

This so called Religion has nothing to do with our culture and it is just one more in a long history

of invasive, unhealthy, unwanted, unneeded assaults on our people from outsiders

who know or care nothing for our Traditional ways.

Reviewing Religions: Native American Church



January 24, 2012

Kateri, the First Native American Saint

I have been avoiding this subject for over a month now, knowing that friends

and relatives could or would be offended by my thinking on it.

One should feel great sorrow for this young girl because of the age at which

she was infected with such a terrible disease.

My people and the Iroquois people come from the same Mohawk Nation,

so this child was one of my own relatives.

It is well known that many deadly diseases, including smallpox, were inflicted upon

millions of Native Americans by the Europeans who invaded our lands.

Our people suffered greatly from all of these diseases.

This young woman, along with thousands of Native Americans, are a blessing from Creator,

so in our own ways, with our own beliefs and our own ceremonies,

we care for our people, this is the Native American way, it is not a religious way.

There is nothing in our beliefs that puts a person equal with Creator,

all of our people, are equal in the eyes of the Creator.

As the writer said, "Catholicism conquered, tortured, appropriated, coerced,

enslaved, obfuscated, diminished, denied, humiliated our people."

Why then would our people ever wish to be offered up to a Christian ceremony?

Sainthood Nearer For Kateri Tekakwitha

Kateri, a Native American Saint



January 21, 2012

Native American Friendship Ceremony

Not all Native pipes are made or used the same way, depending on the area

that they come from and the Traditions of the Tribe using them.

A Friendship pipe, for my people, is used after a war, when receiving visitors

and during most of our ceremonies.

Peace comes from Creator, not from a pipe, friendship comes from friends.

It is good to teach as much as possible about my Traditional ancestors.

If you spend much time wandering around the internet, you will see teachings about my people

that do not match up with what the Elders taught as the truth, many times it is being taught

by non natives with little, if any, real knowledge or understanding of Traditional Natives.

And definitely not about the people of my Tribe.

Sadly, very often it is done for money.

I always welcome your questions and do my best to answer them.

Peace to you and Aho.



January 18, 2012

Native American Prayer

Many questions have been asked recently about our Native American prayers.

This question needs to be answered correctly each time that it is asked.

First, what is prayer?

Any prayer should be a talk with your Creator.

One should not speak for half an hour or more in a public gathering or place,

just to show how great they are at speaking.

One should always remember that your Creator already knows your prayer

and the answer before you pray, so why not just talk as you would,

respectfully of course, as if Creator is your best friend?

After all, is this not speaking the truth?

If you find yourself at an important ceremony or gathering without an Elder for prayer,

first clean and clear your mind, then ask permission to pray

and if granted, just talk to your very best friend.

Aho (Amen)



January 15, 2012

If Not a Night At the Museum, How About a Day?

When you think of Florida, are Native Americans and Canoes the first thing that come to mind?

Probably not, but If you are in the area, you should take a trip to Gainesville, Florida

and visit the University of Florida's Museum of Natural History.

It is a world class museum that is just loaded with lots of great things

for kids of any age to see and do and most of it is free.

The only area that has a charge is the Butterfly Rainforest, which is spectacular.

Although if you come and do love it, a donation would be very much appreciated.

On display right now are some canoes used by Native Americans that date

back to between 500 and 5,000 years ago.

Historically low water levels in the lakes east of Gainesville in 2000

led to the discovery by some local high school students.

These possible future anthropologists have made an important find

that will gives local scientists lots to digest for years to come.

Visiting the Florida Museum of Natural History

Dugout Canoes: Paddling Through the Americas

Other Temporary Exhibits At the Museum

Before you leave, you must see our favorite part of the Museum:

The Museums Fossil Room



January 11, 2012

Native American Allergies

A subject rarely spoken of by Native people that I have met over the years is allergies.

What I have learned from personal experiences with my own family and loved ones is,

that if something is not native to this country, if it is man made or brought here

by non natives, you are most likely going to be allergic to it, whatever it is.

In my own family I often watched my mother and sisters reactions to eggs, dairy and poultry products.

It seemed to affect the females in my family much more than the males.

Right now, there are Native people in this country suffering from an allergy or lactose intolerance

because a doctor or even they may not know that they have Native blood.

So, the next time that you have a reaction to anything, first check to find its source

and then check to see who your ancestors are.

There are many web sites about this and you can Google to find them:

Auto Immune Diseases

This page lists some of the problems that Native people may experience, that non natives do not:

American Native Health Issues



January 8, 2012

Occult Was Never a Part of Our Culture

A question was asked recently about Native American occult.

This word can have different meanings to non Native people.

In fact, all during the time that I was growing up in New England,

this word was never associated with Native Americans.

But then came the Government run Casinos and

all of the evil that they brought with them to my people.

Sadly, Native Americans have allowed this interference and influence

of outsider evil into our culture, our ceremonies and our lives.

The simple truth is, if you believe that evil spirits can enter your mind,

then evil spirits will enter your body through your mind.

But, If you truly believe the Creator, or your God, is in charge

and controls everything, this includes evil spirits.

So for those of us who do believe, you can see that we have no worries.



January 5, 2012

Offensive Is Only Just Another Word

After reading about the rewriting of the book Huckleberry Finn

some time ago, it seemed that something needed to be said.

People change written words all of the time.

Books, movies and plays are often rewritten.

So, what was all of the fuss about in this one book and these words?

The "N" word has been used for so long, it is hard to remember when it did begin.

It seems to me that those who are not African American,

will probably stop using this word when African Americans do.

As for the " Injun" thing, the joke may really be on the European dressed up to look

like a "wanna be" Native American playing a dumb role in a movie.

And like in the case of the "N" word, people will stop using the word Indian,

when Native Americans stop using it.

I do however, very much object to an Italian playing a Native American

in the movies and using the words Indian.

Columbus didn't get it right, so why should any others from his country be expected to?

Sorry Chris, you didn't discover America, it was all ready occupied by my people.

New Huck Finn Eliminates Offensive Words



January 2, 2012

A New Year, a New Name?

The most often asked question lately has been about naming ceremonies and

the reason for all of the recent curiosity, is pretty easy for me to understand.

After a lifetime of pow wows, paw-was and gatherings, beginning at the age of 6 and

continuing until now, I believe that the answer lies in the fact that Indian Country

is now inundated with so many phony Medicine men and women

looking for easy ways to separate you from your money.

A true Traditional Native American Elder charged with the burden of receiving names

from Creator for a new follower, will never, ever,

ask for money for doing Creators business, not ever!

If you are being asked for money for this or any other Native Ceremony,

then you are facing a phony.

Quick, run the other way and find a Traditional Elder.



December 30, 2011

Being Homeless is Now the Newest Epidemic for American Natives

It is good to see some people helping our Casino recognized brother and sister tribes,

but what about the rest of the Native People in this country?

The remaining Native People who are not recognized by the US Government?

These are what we call, the Traditionals.

These Native People want nothing from the Federal Government,

and they are being swept under the rug, so to speak.

Like the Miccosukees of Florida, there are Native Americans all over this Country

who are being left out because they want nothing to do with Casinos,

and for good reason, Casinos have nothing to do with our Culture.

Now because of their failure to become mainstream and accept the Casino mentality

and all that goes along with that, many of our most at risk Native People in America,

the young and the Elders, are becoming, or have already become homeless.

It is time for the US Government to rethink these long ignored and forgotten Traditional People,

who have been so badly abused, assimilated and ignored in the past.

Now is the time for all Native People to stand as one and speak with one voice.

We are the original people of this land and we should now and forever have a place to live in it.

Homeless Shelters Help Indians

Homeless Resource Center

A Safe Haven in Seattle



December 27, 2011

More Needs to Be Said About This Pipeline

Something that I believe is extremely important and seems to be missing in

nearly every story written about this dangerous tar sands pipeline is,

if this pipeline ever does get approved, who will be doing the work on it?

The owners of the pipeline, Canada, or the people in the United States?

I am hoping and praying that this question never needs to be answered

because this pipeline should never be started, let alone finished.

Have we learned nothing for the Gulf Disaster and the Yellowstone rupture last summer?

These two oil nightmares were caused by humans, but humans were

not the ones who suffered the most from them.

Many, many animals and plants were killed or poisoned, or just left crippled and deformed.

Right now, everyone on this planet needs to be thinking about alternatives to fossil fuel,

like solar and wind, not building new ways to keep using it.

Oil is our past, solar and wind are our future.

Mother Earth cannot keep cleaning up our messes, we need to show her some

respect and let her get on with her job, which is keeping our home safe and clean.

Tribal Leaders Tell Obama: No Pipeline



December 24, 2011

Remembering My Grandfather

It is at this time of the year, that I find myself missing my Grandfather most of all.

As the leader of our Mohegan Tribe, it was he who always set the tone for any gathering

and he was the most important person in my life.

His gentle kindness and quiet strength touched everyone who came into contact with him.

May you rest in peace dear Grandfather, you are truly missed.

I love you, I miss you.




December 21, 2011

Mohegan Holidays

The Holiday season is upon us once again and I find myself reflecting back to the days

of my youth and the time when being a Mohegan meant so much more than a Casino.

Sachem Tallfox, My Grandfather, the leader of our Traditional American Native Tribe,

while holding the monthly meeting and on any month of each Holiday

 including Thanksgiving, our people had four thanks given meetings,

one for each season of the year.

My Grandfather would always allow his people to express their own beliefs,

 as long as the main expression was always Creator first.

I can still remember an Elder from one of the New York Tribes praying to a statue of Buddha.

As with all Elders, he would sit back while I pestered him with my questions

and as with all of the Elders at that time, would not go back

 to his prayers until my questions were answered.

Our Clan mothers made sure that there was a good meal before every meeting and a nice snack

after the meetings of our friendship gatherings, before everyone headed back home.

The adult teachers would help the children tape pictures of every religion up

on the walls at those Holiday meetings.

When I got older, I learned that the Clan mothers assigned each adult with the

task of writing to Santa before each Christmas meeting to be able to get gifts

under the tree for everyone attending the meeting.



December 18, 2011

East Travel, West Travel by American Tribes

By the time my people had arrived in New England, the Buffalo were long gone,

they had been hunted to extinction.

The Plains Tribes had a different way to follow their food supply and they had two seasons.

My Pequot/Mohegan people, with four seasons and many more choices for clothing and food supply,

would build a home (roundhouses) in areas for traveling to and from the food.

Because of the salt, we had less snow and warmer winters at the shore,

so they spent winters along the ocean.

As the weather changed they moved and built homes south and west.

Houses in each area were first come, first owned, with the understanding that everyone

chipped in to help build new ones and repair older ones.

The Plains Tribes had horses, which came over with the Spaniards when they invaded this country.

These horse helped them move their homes, their tipis,

and follow their food supply.

They also helped make their war parties more successful.

Our people did not have horses like the Plains people did,

they had man and dog power to help them move their belongings.

As for food, in the winter, we had ice fishing and hunting and

in the spring and summer, we had fresh water fish and game.

In the fall, it was time to move back to the ocean once again.

Life for Tribes in each part of the country, was dependent on the natural resources that were

available and also on what they acquired, as with the horses that they took from the invaders.



December 14, 2011

You Cannot Make Anything People Proof

And this is the reason why Small Modular Nuclear Reactors

should power the U.S. Energy Strategy.

Once again Senator Diane Feinstein got it right.

Like the crude, quick shut down of our space program here in Florida,

I agree with Ms. Feinstein, that nuclear power is now and always will be,

an accident waiting to happen.

President Obama you are listening to the wrong people,

get rid of them and replace them with those who think like Senator Feinstein.

Consider this old saying while moving us forward with Alternative Energy,

"you can make everything machine proof, but you cannot make anything people proof."

With greedy people in charge of this program, when something goes wrong,

"Oops," will not fix it!

Small Nuclear Reactors

Opinions: Small Modular Nuclear Reactors Should Power U.S. Energy Strategy



December 11, 2011

If You Really Want to Quit, You Can Do It!

