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February 10, 2018

Last of the Cherokee-Shawnee Indians by Charles Ferdinand Wimar

I cannot get my visitors from Korea to the main website of our people to understand that,
although each fictional character in the fictional Last of the Mohicans are real people,
each is acting the part and only acting!

Daniel Day Lewis did not hunt of kill a single Mohiigan Indian!

Sir Daniel Michael Blake Day-Lewis is an English actor who holds both British and Irish citizenship.

Born and raised in London and is not a Native American!

Sachem Unkac (Uncas) did not die from any Indians!

Sachem Unkas lived a good healthy life and walked the crossing with the ancestor!

Russell Charles Means, I am proud to call one of his friend, was an Oglala Lakota!

Eric Schweig is an Inuit and Ojibwe/Anishinaabe Indigenous Canadian actor!

The capture and rescue of Jemima Boone and the Callaway girls is a famous incident in the colonial history of Kentucky.
They were captured by a Cherokee-Shawnee raiding party and rescued by Daniel Boone and his party, celebrated for their success.

The incident was portrayed in 19th-century literature and paintings:
James Fenimore Cooper created a fictionalized version of the episode in his novel,
The Last of the Mohicans (1826).

The incident was the subject of a painting entitled
The Abduction of Boone's Daughter by the Indians (c. 1855) by Charles Ferdinand Wimar.

Abduction of Boone's Daughter, 1855-56, detail, Amon Carter Museum of American Art
He is known for an early painting of a colonial incident.

The Abduction of Boone's Daughter by the Indians (1855-1856),
a depiction of the 1776 capture near Boonesborough, Kentucky
of Jemima Boone and two other girls by a Cherokee-Shawnee raiding party.

A special Thank-you to Donna for pointing this out to me yesterday



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