The University of Kansas has started an 8 week program, specifically created

to help Native Americans quit smoking.

According the CDC, Native People have the highest rate of Tobacco use, at 23.2%,

of any ethnic group in this country.

This is a small start, but it is a start in the correct direction.

Native people have always had their own chemical free tobacco, it is called Kinnick kinnick

and unlike the poison sticks made by non Natives, it is an all natural product and is not addictive.

Now we need for every Tribe in America to get on board and

start their own programs in their own communities.

We like it better when we do things for ourselves and depend less on outsiders,

who do not always have our best interests in mind.

Smoking Cessation Program Tailored to Natives



December 8, 2011

A Code Talker Sets the Record Straight

When CNN recently asked the question,

"Do you think that the contributions of Native Americans get enough recognition in this country,"

of former Marine and World War II Code Talker Chez Walker,

who is by the way one of the original 29 Code Talkers, he said,

" Yes, I think our country is doing much better at recognizing the contributions of all cultures..."

The Code Talkers are now our Elders and although in everyday life,

we may not always agree with every Elder that we might encounter,

we must always respect the words of that Elder.

Decoding History: World War II Navajo Code Talker In His Own Words



December 5, 2011

America Could Learn Something From Canada

For the first time in my life, I learned that Canadian Government officials

have made a Nation wide apology to their First people.

They publicly said that they treated their own Native people badly and were very sorry for it.

This was a bold and courageous move for Canada to make and it did a lot to help heal the old

wounds from the terrible things that were done for hundreds of years to these Native Americans.

Now, if our Government officials or elected politicians would or could ever do the same, would it,

could it, ever justify the gut wrenching history between my People and the US Government?

Unlike the Canadians, when the United States tried to do something similar in December of 2009,

the signing was done with no press or public allowed to witness it.

It was not until May of the next year, that was it finally made public at a Ceremony

at a DC Cemetery with 5 Tribal leaders present, which is hardly representative

of the hundreds of Native American Tribes in this Country!

I guess, some things never really change.

A Tree Fell In the Forest



December 2, 2011

Respecting Our Sacred Ceremonies

Many have asked about this subject, so I will try to explain about it now.

A Native American Sacred Ceremony is just that, a Sacred Ceremony.

At least it is with my people, the Traditional Indigenous Eastern Woodland people.

In all of our Sacred Ceremonies, our people use and wear our Ancestors

sacred medicine that is not to be seen by outsiders, or recorded in any way.

We Traditional Native Americans always have and always will respect our Elders,

this must also include our Ancestors and our Ancestors would never

have wanted any Sacred Ceremony or Regalia made public.

Even before there were any cell phones, video recorders or cameras,

outsiders were never allowed to witness these ceremonies,

which were only permitted to be viewed by Tribal members.

Although, these restrictions may seem harsh or even somewhat of an overreaction to

outsiders, please remember that these Ceremonies belong to us and only to us.

This demand for privacy is our right and it must be respected.



November 30, 2011

Answering Your Questions About Pow wows

Do all pow wows charge money to enter?

Today there are 3 basic types of people who put on or have pow wows.

1. Those who are doing it only to make money, so

they need a lot of money to pay their dancers,

just like a carnival or circus, they are paying their performers.

These may be fun to look at, but there is nothing Traditional about them.

2. Ones that are put on by wannabe natives, these people are just trying

to cash in on a casino or make money off of the public.

Here are some ways to recognize these kinds of pow wows:

these people will call the circle an arena, they will have an arena director,

they will have a cold gathering, so they try to add a lot of color.

These people also have nothing to do with Traditional people,

they just want to look like them.

Both of these types of pow wows will always ask for money to get in.

3. The third kind of pow wow will be small and they may ask for a small donation at the gate.

But understand this, even if you cannot afford a donation,

you are still welcome by Creator and the Tribe.

Real drummers and MC's will not charge for their services, but sometimes they may

ask for a little help with gas money, especially if they do not go to many pow wows.

Here are a few of the signs that you are at a real or Traditional pow wow:

they will have a fire someplace on the grounds, usually in the circle

with a Firekeeper or someplace in the west.

This Firekeeper will be protecting the fire through out the pow wow,

but will try to be inconspicuous.

There will be a Keeper at the gate/entrance into the circle (not an arena director)

who is a servant to Creator and the people charged with maintaining the circle with respect.

This Keeper will help keep order and is always willing to explain and/or answer your questions.

You will be blessed by letting yourself go with prayer to the Creator when asked to,

so do get into the circle and let yourself shine, no one cares if you can dance,

just remember to always be respectful of the Creator.



November 27, 2011

Horses and Native Americans

Frequently people write to ask about the history of Horses and Native Americans.

The prehistoric horses of the New England area of my family and my ancestors

were lost thousands of years ago and it was believed that they came across the

Bearing Straits, following the same path taken by the woolly mammoth.

The horse that was and is used by many Native Americans today,

was brought here by the Spaniards when they invaded the Americas.

So, no, wild horses in America are not native.

Although many Native American tribes in this country used the horse in their daily lives,

as for my people, the Mohegans and the Woodland people of Eastern North America,

which includes all of the tribes of New England, it was travel by foot or canoe for us.

It took us a lot longer to get anywhere, but when we did travel, we did it on our own and our own way.

History of America's Wild Horses

Wild Horses are Not Native



November 24, 2011

Stand Up and Be Counted

These two stories and recent Census Counts have shown

a rise in Indigenous people in the Unites States.

The Navajo successfully pushed to get more members counted

in the 2000 Census, so other tribes made dedicated

efforts to get their people counted in the 2010 Census.

If you have Native Blood, or if you think that you may have Native Blood,

it is your duty to stand up and be counted.

The BIA, your state and the U.S. Government feel that they have the right to choose

their "Pet Indians" as recognized American Natives.

However, your Ancestors say to you, "this is not so."

You owe it to your Elders, Ancestors and Grandfather (Creator) to make sure that you check

the American Native box on each/every Census, no matter what others

may have checked by your name on past Census Counts.

Please remember that your Elders, fearing bodily harm to themselves and/or their families,

checked "white", on their Census Counts.

Tribal Efforts to Boost Census Counts Pays Off

Census Numbers Grow



November 21, 2011

Native American Veterans and the VA

As you may already be aware, Native Americans have served this country in numbers

greater than any other race or ethnic group in our history.

So, you would think that they would be well represented within the VA Health care system,

but that is not the case it would seem.

Could the reason possibly be the reluctance of our people to turn to the government for help,

when they have let them down so many times and ways over the past few hundred years?

My own personal experience with the VA Health care system has been a good one

and I consider myself lucky to be able to have it there for me.

Pow wow an Outreach to Indian Veterans



November 18, 2011

The Keystone Pipeline

Welcome to the front lines, all of my Native brothers and sisters.

It saddens me, that there are not many, many more Indigenous people who are

just as fighting mad as our Mother Earth is, about this dirty oil deal?

This 1700 mile pipeline is not worth the destruction that it will cause, both while it is being built

and each and every time it leaks and believe me, it will leak.

Just remember the Exxon leak on the pristine Yellowstone River last summer.

You see, the Ogallala Aquifer is under each mile of this proposed pipeline from Canada to Texas,

and this aquifer in the middle of North America, supplies millions of gallons of drinking water.

What on Mother Earth were all of you in Washington thinking?

And how much money will the clean ups cost?

A lot more than the money that has gone into the pockets of the greedy politicians,

who have been well rewarded to make sure that this pipeline does get built.

Keep in mind, "what have you done for me, or given me lately", always comes first in politics.

Sadly, the delay by Obama until 2013 may have only been a political ploy,

to avoid the bad press during his campaign for re-election next year.

Native Americans and Canada's First Nations Delay Toxic Pipeline

Indigenous Environmental Network



November 15, 2011

Some Words Can Hurt

Today I want to speak of two words, that I know firsthand, from my many years

of living and traveling on Mother Earth, have caused my people pain,

the words are chief and squaw.

We do not need a panel to tell us how we feel, we have lived through hundreds of years

of outsiders using these two words with little concern or respect for our feelings.

To begin, the people who came here and did so-called census records, had little, if any

education with English, let alone any Native Languages, yet they filled out countless

documents for years, claiming to know exactly what we were all about.

Well, we can tell you, they were wrong, more than they were right.

To begin, the word chief has different meanings for different Tribes, in different places.

East of the Mississippi River, it means a person who leads a work group out on a job,

when that job was finished, they were no longer a chief.

Now, West of that same River, a chief meant a leader.

Big difference.

But they did not get it.

As for the word squaw, it was a European bastardization of the word female,

because these were really stupid men.

The name squaew to my people, was a married woman who loved and cared for the children,

as well as the one who cooked, cleaned and took care of the home.

Therefore, the man loved, protected and worshipped his wife

and placed her up on a pedestal, so to speak.

The word Squaew therefore, is the word for that pedestal.

Not the same thing, is it?

Panel Explains Native Culture



November 12, 2011

The Native Americans in Florida

Many people who live in or visit Florida today, may not be aware of just how

many different Indigenous people once lived here, and/or still do live here.

These were simple people, not stupid, just simple.

They lived easily off of the land and needed little from the outside to sustain themselves.

Unlike so many people today, who want the state or the government to do things for them,

or take care of them, the first Floridians, took care of themselves.

The state was rich with everything that they needed to survive and they did so really well,

until the invasions began that would either kill them or chase nearly all of them out.

Some of their names are familiar, others may not be:

Choctaw, Creek, Alabamo, Miccosukee, Apalchee, Timucca, Ais, Calusa, Jeaga, Tequesta,

Euchee, Chickasaw, Muskogee, Coosada/Koasati, Chatas, Sawoki and Seminole.

You can learn more about them and see where they lived and/or still do live here:

The Baker Block Museum

Florida's First People



November 9, 2011

Honor a Native American on This Veterans Day

As we honor our Veterans this Friday on Veterans Day, it would be good to remember

that Native Americans in this country have always been over represented in our military.

We as a race, have served more than any other race or group in America.

So, on this Veterans Day, if, even though it probably would be unlikely, you happen to run into a

Native Person, you might wish to say, "Thank You" for your dedication to the military and the Country.

As of 2010, 28 Native Americans have received the Medal of Honor.

The Native American Military Service record is a long and honorable one:

Native Americans served in the War of 1812.

In 1916 they served with the Rough Riders during Spanish American War.

12,000 Native Americans served in World War I

40,000 Native Americans served during World War ll

10,000 Native Americans served in Korea

42,000 Native Americans served in Viet Nam

November is also Native American Heritage Month.

So, if you are able, please thank a Native American Veteran on this Veterans Day,

they have always served this Country with honor, pride and courage.

Native Americans Have Always Answered the Call of Duty



November 5, 2011

A New Florida Partnership for the Future

Habitat for Humanity helps build homes and pride and now in a new partnership with

a Florida Solar Company, the future looks even brighter for us in the Sunshine State.

Habitat build homes, Florida Solar builds Solar Power,

and we should all pray that America watches and learns.

Alternative Energy is the power of the future and the future is now.

Habitat for Humanity of Lake-Sumter Partners with Florida Solar Energy Center

Building America-Habitat for Humanity Partnership



November 2, 2011

So, You Ask, Who Are Eastern Woodland American Native People?

Although I can only speak for my own people, the Mohegan's, who are

Traditionalists and go all the way back to long before the hunting

of Woolley Mammoths in the ice and snow, of what is now Alaska.

We do not wear pretty colored chicken feathers, we do not dance the jig,

or the fox trot and our circles are designed with the Creator in mind at all times.

Every single one of our dances mimics the movements of an animal,

which we learned from the old hunting days as well as

the many days of hunger while looking for food.

We wear/wore clothing made from our brothers

(only with a permission prayer and only if it was extremely necessary)

Our brothers taught us how to gather food and shelter, so we dance and

dress in remembrance of their kindness and protection from the cold.



October 30, 2011

I wrote this way back in July but never posted it, now it seems that it is already happening all across the country.
It's called "Occupy Wall Street" and it is the people at last, speaking to those who refuse to listen!

Unite and Take Back Your Mother!
Did you know that none of the politicians back in the 1970's in the
New England states were Native Americans?
Some of the politicians in New England wished to see our people get
some rights, long overdue, some politicians just wanted to find a way
to end our court battles or just did not care however, as usual,
but most of the politicians had other interests!
If a betting person, I'd be willing to bet that this is how it went throughout Indian country.
Be that as it may, we now have America and the world believing that only people with
a government passport (a little plastic card) are allowed to be called Indian!
Indigenous people of Indian country, did you know that for every casino Indian,
there are at least 50 real American natives, Black, Red, Yellow, Brown
and even some that look White.
If some of your ancestors were in this country before first contact, it should
not matter as to how or why the casino Indians sold out, you are still an
American Native and it is way past the time for you to stand up and be counted!
If you belong to a tribe, unite them.
If you do not, but know that you have Native blood, no matter how much, join one.
If you are not sure, ask someone.
Get involved with helping to get all of the Indigenous people
on our land (Mother Earth) together as one people under Creator.
We need a few billion American Natives marching on all of our capitals
and we need this now.
Take back your ancestors, take back your Mother!



October 27, 2011

Two Different Views On Native Image: THE FSU Mascot

Some members of the Seminole Nation in Oklahoma say that they are disgusted

with the Florida State University Mascot, Chief Osceola and refused

to watch the football game because of it, but, the Seminole Tribe

in Florida thinks the Mascot is a good idea and approves of it.

I myself, tried to watch the game, so that I could root for their new coach,

but soon found myself rooting for Oklahoma, so I just went to bed.

How can we demand respect from non natives around the world, when we

are still cheering on some clown riding around a football field on a horse,

dressed like a character in a Hollywood movie, who ends his performance

each time by slamming a piece of wood into the ground?

Florida State Mascot Causes Debate In Oklahoma



October 24, 2011

How To Counsel About A Spirit Communication

Today is about counseling a Native American who believes in spirit communication.

If troubled by a spirit that you believe is trying to communicate with you,

relax, take a deep breath and then pray and think.


First, a So Called Bad Spirit

The Trickster, Coyote, Powwow, Devil, whatever you want to call it,

has no power unless you unknowingly hand it t over.

Your Creator will always have the power to send it fleeing.

I use the word IT, because that is all it is, an IT!

A Good Spirit

Why would a good spirit wish to touch you?

It may be that you are crossing into a place where a spirit resides,

lost in between two worlds.

A spirit has no reason, or power, to harm you in any way.

If after reading blogs and web sites, this spirit is still trying to touch you,

maybe your Creator loves both you and the spirit and trusts you by the

power of your prayers, to help this spirit to cross on to a path for home.

Turn your fear into love of Creator and thank Creator for wanting to

use you and open your heart and mind in deep prayer.

Give this a try, you may find that, as I have, that you will receive many blessings.



October 21, 2011

Mother Earth Power!

As someone who has been talking about using Alternative Energy on the land

where the electric transmission lines are, I can only say, it's about time.

Until now, as stated on my Alternative Energy pages at: Sachem Uncas Energy,

this land could not be used for anything else, except the transmission of electricity.

The land under the power lines should be completely covered with solar panels

and the land along side of the power lines can be used for wind generators.

A weekly newsletter from the US Department of Energy  (DOE)

Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE).

The EERE Network News is also available at:

Grid Modernization Pilot Projects

Obama Administration Announces Grid Modernization Pilot Projects

Smart Grid: At Last, a Step or Two in the Right Direction



October 18, 2011

Stories of the Past or Record Keeping, Native American Style

Native Tribes had many ways of communicating and teaching about their past.

This Blog is about what is known about the Eastern Woodland people, or my people.

My people, the Mohegans, used sign language, storytelling and pictures to help

them keep their ancestors alive in the minds and hearts of the people.

The use of sign language was a challenge in the form of a living movie

because each person would stand and teach a story taught to them long ago.

So the children needed to pay close attention

because one day they would be asked to take their turn.

It is a shame that this art form is slowly being lost with each passing generation.

The Elders would speak, standing between the fire and a wall, signing the stories,

 so that their shadow would reflect onto the wall as an attention getter for the very young.

The idea was to make the story fun, interesting and at times, even scary.

Speaking or storytelling was also a good way of keeping young minds

involved in their past and the ancestors.

This was the way that I was taught, by my grandfather and my Elders.

Our women spent many hours making different sized baskets for carrying food,

their wash, regalia making tools, even babies around while working.

Each woman would make a picture story on her basket as a way of teaching the

young while they were planting, washing, picking and cooking.

It truly was all an education and the children were probably never aware that they were in school!



October 15, 2011

Indigenous People Are Also Voters

Mr. President, is this newest assault on Mother Earth just another smallpox blanket?

The Government cannot push this country down the road of relief from fossil fuel dependency

while speaking in one part of the country and then push our Indigenous people into elimination,

just to please big business in other parts of the country and expect respect from the people.

Colleen Swan from the mostly Inupiat community of Kivalina, Alaska says:

"They have not even begun to comprehend the meaning of an oil spill in our already fragile environment.

The oil companies and the government who issue such permits will continue

with business as usual and the oil companies will recover.

They have reserves to fall back on. We don't. Once we lose our livelihood,

our subsistence way of life, it's gone for a long, long time.

The ocean will not recover as quickly as the oil companies and neither will the coastal communities."

Alaska Natives Speak Out After Obama Greenlights Oil Drilling Off Alaskan Coast



October 12, 2011

Native American Tobacco

A frequent question sent to me is about tobacco.

Tobacco is/was extremely important to our people.

But, a few words of guidance on the subject first....

Never pay for information, unless it is with tobacco (kinnick-kinnick).

Please understand that my ancestors were Traditional Eastern Woodland people.

So, most answers to your questions will be common sense answers,

My ancestors were simple, common sense people.

The tobacco that they grew had no chemicals, we did not have them

and they were not needed.

Today our Elders know that cigarettes cause cancer.

Even if they do not smoke, someone that they love/loved may have died from this disease.

So, please do not insult an Elder by offering cigarettes as a gift or a thank you,

please always offer or use only kinnick-kinnick.

It is traditional and we appreciate the kind thought behind it.



October 9, 2011

David Price is Getting it Right in West Pasco

So often, when I visit Museums or Historical Places, I find that some of the facts

represented about American Native People are not accurate, or even close.

(My shock and horror at a Yale Museum years ago comes to mind)

So, I am glad to say that this Museum and the man responsible for its information have gotten it right.

The Museum which has recently reopened thanks to $50,000 in donations

and renovations, was in 1913, a part of the Seven Springs Schoolhouse.

The Tocobagans were the first inhabitants of West Pasco and the Museum

has gathered an impressive collection of arrowheads, stone tools

and pottery that were found in the West Pasco area.

At West Pasco Historical Museum, the Past is All New



October 6, 2011

Thank God (Creator) for Grandfathers

No, I am not speaking about the Creator of Creation, our Native American Grandfather,

I am speaking about a Grandfather.

Today on my way home from the store, I passed a family coming to the road for the school bus.

The Grandfather had a little chair under each arm, blue for the boy and pink for the girl.

The children, preschool or first grade, were holding onto the chairs they were carrying with the grandfather.

You could tell that if the child took a wrong turn into harm's way,

he would yell at them to get them back to safety, while reaching out with a loving hand.

Think about this.

Our Grandfather, (the Creator of Creation) yells and then holds out a loving hand every

time that we go into harm's way, all that we need to do is reach out for the hand!



October 3, 2011

What a Great Way to Say Thank You

I wonder if this shouldn't be spread all over the country?

Last week, a military appreciation ceremony was held at the Onondaga Nation Lacrosse arena

in New York, to thank Native American Veterans for their service to our country.

Native Americans have a very high number of enlistments and have

 always served this country proudly.

This event was sponsored by the group Thank a Service Member.

75 Native American Military Veterans and 125 families of deceased Native Americans

 were given coins with the words, " Thank you for your service."

It was a very emotional day for all in attendance.


Special Coins Given to Thank Native American Veterans



September 30, 2011

Ancient Temple Mounds

If you who have never seen an Ancient Native Mound and have one in your state,

I suggest that you make a trip to see it, as soon as possible.

You see, the few that remain in this country are going away fast.

I have been to many Mound sites in this country from Cahokia in Illinois,

near the Mississippi River as well as the Serpent Mounds in Ohio and the

way that they are being disrespected is similar in nearly every state.

These Mounds were built by the First people of this country and

what they left behind could tell us so much, but how can we

ever learn, if they are destroyed by the ever increasing

number of developers who want to build right over them?

We have a Mound in Florida, the Eschaskotes or Oelsner Mound,

 that I have not yet seen, but do plan on making the trip to see soon.

This Mound is along the southern bank of the Pithlachascotee River

and is one of the oldest historic sites in Port Richey.

It is today just a fragment of what it was when first discovered in 1879

and may contain the remains of the Ancient Indigenous People of Florida,

its First People, the Timucuan or Calusa Indians.

Temple Mound is a Monument to Pasco's Native History



September 26, 2011

How to Receive a Native American Name, European and Spiritual

Before starting, please remember that it is not necessary to have a Native name to speak with the Creator.

I respectfully disagree with those who say that parents can choose native names for their children.

There are many naming ceremonies taking place all over Indian Country, each Tribe or Nation has their own way.

You should always ask an Elder for help in any important ceremony and be very careful when

going through a human because this and all questions should always go through Creator.

There are many in Indian Country who are in the business of making a profit by giving you a Native name,

or performing other Native ceremonies.

You must be aware of these false people and avoid them, nothing good can ever come from

involving them in something as important as a name or other Traditional Native Ceremonies.

Creator is watching and knows what they are doing.

Before any ceremony, prayer is a requirement, then you and your Elder/Elders can go through

a list of some of the names you believe most likely fit you.

Time to pray once again, pray for help with what Creator wishes, one you have chosen and/or from Creator.

Remember, Creator will always choose your Spiritual name first, then give you a

European name to fit that Spiritual one.

Prayers of thanks for Creators' kindness, understanding and love for you and your names will

put your heart in the correct mood to speak with Creator.

This should be the only reason to receive a Native name, never for show and tell.

Native people should get into the habit of making and wearing a prayer pouch, to remind them to pray.

But do not wait for your name, get in the habit of wearing your prayer pouch, not a medicine pouch, a prayer pouch.



September 23, 2011

What is a Prayer?

A question was asked on my Google Blog today looking for a prayer to say at a ceremony.

As I have said before, it always makes me happy to know that you want to do things the right way,

the Traditional Native Way, the way that my people have doing things for over 500 years.

A prayer for any ceremony around the world is always a good thing, a prayer said at a Native American ceremony,

if you are not a Spiritual leader is very simple however, the best thing ever at any ceremony.

First, clear your mind of fancy thinking, in fact, just clear your mind, period.

Open your h ator.

Remember that Creator is always at your side and will be glad to hear from you.

It was so refreshing to watch the scene in Avatar when Jake made his connection with Awa

and said so meekly, " I know that I am probably just talking to a tree."

But you see, that is exactly what you are doing because as with Awa, Creator is in everything, always.




September 20, 2011

The Friendship Pipe

I receive many inquiries about my Native culture and about how to do certain things correctly.

I like this because it tells me that you want to show respect for my people and

that you care enough to write to ask how!

Recently one person asked if a Friendship Pipe could be used at a Wedding Ceremony

and the answer is, yes.

The Friendship Pipe can, but does not have to be used however,

if the setting is for friendship, love, respect and/or family events,

 like a wedding, funeral, birth and so on, one should think about

inviting the Creator to all gatherings including powwows and paw-waus.

Passing around a Friendship Pipe is for just that, making and keeping friends.

Please do remember, that one should never be forced to smoke.

A little love tap on the Pipe with your left hand, will draw respect and love from the Creator

 and everyone involved because of your correct knowledge of our Native traditions.




September 16, 2011

Tobacco Companies Suing the Government?


This is a joke right?

Five Tobacco Companies who are poisoning our children with their addictive tobacco/drugs, are now suing

the Federal government saying that the Government Mandated Warning Labels are infringing on their rights.

But, the millions of Americans, including our children, who have been unknowingly drugged and "hooked" on

their products also have rights, the right to know what you, the Big Tobacco Companies are doing to their bodies.

Tobacco Giants Suing FDA Over Warning Labels



September 5, 2011

My Grandfather, the Last True Sachem of the Mohegan People

Sachem Tallfox, was like his name, a very tall man.

My grandfather was always a very busy man, he never sat around, there was no time for that.

He spent most of his day counseling Tribe members, or

working on speeches for events that he took part in.

He was always on the go and it was always about someone else,

dancing, singing, planning, making sure that his people were taken care of properly.

My memories of him are somewhat cloudy because I was so little and

he was the eldest of our Tribe at that time.

He was a kind man with many friends from many Tribes.

Even though he was the leader of his people,

he never raised his voice, a look was all that it ever took.

Sachem Tallfox would smile when the people were happy, it was important to him.

Although his Mohegan staff was sacred, he rarely carried it into the circle, he nearly always

 found someone who needed to be cheered up and let them carry it in for him.

Tallfox was a credit to his people and Natives all over this land, but more than that he was

someone who was respected and loved by all who met or knew him.

I miss him.




September 2, 2011

Sacred Native American Sites Honored

I regret being so late in learning about this because there are not a lot of Native People near me now.

In June this year, all across America, different Sacred Places were/are being honored, recognized

and remembered by different Native Nations, from Alaska to Minnesota, all along the

East Coast and everywhere in between, Native people are showing Americans

and the World about what we care most about and choose to honor.

This special day for our Sacred Places is also a good way to remind Native People

to pray and that is always a good thing.

There are many Sacred Places being honored and a compete list of them is here:

National Sacred Sites Day is/was June 17-21

A National Day of Prayer to Protect Native American Sacred Places



August 30, 2011

What is a Native American Reservation?

George Washington and Henry Knox began the process of cultural transformation,

which led to the Indian Removal Act of 1830.

Andrew Jackson then picked things up with the Trail of Tears.

As you may or may not have learned in school, American Natives were in the way of

European progress, so the U.S. Government needed to move them, but to where?

Then they found a worthless, useless piece of land and called it Indian Territory,

which then became the Oklahoma Reservation and finally the state of Oklahoma.

Problem solved!

It is time for the American people to start calling Reservations what they really are,

 jails, prisons or Concentration Camps because the people who have been

forced onto them have suffered for over one hundred years.

Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Government came to this country to learn about our Reservations,

so that they could build them in Germany.

He liked the way that the U.S. Government had handled the Indian problem!

Hitler called them Concentration Camps.

While they were here, they were also taught how to eliminate and assimilate Indians,

which Hitler then did to the Jews all over Europe.

Today, our people go willingly to Reservations, only now they are called Casinos.

Cultural Transformation: Americanization of Native Americans

The Indian Removal Act

The Trail of Tears

Hitler Inspired by Reservations to Make His Concentration Camps



August 27, 2011

This is NOT Just a Navajo Problem!

This disturbing story barely touches the reality that is everyday life on many Reservations in the United States.

As the woman said, "people have better shacks for their lawnmowers" than these people live in.

One needs only travel to anywhere, to any state, in America and spend a few minutes on a

Indian Reservation to understand that these same conditions are everywhere in Indian Country.

An example is the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, one of the most impoverished places in America,

where many Elders have no indoor plumbing, some even have no windows, many do not have enough warm clothes,

and this is an area with 60 degree below zero winters.

It is difficult to see so many Hollywood stars traveling all over the world to bring awareness to the plights of other people,

when the conditions on many Reservations in this Country are just as bad, if not worse.

When will those who have everything in this country, even acknowledge that many of the First People of this land

are in trouble and need their help just as much as those thousands of miles away?

What is that old saying, "Charity begins at Home?"

Program Aids Native Americans



August 23, 2011

Google is a Company After My Own Heart

This Technology giant is investing $168 million to help develop

a Solar Energy Power Plant in the Mojave Desert of California.

Google is leading the way once again and showing what every ecologically conscientious

company should be doing, what's right for the planet, not just for themselves.

Alternative Energy must be the future of Mother Earth.

Americans have to break away from the stranglehold of foreign resources that is

destroying not only our economy, but much of the world's as well.

We need to start using our own natural resources, like our abundant supplies of wind and solar power.

Google is now showing us all that it can be done here and on a really big scale at that!

Will others follow?

Mother Earth hopes so......

Google is Building the Worlds Largest Solar Plant



August 20, 2011

Thank you Robert Redford and the Sundance Institute

A two day workshop program was held recently in Santa Fe, New Mexico

to encourage Native American's in the film industry.

The event hosted by Redford's Native American and Indigenous Program,

was attended by about 30 Native writers, producers and actors who say that

the biggest problem for today's Native film makers is how to convince film

distributors that Native Films with an all Native cast can/will make money.

Panel Considers the Future of Native American Films



August 17, 2011

True Medicine people

A frequent question I am asked about are Medicine people and marriage.

After a lifetime of traveling to many, many Traditional Tribal Nations, I must say,

never was a Medicine person advertised or spoken of publicly.

Can a Medicine person get married, yes!

Can a Medicine person perform a marriage or wedding ceremony, yes!

However, both ceremonies are performed without any knowledge of the person performing them.

The ceremonies are performed by a Spiritual Leader.

Creator is watching.

Now, I have been asked, can a Shaman perform ceremonies?

My answer is this:

I do not know much about other religions, least of all a Pagan one,

so you would need to ask the Shaman this question.

There are many, many people in Indian Country today claiming to be Medicine persons.

My advice to you would be, when and if you meet them and they tell you that they are a

Medicine person is to run, not walk, the other way.

Remember, Creator is watching.



August 14, 2011

The Federal Government Recognizes 557 Native American Tribes

Yet it was not until 1978, that Congress restored outright, our religious freedom,

by enacting the America Indian Religious Freedom Act.

Although there are 557 recognized Tribes, there are just as many that are not recognized

and those who are not recognized get no health care, period!

The U.S. Government knew about the Tribes that existed in the West the entire

time that they were cheating, abusing and assimilating the ones in the East.

Since they arrived on our shores, these people have continued to take our land

and refused to recognize those they wish to ignore.

Many Tribes in the East are recognized now, only because a few people signed away our land.

Addressing Native American Spirituality in Health Care



August 11, 2011

It's a start!

In this really good article, no mention was made if the church group was invited, or just came to this Reservation.

Pastor Shaw said," Because of the Reservation system, American Indians have not been able to

progress the way that African-Americans have."

It seems that there is already a church on the Reservation, so as long as there is, why not use it

to welcome some visitors every month, even in the winter?

This is a start, a very good start, but next and much more important, we must admit that the word Reservation,

is just another word for "jail" to Native People and the crime that put them in it, was being

in the way of European expansion in this country.

Christians have been visiting jails for years, so it is good to see them, as long as they are invited, on Reservations.

This "jail", is the hopelessness of poverty brought on by drugs, alcohol and depression,

but mostly, by the staggering unemployment on this and many Reservations in the United States.

The people on the Reservations or "jails" in this country have the ability to take control of their own destiny,

by looking to the future and seeking out those who can help them build new energy or power plants?

The main source of employment for the people on this Reservation is currently a coal mine,

but it should/could be their own solar or wind power plants.

Their future is in their hands, they just need to take it.

Reservation Life Opens Eyes for Church Youth



August 8, 2011

We Must Stand United If We Are to Survive

Hundreds gathered at Glen Cove, California last weekend for a closing ceremony to celebrate

what Native Americans activists and their allies are declaring an historic victory.

This was a victory over a city park development that would have bulldozed the area.

If you are a Traditional Native American, wake up!

We are in desperate need of a Native American revival, a traditional Native American revival.

They are stealing our culture and our land and we are losing who and what we are,

inch by inch, we are sliding into an abyss of anonymity.

Your ancestors and mine are ashamed of what they are seeing,

they are waiting for us to bring back the dignity that we used to have,

the pride in our people that they instilled in us as children.

Native Americans Save Sacred Burial Ground from Bulldozers



August 5, 2011

Report Shows Native People More Harmed By Climate Changes

This has happened because our People are more dependant on natural resources.

We are also less able to avoid this because many of us live on Reservations in areas where these extreme

weather conditions are much more likely to occur, like the southwest deserts or the high plains.

Many people on Reservations cannot afford the modern conveniences that other Americans take for granted,

like the heating and air conditioning that most homes in America already have.

This makes the cold and heat much harder to bear and more likely to cause fatalities among our people.

In fact, many Reservation people do not have proper clothing, food and other simple

basic human needs that Natives and others who do not live there have.

Reservation life for our people is an every day struggle just to survive.

Climate Change Hurts Indian Tribes Disproportionately



August 2, 2011

SEC Warns of Scam Aimed at Native People

A recent Government settlement may bring long overdue money to Native People,

but it may also bring them some big trouble.

The SEC has released a warning for Native Americans who have recently received a

great deal of money and urged them to be very careful.

They suggest that if contacted by strangers offering great deals, Natives should be cautious.

"If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is."

SEC: Scams May Target 3.4B Indian Settlement



July 30, 2011

Charging for Sacred Ceremonies Goes Against Creator

I have spoken of this before, but it needs to be said again.

When people ask about ceremonies, it is very important that they understand that you should

 never have to pay for teaching or ceremonies, the exception to this is kinnick-kinnick

that has not been blessed by Creator.

Some families may give a meal afterwards, but, this is up to the family and not as a payment.

What Creator gives for free, must always remain free.

Each Tribe or Nation has its own way of doing ceremonies.

In my tribe, it was fine for a baby to be invited to a naming ceremony, as long as there was no charge.

Creator used a Red Fox to give me my name at the age of six.

Many Tribes have a naming ceremony when a person is old enough to understand what is happening.

It is important to allow enough time for an Elder to go to Creator for the correct name.

This should be done the day before the ceremony because all ceremonies must be blessed by Creator,

or really there is no ceremony.

I speak of this again because there are still false people doing sacred ceremonies and they are still charging.

This is wrong and they know it and one day they will have to answer to Creator, who sees everything.




July 27, 2011

Dirty Coal, No, Clean and Green, Yes!

First the Government nearly eradicated all of my people with small pox blankets,

next they poisoned us with endless toxic mining in their search for riches (minerals)

under the land that was given to us and which they claimed would forever belong to us,

on a place called ( their words ) our Reservations.

The word chokes in our throats still to this day.

The sad truth is that with poverty and extreme unemployment on every Reservation,

many who despise the evil of it, are forced to work in the industry because it is the only work available.

It keeps them from starving to death, only to die later from the affects of the very poisons they are mining:

the physical deformities, the genetic mutations, the birth defects, the myriad of cancers.

Economic Needs Collide With Tradition

My brother and sisters in the West have lived through a hell only those

who have shared a similar experience could ever understand.

Now, this Nation, the Paiutes, will take a giant leap forward into a cleaner,

greener, better future for themselves and their children.

Creator is nearby and will guide them through this new journey safely.

Other nations must now also travel in this new direction, away from the toxic mining,

that was their past and into the future which is full of promise and good.

Trickster will have to find another place to practice evil.


An Ill Wind Blows in Moapa


The Reality of Mining

The Legacy of Uranium Mining on Indian Land

Uranium Mining and Indigenous People



July 23, 2011

History Got It Wrong About Eastern Woodland Indians

We on the East Coast were "more advanced than the whites gave us credit for."

We have been told that the Trail of Tears consisted of five "Civilized Tribes."

Never could understand who decided that!

We the People of the North and Midwest were just not as smart,

or as well behaved and adjusted as they were.


I guess "civilized" is in the mind of the beholder.

Shawnee War Chief Tecumseh, went to the Creek Nation to promote

a great idea about the Nations using "collective bargaining."

He failed, they had no interest in joining together for the betterment of all Natives.

The Trail of Tears: A Forgotten Blight on American History



July 19, 2011

Did You Know That Not All Slaves Were From Africa?

The Unites States was not the only Country to have slaves,

the Slavery Trade came from all parts of the world.

Ayuba Suleiman Diallo was an educated man from a family of Muslim Clerics in West Africa

who was taken into slavery and then sent to work on a plantation in America.

After some planning and a lot of luck, he ended up in London, England

and with some help, he became a free man.

Here are a few sources for an early history of my Mohegan people

and others who became slaves!

Muslims in America

Early History, Muslims and Pre Slavery Years

Ayuba Suleiman Diallo

London, Sugar and Slavery



July 16, 2011

Honoring Ancient Traditions in Arizona

A Restaurant in Cave Creek, Arizona that serves Native American and Southwestern

specialties, also believes in maintaining a connection to the First People of the area,

who "lived off of the vast desert landscape."

"When we go out and harvest, we never take too much from one area, or strip a plant bare,

like the Native Americans, you need to leave some for the benefit of the plant,

for Mother Earth and all of the animals that depend on the food."

For those of you not familiar with the Saguaro, it is a Western Desert Cactus that is used

not only in many Native American and Mexican recipes and for other cultural purposes,

but it is also home to a variety of birds and other wildlife who need it to protected

and always be there for them in the future.

Saguaro Harvesters Carry On An Ancient Tradition



July 13, 2011

Traditional Native Americans Make Terrible Politicians

A Traditionalist is taught from creation by Creator to be caring, sincere and generous,

or being taught from birth that it is better to give than to receive.

As stated in earlier blogging, if you wish to gift a Traditional Native American

and do not want that gift given away, do not give the gift.

(Ask my wife about gifts that she has given to her mother)

Because of these long standing behaviors, Traditionalists are never greedy,

usually very poor and if elected to office, would immediately

be eaten alive by the predatory political machine.



July 10, 2011

Why Some Natives are Wrong About Geronimo

Here is another way to look at a subject already much overdone in the news.

The Obama administration has explained what I felt while reading the reports on this campaign.

Geronimo, "a great warrior and leader for the rights of his people",

was the Codename for the Navy Seals Operation, as well as for

great fighting men women fighting for the rights of people around the world.

EKIA (Enemy Killed In Action) or Jackpot was the Codename for OBL (Osama Bin Laden).

If this administration had used the name Uncas, our great Mohegan leader,

because he was a fox, for OBL, I would have been pretty upset.

Using Uncas as a Codename for that campaign would have fit,

but not as well as it does with my hero Geronimo.

The point is, the world now has one less savage, senseless killer to deal with.

What's Wrong in "Geronimo EKIA"



July 7, 2011

Is There Native American Freedom of Religion in Prisons?

Since first contact, Europeans have condemned us because we don't go to what they call a "church".

And because they don't understand how, or why we celebrate our spirituality,

exactly the same as they do theirs, we must be wrong somehow.

Reading the story below, reminded me of many others like it about why Eastern Natives have had

such a long history of comprising our lives, our culture and our beliefs to adjust to outside thinking.

For example, we changed the name of our sacred paw-waus gatherings to the name pow wow.

The US Government even today, still has not sat down with Traditional Natives to see exactly

how wrong they have been all these years, in condemning our sacred ceremonies.

You will notice the word Traditional has now been added to this Blog,

to show those who read it, why I write as I do.

American Natives, past, present and future, do not spend much prayer time in a building,

however, we do pray to our Creator/God, for the same reasons that you do,

and just as often, maybe more.

So what is all of the fuss about?

There should be no difference between a prison building and a church building.

All other religions are provided with a place to celebrate their faith in prison, why aren't Native People?

After all, prayer is prayer is prayer.

A Precedent for Native American's Religious Freedom in Prisons



July 4, 2011

Still Plowing Over our Past

Native Americans take back your ancestors.

Where are the Shawnee people now?

Cahokia is said to be the land of their ancestors.

Where are all of the rich Casino Indians?

As usual, modern builders are following the paths that Natives made a

thousand years ago to build their new concrete death roads over our people.

Still plowing over our past one village at a time, Europeans are about to build

 a bridge right over the First Indigenous Village in Indian Country

 and it would seem that the only people trying to lessen

the blow are non-native archeologists.

What ?

First came the St. Louis Stock Yards, then came the Meat Packing Plant and

now, they are going to completely destroy the land with highway 70.

Wake up Woodland People, your ancestors are crying.

Why aren't you?

Archeological Excavation in East St. Louis



July 1, 2011

What is Kinnick-Kinnick?

Kinnick-Kinnick is a collection of Native herbs to be used in Sacred Ceremonies by Native people.

A Native person may sell these herbs, as long as they make it very clear to the buyer that it

has not been blessed by Creator and would not be considered sacred.

Remember, only Creator can bless anything.

if someone claims to have blessed your herbs, give them back and ask for an exchange,

 or a refund because they have been polluted.

Once this, herb, or kinnick-kinnick, has gone through the ceremony and is sacred,

if it is passed to another, it must then always be given freely.

Sage and sweet grass could be used with kinnick-kinnick,

just as long as they follow the above statement.



June 28, 2011

Native American Birds of Prey

Golden and Bald Eagles are held to the highest esteem by my brothers and sisters in Indian Country.

My ancestors all loved them and also looked to them as messengers of prayer to and from Creator.

However, all birds of prey are sent from Creator, not just the Eagles.

Some Native people, for one reason or another, fear or dislike several of these birds of prey.

My grandfather had many eagle feathers on his staff for sacred reasons known only to traditional people.

He also had feathers for each bird of prey on this staff.

(this staff was stolen from our office and the person who stole it knows this)

All birds of prey serve a valuable purpose, each in its own way and

we need all of them to keep harmony and balance in nature.

They are all Creators Creatures.




June 25, 2011

Just the Facts About My People

There is a question that is often asked of me about my people.

It is about James Fennimore Cooper's book, The Last of the Mohicans.

It is a well written book and was a good fiction film in 1992.

Yes, Mr. Cooper is related to me.

Yes, Uncas was the first Sachem of my people and Russell Means is/was a great warrior,

however, both the book and the film take liberties with the truth about my people.

As long as this is understood, I have no problem with them being entertainment,

but please be aware that not everything in either of them is completely true.

Mistakes are made in both names and historical placement of my people.

They are both entertaining works and they do serve one valuable purpose,

they show people just a little bit about the world of my ancestors and

some of the events that really did happen to them.



June 22, 2011

The Native People in This Country Are Savages.

It must be true, because organized religions have said it is so.

After all, we do pray to rocks and trees and sometimes, you might even catch us praying to a fire.

We all feel the need to speak to our God, Creator or Grandfather.

We have been called many names by those who have come here to take our lands

and pushed us either aside or out completely.

This complete lack of respect shown by these invaders who believe that their

religion is the only correct one, is insulting to all Indigenous People.

Not just on this continent, but everywhere that this has happened for over 500 years now.

Wake up, outsiders, your religion is no more correct than ours is,

we are no more savages, than you are,

and we are all children of the same God or Creator.

In all of the years that these invaders have been coming here and insulting us with their

opinions of what religion really should be, have you ever heard of one of us ever,

ever, trying to force our spiritual beliefs on them or anyone?

Background on Racial Discrimination



June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day Dad's


What is an American Native, Indian or Native American

First, we need to clear up just what is an Indian, a Native and America.

An Indian is anyone from India, period.

A Native is anyone born to a town, city, state or country.

A Native American is anyone born in America.

America is a Continent, North and South.

What is our continent?

Our Continent is the only one in question for this entry today.

It is West of Europe and Africa and East of Asia,

South of the North Pole and North of the South Pole.

If you were born on this continent you are a Native American.

An American Native for the purpose of this blog, is anyone with an Ancestor,

white, red, yellow, black or anyone in between,

who can be traced back to either the Vikings or West through Alaska.

A Native to America is anyone with Ancestors going back to the

 first family on the Continent, North or South.

During all of the years that I was growing up in and around my Mohegan Village,

for all but four years because Uncle Sam said "we want you",

 everyone called me a Mohegan Indian.

That is right up until the time when the home of my ancestors for over four hundred years,

my home state of Connecticut became the home of the "Casino Indians."

Now they call me a Native American.

So, for the purpose of this blog, call me an American Native,

or, what a concept, just call me Walkingfox.



June 16, 2011

We Stand on the Shoulders of our Ancestors

There is an Elders Dance at the park in Hecker Pass in Santa Clara County on the 26th.

What a great idea, respect our Elders?

Let us remember all of our elders, Native and Non-Native,

this and every weekend for the rest of the year.

If not for them and their wise guidance in our youth where would many of us be today?

We might still be hiding in the trees from our enemies and predators.

Think about that.

With out all of their hard work, we would not have our modern technology,

no cars, no computers, no cell phones, etc.

They paved the way for future generations and the very least that we can do is say thank you.

Native Americans to Honor Elders at Celebration



June 13, 2011

Be Proud of our First Lady's Good Example

As a lifelong member of a Matriarch controlled tribe, it is sometimes

easy to forget the important role that our women have played in our lives.

We all need to remember that if not for them, we would not be here.

Behind every war hungry man in history, there has always been a woman to remind

him exactly what will happen if he does not control his temper or his greed.

So, with that in mind, we all should applaud Michelle Obama for her concern for the health of our children.

She has made their diets a high priority in the White House, as should we all.

Good health begins in childhood and lasts a lifetime.

Aho, Mrs. Obama, you have shown all of us the way to good habits and choices in our food.

First Lady Plants "Three Sisters" in the White House Garden



June10, 2011

Tell the EPA to Stop the Fish Massacre

Did you know that power plants with archaic cooling systems kill billions of fish

and wildlife every year?

I have just sent a message to the EPA urging them to require power plants to install

cooling towers to protect waterways to help move our Country towards a clean energy future

and you should too.

Go here and read the message and then please sign it if you want to stop this:

Tell the EPA to Stop the Massacre



June 7, 2011

Thank You Lady Lake Commissioners

As a Traditional Native American, I often do have issues with organized religions,

however, in this case, the Commissioners offer a chance for a prayer

from many different organizations, even Humanists have the chance

to take a minute at the beginnings of meetings.

If I lived in Lady Lake, I could say a prayer to Creator.

Even the American Humanist Association is a religion.

But, Bill Calhoun and his organization do not want to speak, they only wish to

bully the other 99% of the people into their way of thinking.

I think that Calhoun and his group need to move to China, where they will

feel much more comfortable in complaining about God.

Lady Lake Prayers



June 3, 2011

The Origin of the Mohegan Clan

This subject has been on my mind for many years now.

There is a person who is now connected to the Casino's who

 has been writing about my people far too long.

He is not now, nor ever was, a member of my Tribe and

as far as I can find, any other Tribe either.

When what you seek is money, proof is not required?

His writing has changed many times over the years.

Some of you have written to ask about the origins of my Mohegan People.

Our people, the Eastern Woodland Nations, in their own way,

just called each other brother or sister.

The word Clan came from the Europeans who invaded our land and

it has been used for so long now, that I even use the word.

According to National Geographic, Native People came here

across a land bridge known as Beringa, or the Bering Strait.

Many years later Europeans, came and mingled with our people by boat and on foot.

The first Highlanders came to Nova Scotia about 1629-32.

People from Scotland came much later and they also used the word Clan.

Norman Clans first landed in Nova Scotia.



May 31, 2011

Have you Been Harassed or Bullied by Religious Zealots?

It has been 500 years since Christians first started reaching out to Native Americans,

but only slightly more than 5% of Native Americans have accepted.

 The best reason I believe for this, would be the way that Europeans

and Christians approach a Native about this subject.

Christians and any other religion for that matter, must go back

 to the time when they were first introduced to their supreme being.

How many of you were harassed and/or bullied into this relationship?

The only way, as with Christians, to bring Jesus Christ to our people is through Jesus Christ.

In other words, live the way that Jesus taught you to live.

Did you ever read in your bible that Jesus had harassed or bullied anyone?

If a religious person cannot get a person to the school in prayer, then how can they teach correctly?

If you still feel the need to harass or bully, allow me to introduce you to the real Jesus Christ.

Why Natives are Not Christians



May 28, 2011

Keeping Native American Ceremonies in College

This group is continuing to work with student organizations that support

 students concerns and removes barriers for getting college degrees.

Part of this work is to keep Native American Ceremonies on campus grounds,

they also work with Native American and other Indigenous Peoples world wide.

Supporting Native Ceremonies on Campus

Native American Center for Wellness Research



May 25, 2011

How to Know What is Safe to Eat

Some times what you call a weed, Traditional Native People call food or Medicine.

There is a great story about this: Don't pull the weeds, put them in a salad.

However, as a Traditional Native Spiritual Leader, I would like to correct something said in the story.

Do not put an unknown weed on/in your salad or any place else until you first make sure that it is safe.

While it is true that most Traditionals know which plants are safe, which taste good, which taste bad,

but are good for you and which are bad or dangerous.

If you are looking for the best person to help you, please remember to go to a

Matriarch Tribal Group of People and ask for the Head Clan Mother.

Don't Pull the Weeds



May 22, 2011

Are 14 Big Oil and Gas Companies Stirring up a Toxic Nightmare?

Hazardous Carcinogens and Chemicals were injected into wells by oil and gas companies from 2005-2009.

Twenty nine of the chemicals injected, in a process known as hydraulic fracturing, were known,

or suspected, human carcinogens regulated under the Safe Drinking Water Acts,

as risks to human health or listed as hazardous air pollutants under the Clean Air Act.

Methanol, a hazardous air pollutant, is on the candidate list for potential regulation

under the safe Drinking Water Act.

Chemicals and/or Carcinogens were used in Texas, New Mexico, Mississippi,

Colorado, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Wyoming, North Dakota, Montana and Utah.

Hazardous Chemicals Used by Oil and Gas Companies

Read more about it in the:

Democratic Energy Report


May 19, 2011

She Speaks for Us All

Wambli Sina Win, a Lakota form the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota,

is right on and is speaking for all of the Tribes , past and present,

 because since first contact, the Indigenous people of Indian Country

has dwindled down to around 500 tribes, both recognized

 and not recognized by this country.

I can speak with true knowledge for my people, because we had to allow a

giant cement grave stone to be built in a place where people could think that our

Great Sachem Chief Unkas is buried, for fear that one day it could be disturbed.

Only a few Traditionals will ever know the true final resting place of our fist leader.

They found my grandfathers site and just buried over him.

Mortal Indian, Immortal Manifest Destiny



May 16, 2011

The Real Meaning of the Word Tribe

This is what I believe Tribal should mean to all Native and Non Native people.

A Tribe is a roving bands of hunter-gathers that have some kind of kinship (family),

bound together by ancestors and culture.

A Digital Tribe is a group of people with interests and values (money)

that find each other online and are looking for ways to add to their value.

What Digital Tribes Can Learn from Native Americans



May 13, 2011

What You are Searching for Most

There is a tracker on my web sites for one single purpose,

to find out what you, the reader, most want to read about.

And, as it turns out, what you most want to know about, are our Herbs and Tobacco.

As with naming, no one should ever have to pay for any Sacred Herbs.

Herbs not previously Blessed from Creator are not considered Sacred.

People who do not know how to give a name or herbs that have been correctly Blessed,

should never be involved with them and never, ever charge money for them.

Creator is always watching.

Only Creator can Bless a name or herbs, or anything else for that matter.

Back before first contact, Traditional Native American Tobacco was never used for smoking.

To my knowledge, my grandfather and a select few of his chosen elders or chiefs,

were the first to grow tobacco in Windsor, Connecticut that was to be used only for Sacred Ceremonies.

This Tobacco was much, much too strong for smoking.

Then later, Europeans mixed chemicals into the tobacco to make it smooth enough to become addicted to.

The exception to this, was the Friendship Pipe and even then, it was not inhaled.

Native American Tobacco has many uses, however, all of them are for the good of people,

never for harm, as it is with smoking.



May 9, 2011

Walking for Water

This is a great story about the dedication of Native People who understand the real meaning

of our Mother Earth and being thankful for the bounties that she gives us every day.

Indigenous People Carry Water to Lake Superior

About 60-70% of our body is water, so, as you can see it is one of

 the most important parts of life, as we know it.

In a way, it is good to see from this article, that Central Florida is not the

only place that disrespects water, it is being abused everywhere.

Lake County Commission/Niagara Water Lawsuit

The Precious Commodity of Water

It is time to give back to our Mother because without

water, food or air, we are no more.



May 6, 2011

The Garage of the Future!

Recently, high gas prices and problems with power plants had people writing about

things that you should be doing to your house, now they are writing about your garage.

So, if you are going to be doing some new wiring, why not do it right the first time?

Shop around for a good solar installer and wire your garage and as much of your house as you can.

One of the first things that you might want to do, is take a trip to your nearest RV Dealer and

check out the lighting, this lighting system is 12 Volt and as you will soon find out,

really great lighting.

Some of these dealers even have free hot dogs, popcorn and drinks.

Once you buy the solar system, you will then be able to charge a car, or yard equipment,

or whatever, all for free.

Learn More About Solar Power

Getting Your Garage Ready for an Electric Car



May 2, 2011

Any Meeting is a Good Meeting

We Native Americans and Christians need much, much more of this kind of press.

I have not been to a round table discussion for so many years,

 that I can no longer remember the dates,

but I will never forget how I felt, because of the many great questions.

The Fellowship of Native American Christians is scheduled to meet

on June 13th in Phoenix at the Convention Center.

Anyone with an interest in Ministry with Native Americans is invited to attend.

Of course, the meetings with religious groups that I am used to going to were

always held at a School or a University, but a meeting is a meeting.

Let us show our likenesses, instead of our differences.

Native Americans to Meet in Phoenix



April 29, 2011

The Native American Drum Group Four Rivers

will honor a fallen female Bald Eagle in a Memorial Ceremony.

It was such a blessing to see a Drum used for the ceremony.

Burial Ceremony for the Dead Eagle

Native People respect prayer above all else, so a prayer

from and to Creator, is what life is all about.

Each time Eagle travels the Prayer life line,

 between Creator and Mother Earth, we are complete.

Regretfully, I will not be able to make the trip for this ceremony, so will do so in Prayer.

Drum Group to Honor Female Eagle



April 26, 2011

Creator is Always Watching

It would seem that the Spanish are not yet finished with their abuse

of the Indigenous People of Southern California.

For hundreds of years, the Spanish enslaved, tortured and abused those

living in this area and now history appears to be repeating itself.

The Humane thing to do, would be to allow the Native People the time that

they need, to properly care for their Ancestors remains.

I know exactly how these Native People feel, it happened to my people as well.

Please remember, Creator is watching.

Tribes Protest Museum Opening Party in Los Angeles



April 23, 2011

Why Can't We Run Our Government the Same Way that Native People Do?

Everything goes to the President, who then gives it out equally to everyone

and then the people have to care for the President.

There are not many workers left who remember the old days and could

 warn us about what is about to happen in this country right now.

Big business and foolish politicians are working very hard to dump our unions.

No, Unions are not the only answer, or maybe the best answer,

but they will have to do until we come up with a better answer.

We must learn from our past mistakes.

Yes, the Unions must be watched carefully, because outside forces

are always there, in the shadows, waiting to step in and take over.

What we really need to do is stop the greed in big business and

 their selfish one sided concerns about only themselves.

We need to have people elected, not for how much money they spend on

getting into office, but who are the true choice of the people, all the people.

Obama Provides Support to Unions in State Battles



April 20, 2011

Not Another One Shall We Allow

A Sacred Ceremony and Occupation at Glen Cove, California will begin

Friday April 15, 2011 at 8 AM and last until ?????

For too long now we have allowed what the non Natives call progress

to bull doze over the final resting places of our ancestors.

This is just the latest in more than a hundred years of disrespect

 of the grave sites of our ancestors.

I personally have watched in horror while this exact same thing was done

to the cemeteries of my own Mohegan People in Connecticut.

I wonder just how angry these same people would be if we,

 the original caretakers of this land, came to bull doze over their cemeteries?

They came, they took our land, they killed our people, they put us on alien lands

they called Reservations, then when they found something of value

 under these same lands, they took it as well.

 Now the final insult, they come to desecrate our dead.

No more shall we allow!

Take Back our Sacred Land, One Burial Ground at a Time



April 16, 2011

A Wise Teacher Knows his Students

It is good what Lakota John from the Cheyenne people is trying to do for the good of Mother Earth and her people.

If a person has a calling from Creator to help people get back to thinking about their roots

and their ancestral way of life and this chosen person is invited to teach, then teach they should.

If and when we do teach, we must first remember to pray for Creators help to teach only what Creator wants us to teach.

We must also keep in mind what area of Mother Earth we are standing on while we teach, in other words,

if we are with another Tribe or in another Country, we must study their culture before teaching to be

sure that the teaching is helpful for that particular Tribe or Country.

The teacher should also be clear about how to get back to the Ancestors way of life,

 from the heart, not from a physical way of life.

Words of Wisdom

Aquine, go in peace John



April 13, 2011

Can Big Business Make Big Profits in Methane?

Ever wonder why this country has not been able to transition into Alternative Energy?

Because after the initial expense, companies are finding it hard to make much money.

Landfill companies are going to charge our Utility Companies $8 million

 a year for the use of their Methane gas, that right is being burned off for no profit.

Politicians and big businesses seem to be having a lot of trouble finding ways to make

big profits, so they must keep stalling the movement over to all Alternative Energy.

If Indian People had been as heavily armed as the invaders,

 would we be a conquered people today?

Methane Pipeline to Garbage Energy



April 10, 2011

Nation to Nation: American Minority Students in other Countries

My country, the United States of America, would do well to learn

from how other countries, like Turkey, treat our minorities.

Alicia Hanks, a member of the Chippewa Tribe, is giving us a good

idea what it is like for many of our minorities who are studying overseas.

The Turks look at American Racial and Ethnic Minorities with curiosity,

 instead of contempt, what a refreshing concept.

This can be seen as "do you want the good news or bad news first?"

The bad news, is that other countries will never get to know true Native Natives.

The good news is, that we Natives can do something about this now.

My thinking is that well established Native Tribes, should be doing everything

 possible to make contact with as many other countries as possible.

American Minority Students are Not Typical in Turkey



April 6, 2011

Here are three New Fuels to think about:

Carbon Negative

Aluminum Powder

Carbon Dioxide

With these new fuels, it will be much easier making trips to the Moon and beyond.

The beauty of this, for example,  if we are going to Mars, we can fuel up

for free while there for trips home or to other planets.

Speaking of Mars, there is a new article out about:

Green Vehicles on a Red Planet

I know that the Mars Rover Spirit has gone to sleep and

that the cost would be very expensive, $820,000,000,

 but the Rover was after all, built for Mars, an extremely hostile planet.

I don't know how far the Rover Opportunity is from Spirit, but it might be

able to nudge Spirit towards the Sun, or maybe this could be done

on the next trip and she will be right back in business.

Taking all of this into consideration, think what our scientists could do

now with this knowledge for our home vehicles?

Please go here for more ideas about Alternative Energy:

Alternative Energy



April 3, 2011

Who Really has the Right to use Eagle Feathers?

As a Traditional Native American, I believe that anything that will help us

remember to pray is a good thing, as long as we keep in mind that

prayers are our words to the Creator, not to any vessel used for prayer.

That said, I believe as a New England Native person, that no one should

 be allowed to kill any bird of prey.

I also know that no true Native would ever buy or sell feathers from a bird of prey.

True Natives do not have a religion, we just obey, respect, the creator in our own way.

So, how will the court determine just who this Native person is using a bird feather?

Will they be the people that the courts decide have the right to be called Native Americans,

 or is this court talking about all Native people?

Court Bars Non Natives from Using Eagle Feathers



March 30, 2011

Let the Calm Winds Prevail

After all that Japan has been through recently, it is truly amazing to see that their

 Wind Farms have survived and are still able to supply the country with desperately needed power.

Japan's Wind Farms Survive Nuclear Holocaust

You can find more about all kinds of Alternative Energy ideas on this page:

Alternative Energy



March 27, 2011

Finding a Balance in our Diets and in Life

While surfing the internet today, I came across an interesting article:

Inside the World of the Cavemen Dieters

So, I thought that I would write my thoughts about diets, from then to now.

In their time, Cavemen got up in the morning and spent the day hunting for trees with nuts,

 or a bush with berries, or game to kill, eventually, they used fire to cook their food.

American Native Food

The Three Sisters: Corn, Beans and Squash.

Many Native Americans had gardens, they also hunted for meat,

which they always washed and cooked.

Vegetarian Diet

On a strict vegan diet, only vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains are eaten.

The lacto vegetarian diet adds milk, but on this diet muscles are at risk.

And finally we have: Today's Diets

Processed Food Facts

Today many of the foods that we eat contain some type of chemicals, dyes,

 preservatives, or artificial ingredients, even though the package says it's organic.

So why not take from the best in each of these diets and see what happens?

Balance in all parts of our lives make us happier and feeling better.



March 24, 2011

A Native American Wins the Iditarod

John Baker, (a very familiar name along the Atlantic East Coast) from Kotzebue, Alaska,

was the first Alaskan since 1976 and the first Native American ever to win this race!

The Alaska Natives, the Eskimos, know how to show proper affection to their own with a Drum Ceremony

performed by Sheldon Katchatag and his drum. (my people call the drummers around the drum, the Drum)


Alaska Native Wins the Iditarod in Nome



March 21, 2011

The Way I See It

Bryan Fischer thinks that Native Americans lost their lands because

 they were "morally disqualified" to keep them.

Sachem Walkingfox believes that the Indigenous People in this country lost

 their land because "morally dysfunctional" people like Bryan Fischer's

ancestors had bigger weapons and were "morally dysfunctional"

 enough to use those weapons to forcefully take our land.

Bryan Fischer Speaks with Forked Tongue



March 18, 2011

Native Americans Need to Study this Grant Very Carefully!

Just think about this.

A Hydrogen Storage Station Solar Recharger, replacing every gas/fuel station in America.

What a concept.

This to me, means that our cars would run on solar electric batteries,

with fuel cell back up and the only emissions would be WATER!

Now if only we could get all Native American Tribes on board to run these stations!

Hydrogen Storage Technologies



March 15, 2011

A Very Successful Multicultural Event

The 13th Annual Multicultural Heritage Festival in Redding, California

had many performers from various Countries and was a big success.

I would like to see something like this in every state because music and

 dance helps us understand more about each other through our cultures.

Knowledge and understanding promotes tolerance and acceptance of others.

We all really are more alike than different.

It really is a small world after all!

Annual Heritage Festival Brings Cheers and Crowds



March 12, 2011

Our Sacred Ceremonies

This is just one of many reasons why Traditional American Native Elders

keep our extremely sacred ceremonies so secret.

One very important requirement is that you must be a Native with the Knowledge.

At no time should a sacred ceremony have anything to do with war, as in "Spiritual Warrior".

Every sacred ceremony is used for cleaning or cleansing, of the mind and communion with Creator.

If one gets involved with something that is none of their business,

and that they have no true understanding of,

one should be prepared for the consequences!

Guru's Trial Over Arizona Sweat Lodge Starts



March 9, 2011

We Minorities Must Stand Together

Republicans have taken aim at America's Minorities once again.

"They have no interest in immigration reform, if they did we would have had it by now".

They simply want everyone who isn't one of them to get out of America.

Women, Elders, Hispanics, African Americans, Native Americans, everyone who is not a part

of their ugly hate campaign must stand together against this latest form of repression.

If we do not unite, they will do what all conquerors and bullies throughout

world history have always done, they will divide and conquer!

Minorities Need to Band Together to Fight Racism



March 6, 2011

Tribal Elders Need a Little More Help!

The FCC, AKA the Federal Government, still does not completely understand Native Issues.

Although it is good to see that the Government is now trying to help destitute Elders

 in many Tribal Communities have contact with the rest of their Nation,

what the U.S. Government and most people are unaware of, is that many

Elders in these communities do not even have electricity, heating,

cooling or at the very least, decent shelter, which includes

windows and doors to keep out the heat and the cold!

FCC Targets Low Broadband Adoption by Native Americans



March 3, 2011

It's About Their Future, Not Ours!

Native Americans need to be asking themselves this question and asking it often!

Why are so many of us still living in Third World Conditions?

Most of us are still fighting a war that was lost before the Civil War.

We need to get over it and think about our children and their children for a change.

The Alternative Age is here and most of our Reservations could benefit greatly from this form of Energy.

I too have an extremely sacred place for prayer and meditation and would not like to see it disturbed, however,

 I also know that this newer lifestyle could work for many of our people, without disturbing our ancestors.

This is a win-win situation for all of us.

Native Groups Sue to Stop Solar Projects



February 26, 2011

A New Political System

Let us control our government the way a Traditional Native Tribe would control its Government.

Everything goes to the President, the President then gives everything out equally to everyone

and then the President has to rely on the people to care for him.

There are not many workers from the 30's and 40's alive today to teach us about what is about to

 happen in this country, because big business and foolish politicians are about to dump our Unions.

Yes, Unions are not the only answer, they are not always the best answer,

however they will do until we come up with a better answer.

We do still have historians like myself, who read about our past mistakes

 and try to keep from repeating those mistakes.

I do agree that we must always keep a close eye on Unions, we must keep

 the mob out and common sense in our Unions. All of our Unions!

What I believe will help improve life as we know it in this country, would be to agree on

stopping all greed in big business and government and stop all pork from our politicians.

We need a political system in place that will allow only a politician the people want

 and never the politician with the most money to spend get into office.

Obama Provides Support to Unions in State Battles


February 23, 2011

False Medicine

It would appear that this wannabe Indian "Half Breed"? was invited to speak recently,

at Eastern Washington University, by Program Manager Lauri McLaughlin.

Stan Hughes, who claims to be a Native, did speak, but on subjects that

 Traditional People know are never to spoken of in Public.

Then when it was time for him to take questions from the audience,

the meeting was halted and sent into a private room!

Guest Speaker Offends Students and Faculty



February 20, 2011

The Longest Walk

The Longest Walk 3, a journey of 5,400 miles, leaves La Jolla, California

on Monday and will arrive in Washington D.C. by July 8th.

This Walk is to focus attention on a disease that has its highest numbers

 amongst Native People, especially those who live on Reservations.

The Longest Walk



February 17, 2011

The First will be Last and the Last will be First

Sounds like scripture right out of the Christian Bible right?

This area in Lowell Massachusetts may have finally figured it out.

The first area for the Indigenous People to be assimilated may

 be the last area that learns the truth about who

the real savage people without scruples were.

The Trials of Being a Native American



February 14, 2011

America's Poorest County

South Dakota's Native American Reservations are, have always been and

always will be Americas poorest counties, until we get out there and help.

I know firsthand that many of the Elders on those Reservations

live in conditions that are below third world countries!

We have driven by some of their houses and

have looked through the cracks and seen the people inside.

People ship clothing, money and so on out to these Reservations,

but much of it never trickles down to those with the most need,

like the Elders living alone.

 Many of these Donations gets taken by Council Members for their own families

 or friends or sold at yard sales or worse, just thrown out.

Our American Reservations are perfect for wind generators and solar power,

so let's come together, get out there and get it done.

These People don't need handouts, they need a hand up!

What was that about teaching a man to fish?

A Look Inside America's Poorest County



February 11, 2011

Have a question, ask an Elder!

This is, I believe, the best way to reach people who are interested in our way of life.

Please don't get me wrong , I enjoy reading a good book, but, having a

curious student of any age asking questions and learning

 about our Culture in person, is about as good as it gets.

So long of course, as the person answering the questions actually knows the correct answers!

So, if you want to know about the Seneca Nation, ask a Seneca Elder,

if you wish to know about the Lakota People, ask a Lakota Elder  and so on.

Respect your Elders



February 8, 2011

Free Electric Power

What is the best fuel for running vehicles?

Some day soon, I hope, the Human Race is going to realize

 that FREE electric power has already been invented.

This power was invented millions of years ago and

it is called Sun Power and Wind power!

High Tech Solar Roads could power Electric vehicles

Electric Roads use inductive charges to power vehicles

US Electric cars need Electric roads



February 5, 2011

New York's Bald Eagles

It's nice to find good stories to write about for a change.

Back in the late '60's, there was only one unfertile pair of Bald Eagles in New York.

But by the Winter of 2010, their count was at 658 and growing.

Thanks to the ban on DDT, an Eagle import raising program and artificial nesting,

Bald Eagles can once again be watched as they gracefully glide overhead.

Viewing our National Symbol in our own Backyard



February 2, 2011

About Racism in Sports

This article, like the Scalping Dancing story below, is just one more

attempt by outsiders, ( Morris writes for a paper in South Carolina)

 to pit Native People against each other and another reason

for Native People to be angry with public opinions.

Russell Means has had a colorful life, to be sure, but he can always be

counted on to speak up for Native People when they need his support.

He may be far away in South Dakota, but he is still Native.

Russell has every right to voice his opinions about FSU traditions,

just as the Seminoles have the right to voice theirs about him.

We are stronger when we stand together!

Seminole Imagery is Racist



January 29, 2011

Clean Natural Gas? True or False?

As a former A/C man, I can speak with a little authority on this subject.

Gas, Natural or Propane, is not cleaner than Wood, Coal or Oil, in fact,

they are, in many ways, more of a pollutant to the atmosphere.

And electricity is no cleaner than the rest either.

The Electric Companies get their power from either Oil,

Gas, Coal or even worse, Nuclear.

This is not all gloom and doom, once we have learned to work with Mother Nature

and not against her, things will turn around for us and for her.

15 Claims the Gas Industry Wants You to Believe



January 26, 2011

Myths of Native Ancestry

Although this appears to be an ad and the comments are from non professionals,

it is good to see that not one of the writers is just looking for a way into a Casino.

My answer to this question would be that many families are like mine and

can be traced back a few hundred years, with word of mouth the only form

 of communication known to them, this is all most families claimed.

How Did Myths of Native American Ancestry Start?



January 24, 2011

Biofuel and Wood to Energy

Anyone who reads my Alternative Energy pages should know that I am

100% in favor of Biofuel because of its importance to National Security.

Biofuels Importance for National Security

That is, except for when it comes to destroying our trees and our air.

It is very sad to see our Florida long leaf pine trees loaded up on Semi Trucks,

heading North to Georgia and elsewhere to be made into wood pellets!

But, the chemicals used in the process to hold these pellets together and

the resulting pollution coming from chimneys, causes me great concern.

Wood to Energy: Woody Biomass Conversion

For more about Biofuel, please see: - Alternative Sources



January 21, 2011

Scalp Dancing

This is the main reason that I write on my blog.

You see, although this is an interesting article, it does not go quite far enough.

The writer talks about an Indian Style Scalp Dance among the Manzano Village people.

But, after reading further, you will learn that Hispanic People

 were the ones doing the dance, not the Native Americans.

While it is true that Native Americans did scalp their enemies, the fact is that

 they learned this practice from the French, English and Mexicans.

Celebratory Scalp Ritual



January 17, 2011

Staying Healthy the Native Way

Native People have been using natural remedies forever:

Native American Mosquito Repellant

But, today at the first sign of any problem, the first thing that

many non natives choose to do is take a pill.

We are barraged daily about all of the things we should do to fix ourselves,

but there are much better ways to take care of your body safely and without drugs.

The long term affects of drugs on the human body is well documented here:

How Drugs Affect Your Body



January 14, 2011

Long before the Casinos, Native Americans were farmers!

  I am so pleased that Red and Black Farmers are finally being recognized by the U.S. Government.

As stated in this story, the colonial Manifest Destiny was to push Native People into the Pacific.

A problem with the new Claim's Resolution Act is, what do we do with the remaining thousands of

poor traditional Native People in the East who did not get a casino and are too poor to own a farm?

Native Americans are finally more than Casinos

U.S. Approves $4.5 billion in Reparations to Indians and Black Farmers



January 10, 2011

Tribes losing the battle with nature

The Pointe-au-Chien Tribe in Louisiana are only the latest in a

 long history of disappearing Indigenous people all along the Gulf Shores.

After each hurricane or tornado, tribes in the area lose tribal members to relocation

and every year they lose more and more land to Lake Chien.

The Land is Washing Back to the Sea



January 5, 2011

Solar Energy, the Pros and Cons

I would like to add to the great story below.

Unless this new congress takes them away, we do have some

 good new incentives for switching to green energy.

In the past, Builders and consumers using fossil fuels have always

 used high voltage power like120, 240, 460 and 880.

But thinking GREEN, we need to rethink power in voltage of 12, 24, 48 and 64.

We also need to remember that Solar Panels still pick up energy from the moon, even on cloudy days.

Biofuel Watch: Solar Energy, the Pros and Cons



December 29, 2010

Obama Adopts the Declaration of Rights for Indigenous People

1. Indigenous peoples have the right to the lands, territories and resources which they have

traditionally owned, occupied or otherwise used or acquired.

2. Indigenous peoples have the right to own, use, develop and control the lands, territories

and resources that they possess by reason of traditional ownership or other traditional

occupation or use, as well as those which they have otherwise acquired.

3. States shall give legal recognition and protection to these lands territories and resources.

Such recognition shall be conducted with due respect to the customs traditions

and land tenure systems of the indigenous peoples concerned.

Obama Ends Year with a Bang for Indigenous People

Declaration of Rights for Indigenous Peoples

Why was the United States the last UN Member state to adopt this ?

Indigenous Rights Universally Adopted



December 25, 2010

The Living Machine System

I know that it sounds like straight out of the Sy-Fi Channel, but I think that

this new Border Wastewater Recycling Machine is a win-win system.

First, any time that something can be recycled correctly, it is a good thing

and we should be treating wastewater for obvious health reasons.

Second, this is a great way to refill our aquifers.

And last, this new system will help us protect our Borders.

Wastewater Recycling Machine System



December 20, 2010

Renewable Energy on Reservations

Title XXVI has been around since 1992 providing 35 grants and funding to at least

29 Tribes in at least 13 states and we are just now hearing about this.

What a wonderful thing for the Elders on Reservations like Pine Ridge, as many

of these Native people have very little protection from the winter cold and summer heat.

With wind and solar power run by their own people, the Tribes will have affordable electricity and

may also be able to build and sell this renewable energy to help make the reservations more self sufficient.

Renewable Tribal Energy



December 16, 2010

The Tamarack Tree

I believe that this is or should be the only true Dream Catcher

made by Traditional Eastern Woodland American Native People.

The Tamarack was the tree of life for our Native People and

as with many other things, none of the tree was wasted.

It was used for prayer, medicine, food and for making homes,

bows, arrows and spiritual tools.

I believe that the enormous value of this tree to America's First People

is a perfect reason to have it put on the Endangered Species list.

About the Native Tamarack Tree



December 12, 2010

Native Americans Celebrate Christmas

Indigenous people in this country did not celebrate Christmas until the Europeans came here.

We now eat traditional meals and open and give traditional gifts,

although we prefer to give rather than to receive.

I believe that learning how to receive gifts is very hard for any Native person and

most I have known in my life are pretty uncomfortable about getting them.

While today many Natives are now Christians, most are not.

But all Traditionalists believe in the Creator.

How Natives Celebrate Christmas



December 8, 2010

New Wind Power

Wind power represented about 40% of all new electricity generated in the U.S. in 2009.

Wind Energy

It's about time.

To learn more about Alternative Energy, please see my section on Energy:

While it is true that our state and federal governments helped

big business invest in going green, will help ever come for the

millions of poor elders living on retirement funds?



December 5, 2010

American Native Women Were Kidnapped By Vikings

Scientists have finely caught up with what we Natives have known for many years,

American Natives reached Europe before Columbus paraded his slaves around Spain.

So, why do we celebrate him?

He did not find a short cut to India, he landed on an Island that already had

people on it and he turned them into slaves.

Viking Took Captives from America



December 1, 2010

Rush Limbaugh's Racist Rant

Rush Limbaugh goes off on the President and other groups of people.

Rant Against Native Americans

So what's new?

How about the fact that the Wampanoag Nation fed the starving Pilgrims?

Not only did they feed them, but they taught them how to feed themselves.

Remember the biblical words about "teaching a man to fish"?

Mr. Limbaugh, have you ever heard of the Iroquois Constitution?


How about the Declaration of Independence?

Early America Freedom

If it were not for the Iroquois Confederacy, who would your ancestors have copied?

Iroquois Confederacy

And finally, if not for your ancestors, there would be no Casinos for the Non Natives to run.



November 27, 2010

My Ancestors Wre Well Pleased

Today's coin update news shows an honest attempt from all concerned to a real United States.

This newer themed coin for 2011, the Diplomacy Design, like the Great Law of Peace of 2010,

the Three Sisters coin of 2009 and the first Sacagawea coin from 2000 to 2008,

is good for the healing of so many wounds from our past treaties.

2011 Dollar Design

Native American Dollars



November 25, 2010

Code Talkers and American Vets

On Wednesday, two of less than the 100 remaining Navajo Code Talkers were on hand helping

to celebrate this coming Thanksgiving and talking about what their job was during WW ǁ.

We owe our freedom to their brave work sending out their messages

to our troops while always working close to enemy lines.

Native Americans should never forget them and pray for them everyday.

Happy Thanksgiving to all from the People who were the first to celebrate it.

Code Talkers

Code Talkers Honored



November 22, 2010

US Senate Approves Billions for Black and Native Farmers

While reading the comments about this story, it is easy to see why we still have racism in America.

Hopefully, this time the money will be equally shared by all Native people, not just in one area of the country.

When and if, this overdue agreement is passed by the new Republican controlled Government,

it must be remembered that in Native Society, women were the farmers,

so any compensation should be going to them.

Senate Approves Billions for Farmers



November 19, 2010

Western Traditional Natives are Getting it Right

Now, all of the Eastern Traditional Natives need to put aside their disagreements and follow suit.

 After hundreds of years of being hastened towards elimination because we were the first to face the aggressor,

and many years of the government trying to changing us into a casino tribes willing to pay tithing to them.

A dying breed of Natives need to join this movement and get on board this train.

Just because this government chooses not to recognize a large group of people does not mean that they do not exist.

I know that they do exist because I have been going to their gatherings, pow wows and paw-waus since the 1940's!

The Eastern Tribes need to learn to not just enjoy their gatherings, but invite the media to everyone of them.

Get stories done, hold meetings, have workshops on ways to improve your rights to be recognized.

But most of all, always put Grandfather, the Creator before money at all of your gatherings.

If you still have questions, seek out an Elder.

A Living Heritage



November 16, 2010

America's First Warriors: Native Americans and Iraq

This interview was done on September 6, 2010 and posted on NPR November 11

about a Cheyenne Native soldier in the New Mexico National Guard.

But, this interview could have been with any Traditional American Native.

True American Natives do not go looking for a fight, if a fight comes to them, they fight!

The focus of this interview, in my opinion, is that we the Traditional People of this country

pray before, after and at all times in our lives, just as most other people do in this country.

If one stops to pray before an action, that action may go a lot smoother

and we truly believe that we need Creator on our side after prayer.

America's First Warriors: Native Americans and Iraq



November 12, 2010

The Mound Tour

As a Traditional Native American, I am always pleased when I read about good respect shown

to the Ancestors and I often think about non Native Cemeteries and visits by Native Americans.

If there is such a thing, this Five Rivers Mound Tour to Mound Island, Alabama is

as close as you can get to seeing our history while, doing so with great respect.

Five Rivers Mound Tour



November 8, 2010

Vermont Nuke Plant Closes After Radioactive Water Leak

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission said the public was not in any danger.

Nuclear Plant Closes

Vermont Nuclear Plant Closes After Leak



November 5, 2010

Flag Song

I have been involved with powwows and gatherings for most

of my life, as a veteran I make sure that the American flag

is respected at each gathering.

Hundreds of thousands of Native Americans have and still are serving

in harms way to protect your right Mr. Beck to be so narrow minded that

you will criticize a student singing a love song (flag song) for our troops.

Beck and Crew Attack Native American Student



November 1, 2010

Endangered Species

Ask any Native American, if you are an endangered species, you are in danger!

Canada's Government Kills Abalone Project

Endangered Species


October 30, 2010

Columbus Day

My name is Sachem Walkingfox

and I agree with this website!

Reconsider Columbus Day

Why Reconsider Columbus Day?


The Sacred Staff

Can you see the top of my grandfathers sacred staff on this page?


Great, because no one should ever be able to photograph the

sacred staff of an Eastern Woodland American Native.



October 28,  2010

Matriarch Society

Women must unite through out Indian country,

you need to contact and then persuade politicians to finish the ERA Bill.

This is your right, you have earned and deserve this right!

Do not allow another election to pass by without demanding your right

to be at least equal with men in this free world!

Learn more about the ERA here:

The Equal Rights Amendment



October 26, 2010

Native Americans Today

About 70 percent of Native Americans do not live on a reservation, they live in urban areas.

Many traditional Native People, although sometimes thousands of miles away from

their traditional homeland, still speak their languages or maintain ties

with their Reservations or Native Communities.

Organic Consumers


What is "Obamacare"

I have been asking Google, Yahoo and Bing search engine’s that same question.

In short, it is the first health care program for lower and middle class citizens

passed by our congress, ever!

The President and the Democratic party passed a watered down Republican

version of a good health care, while risking their future in politics

for we the people and now these same Republicans

are using this their program against the Democrats?



October 24, 2010

Remembering Our Ancestors

Today October 24th 2010, is the fifth anniversary of the death of Rosa Parks,

“Mother of the Civil Rights" movement in the United States.

About Rosa Parks

I would like to take this time to reflect on the lives of these courageous persons,

Irene Morgan in 1946, Sarah Louise in 1955 and then Rosa Parks,

who started a movement still moving today.

Rosa Parks



October 22, 2010

A Quote from Indian Country Today

WASHINGTON – "Native American farmers and ranchers alleging discrimination by the federal government

have earned a settlement agreement from the Obama administration that could total up to $760 million.

Significantly, the deal is structured to be paid from the U.S. judgment fund,

so congressional approval is not anticipated to be required."

My question Mr. President is this, of this $760 million,

how much will be going to the poor traditional Native American farmers?

Yes they are farmers and yes they are Native Americans.

Oh right I forgot, they cannot be Traditional and they cannot be Native Americans unless

this government tells them that they can be Traditional and they can be Native Americans.


Read More About This Story



October 20, 2010

Vote Yes on 4

If you vote no on amendment 4, developers can continue to build buildings that do not sell.

Vote Yes on Amendment 4

If you vote yes on 4, they will need taxpayers permission to build buildings that do not sell.





October 18, 2010

Pray in Your Own Way

For a few days humanity came together in unity, in our own way of prayer for our neighbors, the 33 miners in Chili.


Think what a world this would be if we all came together, in our own way of prayer,

not for power, not for greed or wealth, but in friendship and love.

What a wonderful time this would be while on our short walk around Mother Earth.




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sachemuncas at



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